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    Dear students, here we can discuss the updates for the courses and all ea fx.
    Today we had an update on the Top 5 Forex Strategies course. Few of the parameters of the indicators were “fine tuned” to the resent market volatility. The changes are already in the 5 Experts – you can download them again.

    Also we have added a video how exactly you can make the changes.

    Ofcourse its up to you, what parameters you are going to use. The 4th Strategy is going great the last 5 months with no any big drawdowns…so ther eis no need to change anything.

    Mihail Mateev

    Well, the video did not show how to change TP and SL levels.

    Mihail Mateev

    Also, you could name the resources with date name included, for example:


    This way, when the users download the slide, they would know if there are changes or not (if the slide is the old one, they would already have it saved on their harddrives.)

    For example, because this is not implemented at the moment, I need to open both slides for each strategy and check in there are changes and change the settings accordingly.

    I could delete all the EAs, and put the new EAs in their place, but that would not work, if I have changed the levels of TP and SL /or I would need to change them again/.



    Hello Mihail,
    yes this is good idea to change the name of the Slides. I will make sure to do it in the next update.

    Can you please explain what you mean by:
    “I could delete all the EAs, and put the new EAs in their place, but that would not work, if I have changed the levels of TP and SL /or I would need to change them again/.”

    Zack Georgiev

    I have updated my course with no problems….its very easy and there is a video now, so now one should have problems with it. All ea fx work great for me so far since i pause on the news..

    Mihail Mateev

    Can you please explain what you mean by:
    “I could delete all the EAs, and put the new EAs in their place, but that would not work, if I have changed the levels of TP and SL /or I would need to change them again/.”

    If I was to change the TPs and SLs in the old EAs, and then if I was to put the new EAs, my corrections of TPs and SLs would have been lost on the change.

    I hope it is clearer now.

    Mihail Mateev

    I am trying to follow the magic numbers.

    Before the last update the EAs were named with magic numbers, accompanied along with main indicators used in them.

    Because I am trying to remember the numbers /because the EAs do not have the most suitable currency pairs in their names/, I had written down the wording for the numbers. What I came up with is:

    1001306001 BB 1:

    10 – EURUSD
    01 – used on M1
    30, 60 – M30 and M60 as filters
    01 – v. 01

    121510 Ichimoku +3 CCI:

    12 – EURGBP
    15 – M15
    10 – v. 10

    2001306001 RSI 1:

    20 – GBPUSD
    01 – M1 chart
    30,60 – M30, M60 – filters
    01 – v. 01

    23051 BB + RSI:

    23 – GBPJPY
    05 – M5 chart
    1 – v. 1

    300130601 Vidya1:

    30 – USDJPY
    01 – M1
    30,60 – M30, M60 – filters
    1 – v. 1

    Now, not long time ago the EAs were updated:

    10013 BB_PP.mq4
    121510 Ichimoku + 3 CCI.mq4
    20011201 RSI 2575.mq4
    300130243 MA,Vidya,MA,MACD,TrSL20TP40 TOP10.mq4
    300130601 GBPJPY M5.mq4

    30 is for the pair of USDJPY.

    So what stands for the initial 30 in 300130601 GBPJPY M5.mq4?
    Is it USDJPY (30) adapted for GBPJPY M5, hense the name, or it should be 23 (denoting GBPJPY) plus something else?


    Dear Mihail
    Please look only at the last link that you have on lecture 13 for your EAs. There is not file with the name 300130601 GBPJPY M5, as you wrote.

    Anyway for the rest you are right, this is how we name the magic numbers. This is because we test 100s of EAs and we need to have a good system to follow them.
    If you are not generating new EAs with any of the softwares, you can simply name the Magic Numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5. No need to follow our system, since you have only 5 EAs.

    Mihail Mateev

    Dear Petko,

    It might be my mistake. I was trying to make the names more comprehensive for me, and I might have been renamed the discussed file. I was left with impression it is part of the downloaded files.

    From what I saw as names in the last update, every file name is self-explanatory.

    Thank you once again for the efforts.

    Best regards,


    Good job for the effort to identify the structure of the magic numbers! As i told you this is our structure, just because we create 100s of EAs weekly. Keep it simple and when you start creating your own EAS with EA Studio or Fsb Pro you can think of your own system that will make your process of selecting the profitable EAs easier. That’s all we are doing – creating many EAs and selecting the best performers. Unfortunately past performance does not guarantee future results. Meaning that many times when we find a good ea performing in past, if fails in the near future, but that is normal on the Forex market


    Great idea that you guys are updating the courses. The last years i have bought many courses for ea fx and few softwares. But so far never saw a course that is updated…so that’s basically pretty cool really


    Yes we need to. Its quite a huge illusion to put an ea fx on the platform and not to touch it with months.years and to expect profits. Each ea fx needs to be updated with the recent market volatility. Specially when we expect a country to rise the interest rates or to lower them, all ea fx connected with the currency of that country changes dramatically.

    The Pope

    Petko, can we expect update in the course Portfolio of Forex Strategies about the new tool Validation? I think I got used with it, but I would be happy to know your opinion about it. Thanks


    Dear, the Pope, we will update it for sure. We were just waiting to see if this will be the final version. It is actually a very nice tool and it saves a lot of time to update ea fx, collections or even whole folders. Also there is update in the setting with EA Studio. Now is possible to set the weekend closing hours. Please read more about it in a EA Studio topic.

    George Steel

    traders, the courses are updated – Portfolio of forex strategies and Professional Manual trading course 🙂
    Thank you Petko!

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