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    Hello dear traders,
    in the new Forum i would like to ask everybody who has already FSB or EA studio to share at least 1 profitable good Forex strategy. In this this way everyone can have benefit, we will save a lot of time, and everyone will learn more and more ways of creating strategies.


    Hello Petko,

    that is really great idea for the new forum and i will go first, i hope the others will join me.

    The Forex strategy is really simple but i have made more then 200 pips the last 2 weeks. I will attach picture with the inputs and the profit line.

    I will try to fit that Forex strategy to the other pairs as well but i created it originally for GBPJPY

    Hope it will be profitable to all traders:

    Strategy parameters


    Great job! the Forex strategy is simple and easy – that is what we are targeting!
    Keep up the good work.


    i wish to share more strategies with everyone, do you mind if i do? And also if you don’t mind i would like to know your opinion about them and see how can improve them.
    For example i wonder if it is the right thing to use one and the same indicator for trend following strategies as filter. What i mean is that i am using the MACD indicator mostly as filter on H1 with the strategies that i have created in Forex Strategy Builder Pro and i am using different entry rules to enter on M1, M5 and M15. I do that because of my experience as a manual trader before – i used to look always on the MACD on H1. Of course now with the great back test that we have with Forex Strategy Builder and EA Studio i see that my strategies did well and are still doing good as automated.
    So please tell me if i can improve them in anyway.
    Thank you indeed Petko Aleksandrov


    hello, i wish to share also a Forex strategy that is simple and makes me a lot of money recently
    as far as i understood from the second course,its best for everyone to optimize the Forex strategy for the historycal data they use, so i am not showing any of the inputs of the parameters, but only the conditions for enter and for exit from the Forex strategy
    here it is:

    The Strategy


    Hello Ilkin, please send me your EAs on prive so i can have a look at them and give you a feedback.

    Jade Brown

    I am glad to see this topic in the forum, i think it will be very useful for all, because we will have good strategies from each other. I am still a beginner but as soon as i make a good Forex trading strategy i will share it immediately.


    Come guys, don’t be scared or shy to share ideas and EAs…its like you give money to the poor man on the street – every good you do will be back on you :)))

    Zack Georgiev

    Hey guys, just now i joined the forum. i am glad to see that topic and straight away i will share my top performing Forex strategy from last month. Its on GBPUSD on M15 and showed pretty stable results. I am attaching the pic and here are the inputs:
    RVI 40
    ADX 35
    Stochastic Signal 16;1;3

    Stategy picture


    the profit line of this Forex strategy looks so nice…i hope it will keep it up. Did you use the Reactor to have this strategy. And after that did you actually change anything on it? I mean did you add any entry condition? Or changed the sl or tp?

    Zack Georgiev

    i just rounded the parameters to the 0.0010 and that is all. it was all done with the reactor. Really nice tool EA Studio…i just run it and at the end i have good Forex Strategy

    George Steel

    Hello all!
    I would like to know if it is possible to create Forex Strategy that is very very active. For example to open 10 trades every hour. I have been testing the FSB for a week and I think to buy it but I would like to know if there is such an option there. It was ordered to me from a broker in Malaysia, but ucfortunately so far I can not create such an EA.
    Thanks for the help

    The Pope

    Dear George, I think you will need to use less entry conditions, like 1 or 2 in order to create such a Forex Strategy. Also try to use a small Sl and Tp so the trades will be closing quickly and new once will open.


    George, the Pope is pretty much correct with that. I have just created such a Strategy and actually it has a pretty nice results. I will see if I can improve it a bit more and I will come back to you and share. Have in mind that such a Forex Strategy will cost you a lot of spread so you need to trade it in a very low spread broker.


    I wish to sahre one forex ea that I have created and it shows really good results. Ops sorry actuappy it is cryptocurrency ea 🙂
    It is on the Bitcoin and it is on M15 chart. Pretty stable results there with Monte Carlo and also on Demo. Soon I will test it on live account as well.
    Please see the picture below:

    Picture of the strategy

    Expert Adviser – click to download the EA

    Make sure you optimize it with your broker, if you wish to use it.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 142 total)

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