Top 10
Forex Robots

Every day we create thousands of Forex EAs and we’ve put together the top performers for EURUSD and 5 more pairs!

Ongoing Updates

The Top 10 Forex EAs app is being updated daily so we are testing the EAs for you!

No restrictions for the EAs

You can trade the 10 Forex Robots on as many accounts as you’d like – Demo and Live.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Get your money back if the robots are not profitable. It is 100% risk-free to test the EAs.

We generate new EAs 24/7 and when we find a great one we will push it in the Top 10 Forex Robots!

At EA Trading Academy, we develop trading strategies and we teach Forex Trading with Robots. We test the EAs on multiple brokers and account types to find the best performers for current market conditions

8000 new strategies daily

On powerful servers we use the Express Generator which generates 8000 new strategies per market every day.
Then we pass them via Acceptance Criteria and Monte Carlo. We merge them to our running collections (up to 100 strategies per market)

On the weekend, we choose the best 30 for a market and upload them to the Top 10 Robots server.

The strategies are kept in Top 10 until they perform well on virtual trading environment.
We have strategies staying in Top 10 for more than a few months.

Different strategies behind the Robots

All 10 of the Forex Robots include the following:

► Stop Loss and Take Profit
► Different Entry and Exit conditions
► Profit Factor > 1.2
► Min Count of Trades in the last 5 Years: 100
► No Martingale or Grid Systems
► Continuously updated

Test the EAs on the Demo first

From our experience in Forex Trading with Robots, we can share that the best practice to follow is to put these 10 Forex Robots on a Demo account with one of the brokers we use and test them for a few weeks. 

Connect the account with FxBlue or MyFxBook and follow their performance. This way you will always know which are the most profitable EURUSD Robots, for example, suitable for the current market!

In this video you will learn how to:

► Mange the 10 Forex Robots
► Test on a Demo account (Vital)
► Track the performance of the EAs
► Select the best EAs for Live account
► Manage the Portfolio Robot

Before we move the Top EAs from our Demo to Live account, we would like to see at least:

3 Executed trades

Profit Factor: 1.2

Profitable Trading week

In addition, we will provide you with the Portfolio of the 10 Expert Advisors:

When trading 10 Strategies in one Expert Advisors you diversify the risk. If one of the strategies is in an unprofitable phase, the others will compensate for the loss. This way we achieve a smoother equity chart.

Combined, the Forex EAs show better results

Have a look at an example performance of the 10 Forex EAs trading in 1 account. Because of better risk diversification, we achieve more stable results. The final Net Profit and Profit per day depend on the amount you will be trading with. We suggest starting always with a minimum of 0.01.

With the Portfolio Robots, you can trade all 10 Forex EAs on 1 chart.

Drag and drop the Portfolio EA on one chart and all 10 Strategies will start trading. There is a base magic number that you can set and additional digits will be added so you can easily see which strategies perform the best.

Track the Strategies within the Portfolio Robots

You can connect the account with a statistical Algo website and see which strategies are most profitable and which are going through an unprofitable phase.

Those that do not meet your criteria and you do not want to be part of your Portfolio Robot can be easily removed from the EA.

You can easily remove the unprofitable strategies

From MetaEditor, you can remove the losing strategies in the portfolio by placing ”//” in front of the strategy.

Compile the Portfolio Robot and the changes will be applied: the strategies you marked won’t trade anymore.

Get started with Algo Trading with the
Top 10 Forex EAs

Check out our Free Expert Advisors Startup Guide before starting Forex Trading with Robots.

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