Results from our Funded accounts

Find out which Trading Robots we use in our Funded accounts.

Trade Explorer

The vendor’s MyFxBook track record shows a gain of over 400% but take a look below to see how the EA is performing in our Funded Accounts!

EA Studio Robots

A collection of strategies developed using EA Studio, designed for a slow, hands-off approach, ensuring consistent results.

Happy EAs

Happy EAs are robust trading robots designed to deliver consistent results. The bundle utilizes advanced algorithms to navigate the markets efficiently and effectively.

Check out our Funded accounts

To help you make an informed decision, we decided to share our Funded accounts with you. In addition, we made our track records available so you can see how the EAs are performing at any given moment! Note: Darwinex is a hedge fund, not a prop firm! (the table is updated automatically every 30 minutes)

Trade Explorer

Automated System

The EA operates as an set-and-forget system. Simply install it onto your chart, customize your settings, and let it to handle the rest.

Verified Track Record

The MyFXBook track record has been verified, showcasing over two years of profitable trading

30-day Money Back

Try it out for 30 days. If you’re dissatisfied with the results, reach out to the developer via email, and they will refund your money.

Darwinex Zero Allocation Received

We placed the Trade Explorer on a Darwinex Account in Oct 2023 and a few months later we received our first 25 000 allocation.

funded account with Darwienex

View the full Trade Explorer review recorded by Petko:

With this automated system, you can eliminate concerns about:
► Choosing settings
► Selecting brokers
► Determining lot sizes.
Or any other prerequisites necessary for achieving optimal results.

Take a look at how the vendor’s account is performing!

Normally, we don’t take anyone’s track record at face value, and we test the EAs ourselves. But here is the track record from the vendor, LeapFX:

Happy Gold EA

High Profitability

Achieved growth of over 200% since February 2023!

Track Record

Genuine and verified outcomes on MyFXBook

Money Back Guarantee

Happy Gold offers a 30-day money-back guarantee without any inquiries.

Our new $100 000 Funded Account

You can track how the Happy Gold EA is performing at any given moment in our new funded account.

View the comprehensive review and test of Happy Gold EA recorded by Petko:

In this thorough review and test, Petko discusses:

✔️ The performance of Happy Gold EA
✔️ Trading strategy and execution
✔️ Testing on demo accounts
✔️ Analysis of trades and strategy details
✔️ Comparison with the vendor’s account
✔️ Future plans

Happy Gold EA is one of the fastest Scalping Robot available. Some trades are opened and closed in just a second!

Check the vendor’s account which is trustworthy and reliable – we have compared the trades to our live accounts many times, and they match!

funded accounts with happy gold

Forex Gold Investor

Updated Regularly

The Forex Gold Investor EA is ready for 2024’s market conditions and always up-to-date!

Verified track record

It maintains a validated MyFXBook track record spanning more than three years of data.

60 Day Guarantee

Forex Gold Investor provides a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

$200 000 Funded Account

We’re trading the Forex Gold Investor on a $200 000 funded account. We requested a payout once it EA made 5% profit. You can notice the withdrawal around the beginning of March, 2024.

See more results from the Forex Gold Investor:

What will you learn from this video?
✔️ Consistent profits generated by the Forex Gold Investor EA
✔️ The trades align with those of the vendor, bolstering my confidence in the Forex Gold Investor results
✔️ The Forex Gold Investor does not employ a Grid Martingale system

A verified live account from the vendor displays its performance dating back to October 19, 2020!

Please be aware that this is a scalping robot, and there may be periods of losses in your live trading account. Nonetheless, the risk to the account is significantly lower when compared to grid systems.

funded accounts

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