Prop Firm Robots

The Prop Firm Robots are competable to any prop firm – challenge, funded or live account!

Lifetime Updates for the Prop Firm Robots

We continuously develop Prop Firm Robot APP, and you will receive all updates for free!
No extra fees!

The Prop Firm Robot APP is a Pack of 14 Robots

We achieved balanced exposure by optimizing the same Robot for different FX Pairs and time frames.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

It’s risk-free to try theProp Firm Robot APP. You can request a refund if the robots are not profitable.

The latest $100 000 challenge that the Prop Firm Robots passed

The Prop Firm Robots took about 40 days ,to pass the 100k challenge. We traded the top 5 performers from the Weekly performance. At 5% we scaled the High Risk.

Passed Challenges

100k Challenge

For this challenge, we utilized the top 5 performing robots on Weekly.
Scaling system used!

50k Challenge

In this $50k challenge, we employed 8 Robots with mid risk.
Scaling system added!

25k Challenge

In this account, we utilized the top three performers among all Prop Firm Robots.
No scaling was implemented.

The robots will assist you in overcoming challenges more quickly and with less stress!

Employing an Expert Advisor during a proprietary firm challenge is crucial! This approach alleviates stress while providing confidence in the utilization of a tried-and-tested strategy.

DrawDown Protections

News Filter

Spread Potection

Three levels of risk

The decision regarding the trading volume for Challenges is entirely yours. You can preset the account size and the Prop Firm Robot APP will download the EAs according to the risk selected.

When trading with these preset inputs of Mid Risk, a Stop Loss hit will result in a loss of less than 1% of your account balance.

You’ll receive the Prop Firm Robots for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Challenges we Passed successfully!

In this particular challenge, Petko simultaneously employed all Prop Firm Robots, each trading with a 1% (standard) risk per trade. Upon the account achieving a 5% profit, the entry lot size was doubled while ensuring that the maximum daily loss remained capped at 5%.

Review the comprehensive trade statistics for the entirety of the challenge

It required several days for the Prop Firm Robots to achieve a 10% profit:
– Total Trades: 24
– Profit Factor: 3.38
– Pips Gained: 188.7

More Challenges Passed:

In this challenge with a $25k stake, Petko selected the highest-performing robot from a pool of the 14 Prop Firm Robots. Upon reaching a 2% milestone, he escalated the entry lots to 3. Comprehensive trade statistics for all transactions within the account are available for review.

It required a span of two weeks for the Prop Firm Robot to achieve a 10% profit.

– Total Trades: 24
– Profit Factor: 3.38
– Pips Gained: 188.7

Another $25K challenge passed with the Top 3 Performers!

In the subsequent challenge, he employed the top three EAs without making alterations to the entry lot size. Feel free to examine the complete statistics from the account.

Once more, within a mere two weeks, the Prop Firm Robots accomplished the 8% profit objective:
– Total Trades: 49
– Profit Factor: 1.54
– Pips Gained: 327.1

In our trading challenge, we utilize the top-performing FTMO Robots from the past week!

A simple method is to ascertain the top 3 performers, such as those from the preceding week or month, for instance.

How do we determine which pair to trade?

The Prop Firm Robots App enables you to review results over various timeframes: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and even spanning the last 5 years.

These results closely mirror those you would have attained on FTMO had you traded with the Prop Firm Robots during that period, with a 99% similarity rate.

We accomplished this by incorporating real spreads from the FTMO server.

You don’t need to test the Prop Firm Robots on a Demo or a Trial!

The results displayed in the Prop Firm Robots App are updated every 30 minutes! This feature allows you to view the app as a genuine FTMO Trial, giving you the opportunity to directly choose which Robot to trade with during your challenge.

Please note that if you have any uncertainties about the system, you can still place the Prop Firm Robots on an FTMO Trial to compare the results with those shown in the app.

Ftmo Robot Trust Pilot Review

What strategy underlies the functionality of the Prop Firm Robots?

When does the Robot initiate a long trade?

It triggers when the price falls below the lower band of the Envelopes and then returns inside.
Additionally, confirmation is sought from DeMarker, MACD, and RSI indicators.

Trades are executed within designated market hours, typically avoiding new openings around midnight when spreads are widest.

Exit conditions are governed by the Average True Range indicator.
The FTMO Robot was conceptualized by Petko Aleksandrov and created using EA Studio.

ftmo robot strategy

Prop Firm Robots Protections

Different Protections available:

Entry Protections:
– Max spread (filters the entries during volatility)
– Max Open positions
– Max open lots

Account Protections:
– Max Daily Loss
– Min Equity
– Max equity (challenge target)

This Prop Firm System is based on Forward testing and not on backtesting!

You will access 14 Prop Firm Robots

With Version 6.0, the Prop Firm Robot App underwent modifications to facilitate trading across various currency pairs. Upon activation, you’ll receive 14 distinct Robots capable of trading on 7 currency pairs and Gold.

The decision to trade with one or multiple Robots simultaneously rests with you. However, if opting for multiple Robots, it’s essential to meticulously assess the associated risks, considering both lot sizes and account size.

Please note that we do not deploy all 14 Robots simultaneously in a single challenge or Funded account. Instead, we conduct thorough testing and select only the current top performer for use in challenges.

Furthermore, you have the option to utilize the Prop Firm Robots app, allowing you to select the top 3 performers from the previous week, for example.

Get the Prop Firm Robot App and pass challenges with ease!

Feel free to ask us in the Support Forum.

Can I use the Prop Firm Robots on FTMO?

Certainly, FTMO permits algorithmic trading similar to many other Prop Firms. As long as the Prop Firm provides MetaTrader with algorithmic trading capabilities, the Prop Firm Robots can be utilized. With FTMO, we employ swing accounts, enabling continuous trading even during news events.

I've installed the Prop Firm Robots, but I'm not observing any trades being initiated?

The Prop Firm robots execute trades when all trading signals align. It’s worth noting that the EA isn’t programmed for frequent trading but rather for capitalizing on robust reversal signals.

If you don’t observe any trades for several days, review the journal for any potential errors. Additionally, ensure your laptop/PC maintains a constant internet connection, and MetaTrader remains linked to the Server. While not obligatory, employing a VPS can be a viable solution.

What would be the suitable lot size to utilize with the Prop Firm EAs?

Please note that the following is not financial advice: Within the Prop Firm Robots App, you have the option to specify your account size and risk tolerance. The application will then automatically determine the appropriate number of lots and download the EA with the corresponding trading volume.

Is the Prop Firm Robot App regularly updated over time?

Indeed, updates for the Prop Firm Robots are rolled out on a monthly basis!

Do the Prop Firm Robots support both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms?

Certainly, you’ll obtain both versions along with the corresponding source code. There’s nothing concealed about it.

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