Tips for creating the best Expert Advisor for MT4 and MT5

With EA Studio, you can build your trading Expert Advisor using the historical data from your broker.

Using a larger number of bars for backtesting and generating new strategies will lead to more robust Expert Advisors.

Use the Reactor daily to create new strategies that perform well in current market conditions.

Test as many EAs as you can on a Demo account and place the top trading Expert Advisors on a Live account. Do this on a regular basis.

Don’t forget to use robustness tools such as Monte Carlo, Multi Market, and Walk Forward to improve the performance of each Expert Advisor.

The best trading Expert Advisor is the one that you have built for your broker, tested it long enough on a Demo account,
so you are confident in its performance when trading with it on a live account.

Don’t know how to start with EA Studio?

Read the Expert Advisor Studio User Guide and learn how to start with our EA trading software.