Generate thousands of Expert Advisors with EA Studio

The fastest and most reliable trading strategy builder


One-click Strategy Generation

Generate strategies for any trading asset with a single click. Simply select the currency and time frame and let EA Studio do the rest.


Select the best strategies

Arrange the strategies according to your preferred criteria and select those you want to automate with Expert Advisor Studio.


Automate your manual trading

Every strategy you generate or create with EA Studio can be exported as an Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.


Strategy portfolio available

Extract the entire portfolio of strategies as a single Expert Advisor. Analyze the aggregated backtest and performance statistics of all strategies in a single place.

Choose the market

Select the asset you want to trade, the time frame, and predefine the strategy properties (Stop Loss, Take Profit, Break Even) EA Studio will generate hundreds of strategies.

Generate strategies

All the best generated strategies from Expert Advisor Studio will be listed in the Collection. You can arrange them according to your preferences and needs.

Export the EAs

This is where the true magic happens– with a single click you can download the Ready-to-use Robots. No need for programming skills and hours of coding. EA Studio does it in a fraction of the second!

What our users say

Takes some time to learn EA Studio but very good and reliable tool for generating EAs. The training videos are great for giving clear and simple explanations and types of settings for different assets, along with crucial advice about setting up the EA generator and how to maximize the output EAs
Gary Smith (GB)
A very interesting program from an experienced trader !! I am excited to test and continue to learn from them !!
Keith (US)

Watch the Free Course to get the most out of the Free Trial

We’ve prepared a free online course for EA Studio that will help you get started with the strategy builder. Following a logical sequence, you will learn how to:
– export the Historical Data from your broker and import it into EA Studio
– automated your manual strategy and trade it as an Expert Advisor
– generate strategies with predefined conditions and criteria
– correctly place the Robots on MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5
– different ways to analyze the performance of the Robots and manage them in live accounts

Generate thousands of Expert Advisors with EA Studio

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