21-Day Ultra Algo Trading Program
Intensive 3-week education to learn everything about Expert Advisors, Strategy Builders and Algorithmic Trading!

3 of our Best Online Courses

During the program we will unlock 3 of our best courses so you can learn at your own pace.

Free Trading Robots

You will test some of Petko’s Robots for free and they will be yours forever!

Create your own Expert Advisors

We will take your algo trading to the next level with the Strategy Builders.

We created the 21 Day Ultra Algo program for our students to become traders!

Over the 3 weeks you will receive e-mails with information and detailed instructions on what do so you can learn to trade with Robots in the most effective way!

You will get access to three of the Best courses from Petko A

During the 21-Day Ultra Algo program you will be given access to watch the top courses from Petko. There are many EAs included, ready-to-use strategies and many live trading examples which form core of professional education.

Test Ready-to-use EAs

We share many free Robots enabling our students to learn the entire process: placing the EAs on MetaTrader, virtual trading, tracking the results and selecting the top perfumers for current market conditions. This way you will learn to always trade profitable EAs

Create EAs from Scratch

You won’t need any programming skills but to master algo trading you need to learn how the EAs work in principle. Using Strategy Builders like EA Studio and FSB Pro will teach you to understand the importance of Historical data, the Generation process, EA structure, Entry and Exit rules.

We will show you the top EAs in the World

During the 21-Day Ultra program we will introduce you to the Top Expert Advisors in
the world! We review many Robots, and we always trade the best ones! So will you!

You will test the best EAs from the Market Place!

Algorithmic Trading is not about trading just one EA. That is why we will give you many of our robots, you will learn to create your own, and you will test some of the Best EAs on the market!

What Our Students Say?​

Our Achievements

We have thousands of students that have trusted us over the years, and we have always strived to meet, and exceed their expectations.









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