A trusted prop firm is the one that cares about its traders!

Prop Firm Country 100k Challenge Phase 1 Target Phase 2 Target Profit Split Why we use it Challenges
FTMO logo
Slovakia $580 10% 5% 80/20
Most Trusted Take a Challenge
Infinity Forex Funds
Infinity Forex Funds Logo
UK $499 8% 5% 80/20
Algo Evaluation 10% Coupon: Petko10
FX2 Funding
Fx2Funding logo
USA $475 10% 85/15
The Cheapest 10% Coupon: Petko10


It is essential to remember that Prop Firms are not regulated platforms and your money are always at risk!

Low Costs

Don’t focus only on the price of a challenge, but rather which prop firms offer low spreads, fees and commissions.


Before you select a Prop firm look for reviews from other traders. Keep in mind that many are fake and/or misleading, so spend time on your research.

How did we select these Prop Firms?

At EA Trading Academy, we always test the Prop Firms before we list them on this page. However this does not guarantee that the Prop Firm is legit so you always should always do your own research and due diligence.

When we test a new Prop Firm we want to make sure they they keep all of their promises and stand by their statements: pay-out percentage, fee reversal for challenges, and anything the the Prop Firm might offer as a bonus.

The real test of the authenticity is when you withdraw your profits. If you get the first pay-out it means that Prop Firm is probably not a scam, but you have to be careful and always diversify with a few prop firms.

More tips when choosing a Prop Firm

If the Prop Firm offers a free trial, make sure to test the Trading Robot on it. Perform a backtest and compare the reuslts with another Prop Firm or Forex broker that you use.

If the Prop Firm does not offer a free trial, start with the smallest Challenge. This way you can check all of their conditions. See if you will be able to withdraw profits before you purchase a more expensive challenge.

Diversify your risk between 2-3 Prop Firms. If something goes wrong with one of them you won’t be risking all of your capital and time you’ve spent passing challenges.

EA Trading Academy may receive a small referral fee if you use any of the Prop Firms listed above. The generated funds will be invested into developing more successful Trading Robots, recording videos and supporting our students, ensuring we remain the market leaders.

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