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The Forex Strategy Builder Free Course

  • What does the FSB Pro Free course cover?
  • Demonstration of Live Trading
  • How to generate strategies with FSB Pro
  • Choosing strategies from a collection
  • How to use the Analytical tools in FSB Pro
  • Why traders start using Forex Strategy Builder Pro

Intro to the FSB Pro Free Course

  • Learn why I decided to record this course
  • Why do traders give up on trading?
  • My experience with FSB Pro

In this video, you will learn the process of:

  • Generating Trading strategies with FSB Pro
  • Exporting Strategies as ready-to-use Robots
  • Installing the EAs on MetaTrader for trading

How to select a Trading Broker with MT?

  • Starting with the Right Trading Бroker is Vital
  • Look for regulated brokers with MetaTrader
  • Check out our Brokers’ Page

Install MetaTrader with Demo Account

  • Starting with a Demo account is essential
  • You can install more than one MT Platform.
  • To trade with EAs, you must install it on a PC or VPS.

How to Download Historical Data?

  • The Premium Data is Available in FSB Pro
  • Select the symbols you want to trade
  • Download the data with one click

Synchronize the Symbol Settings

  • Spreads
  • Commissions
  • Swaps

Download Data from MetaTrader?

  • Get the Script from FSB Pro
  • Place it on MetaTrader and compile
  • Export the Historical Data for the desired assets

Compare the Historical data (Vital)

  • Use a Random Strategy to compare the data
  • If it matches, you can use the Premium data
  • Minor differences are allowed because of the spread

How to Automate Manual Strategies?

  • Choose the Entry and the Exit Rules
  • Add Stop Loss, Take Profit, and other rules
  • Export the Strategy as EA with ONE CLICK!

Template Strategy for the Generator

  • Using a Template Strategy saves a lot of time
  • With one click, you can set the Generator settings
  • You can use one template strategy in FSB Pro

The Generator in Forex Strategy Builder Pro

  • Smart AI to calculate strategies using Historical Data
  • Easy to use. No programming is needed
  • Visual representation of the strategies

Results from the Generator

  • Select the Strategies from the Repository
  • See a visual representation of the results
  • Run the generator as long as you wish

Monte Carlo

  • А robustness tool to analyze the strategies
  • It helps the trader to select the best strategies
  • Using Monte Carlo is a MUST before exporting the Experts.

Can you run Multiple Generators at оnce?

  • Running two or more Generators is possible
  • However, it makes the program slower
  • Solution: Open two or more FSBs on one 1 PC and run 1 Generator on each program

EURUSD M15 (Example Strategy)

  • See how we select the Trading Strategies
  • EURUSD is a favorite asset because of the low spread
  • You can use any rules to select the strategies

Balanced Portfolio of Expert Advisors for Live Trading

  • Keep equal exposure between the assets
  • Trade up to 99 EAs in one Account
  • Generate an unlimited number of EAs

Install the EAs on MetaTrader

  • Enable the Auto Trading in MetaTrader
  • Paste the EAs in Open Data Folder – MQL4 – Experts
  • Compile the EAs and put them over the charts

Live Trading Results

  • The first results depend on the market and the EAs
  • Do not rush to trade on a Live account
  • The EAs have no limitations on the number of accounts they will be trading on.

$50/Day Trading with the EAs

  • The results are not guaranteed
  • Trade a small portion of your capital
  • You can achieve more or less depending on the type of strategies you create

Thank you for watching!

  • Let us know if you have questions about FSB Pro in the Forum.

So why Forex Strategy Builder Pro?

Generate automatically Forex Strategies

Generate Forex Strategies automatically

  • Generate strategies automatically for Forex trading
  • Create strategies manually and automate them
  • Define entry and exit logical conditions
  • See the results of the strategy in real-time
  • Use historical data from your Broker

Analyze the created strategies

  • Analyze your strategy before you risk your capital
  • Monte Carlo will help you avoid over-optimization
  • Multi Markets will show you the performance of the strategy the other markets
  • Decide to use the strategy before even testing it
  • Determine the robustness of the strategy
Create experts with one click

Create experts with one click

  • Create your expert advisors with just a single click
  • Access the code of the Expert Advisors
  • Create experts for Meta Trader 4 & Meta Trader 5
  • Control the inputs of the Expert Advisors
  • Trade with confidence

Try Forex Strategy Builder Professional for 15 days