Forex Strategy Builder Professional

The first Forex strategy builder developed to generate, automate and export Ready-to-use Expert Advisors

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Forex Strategy Generation

Generate Forex strategies with predefined Entry and Exit rules. If, for example, the Moving Average is your preferred indicator, you can ‘’lock’ it in, and ensure you generate strategies using this, as well as additional indicators for better entry and exit signals.


Advanced Forex Strategies

With FSB Pro you can create strategies on different timeframes. If you are trading a particular strategy on M1 or M5, you can filter the signals with an indicator on the Daily chart. More, if you trade on M15 you can confirm the trade direction on M1 or M5.


Analyze your EA before trading

Forex Strategy Builder offers a variety of tools to assist you with analyzing the strategy before exporting it as an Expert Advisor. The detailed backtest will assist you in finding robust strategies only. Better to fail when creating the strategy and not on your live account.


Backtesting methods

After building or generating the strategy you can backtest it using various methods. These include Pessimistic, Optimistic, Nearest, Shortest, Random, and Mean line. You can select the number of tests you want to perform. The more tests you run, the better EA you will get!


Generate Forex Strategies automatically

Generate strategies automatically and create strategies manually for Forex trading. You can predefine logical entry and exit conditions that you want to include as part of, or the entirety of your strategy. See the results of the strategy in real-time by using historical data from your Broker.

Analyze the created strategies

It is very important to analyse your strategy before risking your capital. With the Monte Carlo you can avoid over-optimization. Multi Markets will show you the performance of the strategy on other markets. You can easily decide if the strategy is worth trading with, even before testing it


Forex Strategy Builder Professional creates EAs with a single click

Create your expert advisors with just a single click – no programming is needed. You can access the code of the Expert Advisors and compile them to get the ready-to-use Robots. With FSB Pro you can export EAs for Meta Trader 4 & Meta Trader 5.  You can control the inputs of the Expert Advisors and trade with confidence

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We recorded a Free Course to help you learn FSB Pro easier!

FSB Pro is an advanced strategy builder and it requires trading experience. However, if you are a complete beginner you can take advantage of our Free Course that will teach you the whole process:
– prepare the trading environment to use FSB Pro
– generate strategies with locked or linked entry conditions
– perform different backtest analyses to help you find the best strategy
– use robustness tools like Monte Carlo to prove the EA is ready for a Live environment

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