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Join in our FREE 21-Day Online Program and learn intensively about Expert Advisors, Strategy Builders, and Algorithmic Trading!

Learn online at your own pace

Our trading courses are available 100% online and will fit perfectly into your daily routine. Learn proven trading strategies and get Free Robots.

Master trading with Robots

Use the trading robots our mentors at EA Trading Academy are using. Master your trading with backtested and proven Expert Advisors.

Professional Strategy Builders

At EA Trading Academy we not only record the best trading courses with Trading Robots included, but we are fully integrated with the Top EA Builders.

Our Courses Cover The Major Aspects of Trading

Prepare for your trading journey with our expert-led online trading courses. At EA Trading Academy you will learn to avoid the huge losses almost all beginner traders experience. Our mission is to turn beginners into pro traders!

Forex Trading

Learn how to trade currency pairs and make profits in the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. We included 100s of Free Forex Robots in our courses.

Crypto Trading

Discover the exciting world of crypto trading and gain the knowledge and skills to navigate this fast-paced and ever-changing market. Learn to trade crypto with EAs.

Stock Trading

Learn how to trade stocks with Expert Advisors so you won’t need to lock your money in long-term investments for minimal returns. Find the best EAs for stock trading in our courses.

Commodities Trading

Master the art of trading commodities such as Gold and learn to eliminate emotion-based trading with proven Expert Advisors. Gold is one of the most suitable assets for algorithmic trading.

NFT Courses

Explore the world of non-fungible tokens and learn how to trade digital assets such as art, music, and collectibles. We have recorded one of the first NFT courses that is still applicable today.

FTMO Challenge

Prepare for any Prop Firm challenge! Become a professional trader with a funded account by following a structured trading plan, trading strategies, ready-to-use Robots and risk management strategies.

Top-Rated Online Courses

Take any of our online trading courses and learn risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In each of our trading courses, we teach different methods for EA trading, and you will learn how to trade with many Robots in just one account.

We trade the best Robots on the Market

At EA Trading Academy we develop our own EAs and we share over 730 of our best Robots with our students and followers.

Forex Robots

We trade over 400 Forex Expert Advisors and we share the current Top 10 with our students. What’s more, we will update EAs on monthly bases to make sure you always have Expert Advisorss relevant to the current market conditions.

Crypto Robots

Crypto trading is much easier with Trading Robots – regardless of which direction the price of Bitcoin goes, we can constantly make money. With a good EA at your disposal, it does not matter where the current Bitcoin price is.

Gold Trading Robots

We will share the Gold Expert Advisors we use monthly with you. With the EA Builders we have the opportunity to create hundreds of new EAs every month, and we provide the best 10 to our students.

FTMO Robot

Passing a Prop firm challenge is not easy. Over 98% of traders fail. Our mission is to help our students pass challenges quicker and stress-free. We are constantly working on and improving the FTMO robot.

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3rd Party EAs

We regularly review the Top EAs from the MQL5 marketplace, and we test them on Demo and Live accounts. Once we find an EA that we believe is worth the money, we will let you know through our thorough and informative videos!

Build your own Trading Robots without programming

Coding an Expert Advisor is time consuming and if you want to develop a good EA, you would need to be a very good developer and a trader. You do not need to waste time with programming or spend money hiring developers, because there are EA Builders

Expert Advisor Studio

Generate and build Expert Advisors using the Historical data of your broker. EA Studio works online so you can build hundreds of EAs in your browser.

Forex Strategy Builder

Forex Strategy Builder Pro is the first backtester and strategy generator. It has the most advanced strategy options and allows you to automate nearly every trading strategy.

Express Generator

This is the faster Offline Generator for Expert Advisors. It helps pro traders who use EA Studio or FSB Pro to automate their entire process by using minimal system resources.

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An account is required to access EA Trading Academy online courses. You can easily register for one from the “Get Started” button on top of our site. This also gives to access to write in our Forum as well. Join our ever-growing community, meet fellow traders and learn from their experience.


Now you can select any Trading course. We provide a full range of courses, from Forex trading to Crypto trading, Stock trading, and even Gold trading. You are free to choose any course/s you like. All courses are thought out and structured with detailed lessons, attachments and trading robots.


Once you enroll in the course, you can start your learning experience with us. All courses are divided into sections with multiple lessons, demonstrating many different live trading examples and aspects of trading. The robots included inour trading courses are updated monthly.


EA Trading Academy provides all aspects of algo trading for you to become successful trader. Once you complete a few courses, you can easily decide to upgrade with any of the EA Builders or ready-to-use Trading Robots to take your trading to the next level. This is the place to become a Pro Trader!

100% money back guarantee

All of our Online Courses, Trading Robots and EA Builders come with a 30-day money back guarantee! This will give you the time you need to test everything and ensure yourself you selected the best place to start your algo journey.

How will we support you?

We actively answer to all questions on our support Forum, YouTube channel, and all social media. Discover why over 100,000 students have chosen Trading Academy to advance their skills and reach their trading goals. You will see why other traders use our proven strategies and Expert Advisors, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in the markets.

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