Waka Waka Expert Advisor: The Only Martingale System we use

Introducing the Waka Waka Expert Advisor, a robot that our mentor Petko Aleksandrov started using recently.

Incredibly, it has recently broken the record for the most consecutive months in profit, with 60 profitable months in a row on a live account since being published in July 2018. With an account growth of over 6300%, this is not only the most profitable EA on the planet but also the most stable one.

See the complete Waka Waka Review recorded from Petko:

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Live Trading on a Funded Account

Waka Waka is also suitable for Prop Firm Funded accounts. In the following video, Petko Aleksandrov demonstrates that he uses Waka Waka Expert Advisor on his FTMO Funded account:

The Waka Waka EA offers settings that are applicable for any pro firm. For example, you can set your Max Daily Drawdown to 4% and if that treshold is reached, the trades will be closed and the EA will not open trades in the next 24 hours. And that guarantees that Waka Waka wills tay within the trading rules of the prop firm you are using.

And because of these low-risk settings, Waka Waka Expert Advisor is not that suitable for passing challenges. Such a Robot you can find here.

Why Petko uses the Waka Waka Expert Advisor?

The Waka Waka Expert Advisor is a robot designed to automate your trading activities. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze the markets and make trades on your behalf. This EA is not like other robots that promise quick profits but end up blowing up your account. The creators have designed, tested, and proven that the Waka Waka Expert Advisor can deliver consistent profits over time

The developer has designed the Waka Waka Expert Advisor as an automated algorithm to navigate even the most volatile market conditions. It has a proven track record of profitability, in addition to a world record of +58 consecutive months in profit. With a double-verified MyFxBook track record of +4.5 years on live accounts, you can trust that the Waka Waka Expert Advisor is a reliable choice for your trading needs.


How does it work?

The Waka Waka Expert Advisor uses a sophisticated trading strategy that combines technical analysis with fundamental analysis. It analyzes market data and identifies trading opportunities based on market conditions. Once it identifies a trade setup, it executes the trade automatically.

Why choose the Waka Waka Expert Advisor?

The Waka Waka Expert Advisor has a proven track record of delivering profits over time. It’s not a system that promises quick profits and then disappears. With 58 consecutive profitable months on a live account, it’s clear that this system is not only profitable but also stable. It’s the kind of system that can give you long-term trading success.

Why 94% of Traders Fail and How Waka Waka Expert Advisor Can Help You Succeed

If you’re interested in making money through trading, you need to follow the first rule: don’t lose money. You have to keep your money before you can grow it. Unfortunately, many traders fail to understand this simple concept, and that’s why 94% of them end up losing all their investments in 90 days or less.

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of how someone ventured into the financial markets hoping to achieve financial freedom, only to waste thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours sitting in front of a screen. Yes, it is possible to be profitable with Forex trading and generate a passive income, however, it won’t happen overnight. You need to understand that the higher the potential returns, the higher the risk.

Here are the three main reasons why traders fail:

  1. They expect to become rich overnight trying to make +50% per month.
  2. They fail to understand that the higher the potential rewards, the higher the risks.
  3. They do not have the patience to stick to a trading strategy through different market cycles.

These reasons are actively preventing traders from achieving good trading results in the long term.

How Much Could You Be Making in the Long Term with Waka Waka Expert Advisor?

With a truly consistent Expert Advisor like Waka Waka, you could be making as much as 7.40% profit per month, which translates to an astonishing 88.8% profit per year, with a drawdown of only 26.70%.

You might be wondering how you can be sure that Waka Waka Expert Advisor can deliver on its promises. With thousands of ‘holy-grail’ and ‘money-making-machines’ expert advisors promising incredible monthly returns and early retirement for a price, it’s essential to know that 99% of these systems are just scams trying to take advantage of people’s desire to make money and be free.

The truth is that Waka Waka Expert Advisor is different. The developer has designed it to exploit market inefficiencies and use real market mechanics to make a profit. She has optimized it to achieve stable profits in the mid and long term instead of quick short-term gains.


Download and test Waka Waka for Free!

Why risk management is important

Are you worried about the recent market volatility? With the unpredictable movements in the financial markets in 2022, it’s understandable to feel concerned about the safety of your investments. Fortunately, there is a solution that can not only help you survive in any market condition but even profit from it – the Waka Waka expert advisor.

The developer designed the Waka Waka to not only withstand the worst markets but also make you a profit. One of the key ways it achieves this is through its built-in risk management settings. With a range of settings to suit any risk appetite, you can configure the EA to maintain control over your invested capital. Whether you choose low or significant risk, you can rest assured that your account won’t blow up.

Why the Waka Waka Expert Advisor is the smart choice

There are many reasons why Waka Waka is the smart choice for traders looking to make a profit. Here are just a few:

  1. Proven track record: Waka Waka is the most proven expert advisor in the market, holding a world record of +58 consecutive months in profit.
  2. Verified track record: It has a double-verified MyFxBook track record of +4.5 years on live accounts.
  3. Real market mechanics: Waka Waka uses real market mechanics to its advantage to make a profit.
  4. Safe capital: It keeps your capital safe, thanks to low drawdown made possible by different risk management configurations.
  5. Long-term growth: It is focused on long-term stable growth rather than making quick profits.
  6. Constantly updated: The developer constantly updates the robot, incorporating all the latest innovations in the financial markets trading field.
  7. Broker selection: It is not sensitive to broker selection, allowing you to diversify and scale your investment.
  8. Top-ranked developer: The #1 ranked MQL developer offers the Waka Waka Expert Advisor with several expert advisors considered to be among the best on the market.
  9. Low drawdown: It has low drawdown thanks to different risk management configurations to keep your money safe.
  10. Backtested: It has been intensively back-tested over 20 years of real tick data with consistent top-notch results.
  11. Exclusive community: It has an exclusive Telegram group, filled with hundreds of experienced traders and Waka Waka users, killing it on the financial markets.
  12. Personal support: You’ll receive personal support from the developer, available 24/7 for anything you might need, including remote configuration via AnyDesk.
  13. Optimized cloud server: You will get access to a custom Forex trading optimized cloud server to ensure the EA is running 24/7 for you.

About the Developer

The developer of Waka Waka is responsible for some of the top-performing MetaTrader expert advisors on the market. This includes Night Hunter Pro, Evening Scalper Pro, and Golden Pickaxe. With a track record of helping retail traders make significant profits, you can trust in the expertise behind Waka Waka. The creator of the Waka Waka Expert Advisor is a seasoned professional with over 13 years of experience in the retail trading industry. She has sold over +1000 copies of her EAs, and received hundreds of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. She has managed a crypto fund with +2 million USD in assets. This includes various clients, and has a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t in automated trading.

How will the Waka Waka Expert Advisor work for you?

Buying the Waka Waka Expert Advisor is easy. Simply purchase your permanent license. You’ll receive the MetaTrader files as well as a step-by-step guide in your email and user dashboard. Install Waka Waka on your MetaTrader 4 or 5 terminal. Activate your license, and drag Waka Waka into your trading charts. From there, the robot will take care of growing your account on autopilot.

Why choose the Waka Waka Expert Advisor?

The Waka Waka Expert Advisor is a top-performing EA with low drawdown and different risk management configurations. This keeps your capital safe. The developer has focused it on long-term stable growth rather than making quick profits. It is constantly updated with the latest innovations in the financial markets trading field. Plus, you’ll have access to an exclusive Telegram Group community filled with expert traders and Waka Waka users.



Money-Back Guarantee

Not convinced? No worries. The creator of the Waka Waka Expert Advisor is completely confident in her product. She offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t love Waka Waka, she will return every cent you paid immediately, no questions asked. Plus, she offers this incredible guarantee for 30 days. Most other EA-selling sites only offer 7 days or no guarantee at all.



Now you can download and test Waka Waka for Free!

Final thoughts

If you’re tired of the ups and downs of the financial markets and want a reliable and proven automated trading solution, the Waka Waka Expert Advisor is the perfect choice. With its record-breaking performance and a money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a try.