Top 5 Strategies (+EAs) for Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading

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Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading with the best 5 strategies we have!

The Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading course by Petko Aleksandrov has launched with a new version in Nov 2020. Petko is the Head Mentor and trader. He will teach you his cryptocurrency algorithmic trading system that he and his team have created over the past year. Whether you are a newbie or professional trader or just curious about the cryptocurrencies that everybody is talking about, Petko will guide you, step by step, through the process of creating strategies and show you everything you need to know, in detail, to trade cryptocurrencies automatically. 

Do you still hesitate when to buy cryptocurrencies on Exchanges? Millions of people have lost their savings because they didn’t use any strategies, and many continue to. There is no need to continue this cycle. 


Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading is possible, and in this course, you will receive 5 strategies that are tested and showed the best results in the last years.

You will learn Bitcoin algorithmic trading with 4 strategies and 1 Ethereum trading strategy. This way, you will achieve great risk-diversification, and you will be able to catch different market opportunities. More, you will learn how to use these crypto algo trading strategies manually and automatically.

Petko teaches the most important aspect of creating robust strategies and employing them to have them ready to trade cryptocurrency algorithmic trading Robots for professional trading without requiring any programming skills. The critical aspect is that he trades many Robots in one account. 

What will you learn in this Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading course? 

  • how to use robust robots for cryptocurrency algorithmic trading 
  • eliminate the emotions while trading by using  cryptocurrency trading algorithms
  • generate trading strategies by yourself on different cryptocurrencies and different time frames 
  • how to create your strategies and export them as Expert Advisors without the need to have any programming skills  
  • follow the precise performance of the strategies and decide which ones to use for real trading
  • how to test and trade with the 5 Experts that you will receive in this Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading course 

Most important: Petko will personally monitor the strategies and update them monthly if it is needed. You will be able to see the current parameters at any moment.

With live demonstrations, you will see how Petko placed the EAs for real trading and what results potentially one can achieve. Algorithmic crypto trading is a fantastic method for the cryptocurrency market because you do not need to stay in front of the screen and follow the charts.

No programming skills are required, you will receive the 5 Crypto Robots ready, and you will learn how to place them on the MetaTrader platform correctly. 

Content and overview 

This cryptocurrency algorithmic trading course is aimed at teaching beginners and experienced traders. The system does not require previous experience in trading or programming.  

There is a quick start to algorithmic trading cryptocurrency, which is not rocket science as many people think it is. Petko will introduce you to the 5 strategies, and you will learn from practical examples.

You will learn how to perform a robustness test for each strategy or Expert Advisor before placing it onto the live market. It is far better for a strategy to fail when you are creating it than failing once trading on the live market. 

By the end of this course, you will learn how to place these 5 EAs on one trading account, test these strategies, and select the best performers to trade with on a separate live account. 

Who is your Instructor? 

Petko Aleksandrov is the head trader at EA Crytpo Trading & EA Forex Academy. He is a trader with over ten years of experience. After graduating from university, he continued his Forex studies at the London Academy of Trading. He was invited to stay as a mentor but decided to return to his home country Bulgaria and establish the first Forex and Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading academy. Soon his online courses started to generate considerable interest around the whole world, and in the first year alone, he had more than 10 000 students across the globe. 

Petko believes that good traders are not more knowledgeable, but those that are not greedy and have no fear of cryptocurrency algorithmic trading. That’s why he teaches cryptocurrency algorithmic trading to avoid these two common traits in his students. He has proven that success in cryptocurrency algorithmic trading stems from diversifying risk by deploying multiple strategies and assets in the same trading account in many free educational videos and courses. 

His focus is on cryptocurrency algorithmic trading because these are currently the most volatile assets and suitable for even novice traders. 

Like with all of his other courses, once enrolled in the Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading course, you will receive personal support from him in our trading Forum. 

The biggest advantage is that you will receive lifetime updates to the course. This means that you will receive all improvements that Petko updates the course with as soon as they are released. And also, you will receive monthly updates to the 5 strategies. This way, you will collect many strategies and have a huge portfolio of Expert Advisors. 

There is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can always use this option if you decide that this is not your trading style. 

We cannot wait to see you in class. 

Enroll now and learn how to trade like a pro. 

What am I going to get from this cryptocurrency algorithmic trading course? 

  • Trade 100% automatically with more than one cryptocurrency algorithmic trading strategy and build your account. 
  • Diversify your risk across five different strategies, two different time frames, and two different cryptocurrencies
  • How to handle algorithmic cryptocurrency trading even if you are a beginner crypto trader
  • Build your profit by taking advantage of the volatility of each cryptocurrency algorithmic trading asset, automatically with many strategies in 1 account 

What are the requirements? 

  • You should be able to use a computer/laptop at a beginner level. 
  • Very open-minded trader for cryptocurrency algorithmic trading 
  • Have any PC, notebook, laptop, tablet, or phone with an internet connection 
  • Basic knowledge of trading on MetaTrader would be an advantage, but not a requirement. 

What is the target audience? 

  • Traders who wish to learn to trade profitably
  • People who want to trade algorithmically and not to spend the whole day in front of their screen 
  • Traders willing to first test on a demo account before trading live 
  • People who wish to trade cryptocurrency algorithmically, trading on the value of the assets, to make money 


My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am the Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy.

I have created the Academy in 2016. The best method to learn nowadays is online, and I have specialized in recording online trading courses, which brings the traders what they need to start trading professionally.

I am happy to share 100s of Expert Advisors in my courses for free so that everyone can practice trading.

With my team, we do our best to create high-quality education, and if you have any questions or quires, please write in the Forum.

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  • George Lane

    I am learning

    The major issue with most of us that are professional traders is overconfidence, you hardly see a Pro who doesn't have the trait. I am not saying Petko is overconfident as he always have his way of grinding out his needed result and he is doing fine. However, for many of us, this course will really help to learn in reality. You will learn how to handle algorithmic cryptocurrency trading irrespective of whether you are a beginner crypto trader or a Pro
  • trade1234321

    Added Advantage

    I will always tell people that they need a basic knowledge of trading on MetaTrader to succeed in courses as this. I am glad Petko teaches Metatrader too. Profitable course from you guys
  • Iohan Dive


    I really hope the strategies in this course will not turn out like other strategies I learnt from some Youtube Broker Tutors, I hope it will continue being profitable, because I can't afford to lose. In any case, thank you for this very good course., I successfully learnt step by step process of placing the 50 EURUSD EAs for testing on MetaTrader too
  • Tina

    Purpose achieved

    It is really a new day for me, thanks to Aleks and his wonderful global team. After I took this course, I successfully learnt how to place the 5 EAs on one trading account, test these strategies, and select the best performers to trade with on a separate live account. Well, if you wanna know, I have started making coooooollll profits..
  • ivonemisters

    Using Robot made easy

    I once told a friend, gone are the days when you have to know how to programme before you can use a Robot, he did not believe me until I showed him the Expert Advisor Studio. Thanks for teaching me how to create my own strategies and export them as Expert Advisors without the need to have any programming skills, maybe I can refer to myself as a Programmer
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