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MetaTrader robot tutorial

MetaTrader Robot Tutorial + Free EA Download

In this lecture, I will tell you what is MetaTrader robot and how you can download one for free.

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The MetaTrader Platform

MetaTrader is the most popular platform for manual and algorithmic trading. It owes its popularity to the fact that it is free and most of the regulated brokers provide it. We have conducted a detailed MetaTrader 4 tutorial in another lecture.

Be sure to use a regulated broker

And of course, if you are just starting with trading, make sure to start with a regulated and trusted broker. It is super important nowadays because there are many scam brokers. And if you want to withdraw your profits at one moment, you need to use a regulated broker.

So MetaTrader platform is free for us the traders, the clients. And the brokers pay to a third-party company called Meta Quotes to get the MetaTrader platform and offer it to all of their clients. That’s why it’s free and that’s why it is so popular.

Robot trading with MetaTrader

One of the most important features of MetaTrader is that we can use the platform to trade with robots. The robots are automated trading strategies that will execute the trades for us. In other words, we don’t need to stay in front of the computer and click on the “Buy” and the “Sell” button whenever we decide to enter into a trade.

Trading with many robots on MetaTrader

The robot does the whole thing automatically, which allows us to trade on MetaTrader with hundreds or even thousands of robots simultaneously.

And that’s great, it is something that we cannot do manually. You cannot follow more than 2 to 3 strategies manually. But with MetaTrader Robots, you can trade as many trading strategies as you wish.

By the way, the maximum on the MetaTrader platform is 99 Expert Advisors, which is the other name for robots. But we can install many MetaTrader platforms on one computer, which makes it almost limitless.

It’s not rocket science, it’s super easy to start trading with MetaTrader robots and I will explain to you how.

#1 Code the robot by yourself

The first way is to code it by yourself. 

coding a metatrader robot
You can code it yourself

Well, that’s time-consuming and you need to know programming and you need just to adapt to the Meta Editor, which is the spot where developers called Expert Advisors.

#2 Hire a developer to code the robot

There are many trading developers out there who are willing to code Expert Advisors based on the ready strategies that you might have. But keep in mind that these guys take a lot of money. And it becomes quite costly to develop a single Expert Advisor if you pay especially to a good developer.

#3 Buy the robot from MetaTrader marketplace

You can buy an Expert Advisor or MetaTrader Robot from the marketplace.

metatrader expert advisors marketplace
You can buy an Expert Advisor

Of course, there is no guarantee that any of these Expert Advisors or Robots is profitable. There are some good pieces out there. But make sure to look for reviews and other satisfied traders that are happy with the performance of the MetaTrader Robot that you are willing to buy.

#4 Create the robot with a strategy builder software

The option that I use the most to download MetaTrader 4 & 5 robots for free, is to use strategy builders like Expert Advisor Studio, FSB Pro, Strategy Quant, and etc. There is the Strategy Tester, EA Builder, quite many programs.

I personally use the most EA Studio and FSB Pro as they are most professional according to me.

These are programs that allow me to automate a strategy as a MetaTrader robot without programming skills. I do a lot of analysis using these programs and this is how I succeed to trade with many Expert Advisors simultaneously. Because the best thing about using a strategy builder is that, with one click you can export a ready-to-use MetaTrader Robot and download it for free.

How to use a MetaTrader Robot?

So now quickly, I will show you how easy it is to use a MetaTrader Robot and you will see that it’s not rocket science. What you see below is the MetaTrader platform which as I’ve said is one of the most popular platforms out there.

trading with robot on metatrader platfrom
The MetaTrader platform

Especially, because we can use Expert Advisors, and here I have 4 MetaTrader robots which I’m trading semi-automatically. What that means is that I decide which direction I want the EAs to trade.

It is very easy

So when we’re in an uptrend, I set them on a buy mode. When we’re in a downtrend, I set them in a sell mode.

The uptrend and downtrend
The uptrend and downtrend

And now because EURGBP has broken one very important support level that we have at 088.60. What I will do, I will set a Robot only to sell and you will see how easy it is. I will go to the navigator, where I have the Expert Advisors. Then I will just double-click on the EURGBP Expert Advisor and you will see a small menu comes up where I have all the inputs predefined.

I click on OK if I want to trade on both directions. But if I want to set up a direction, I need to click on Common.

common settings on metatrader
I click on Common

Then I will select only short, for example. And then if I click on OK, on the top right-hand corner, I see the smiley face.

I see the smiley face

This means that the Expert Advisor is attached to the chart and it will start trading. This Expert Advisor or this MetaTrader robot works on the M1 chart. It’s a little bit of a scalping Expert Advisor.

In the account history, I got a few dollars as a profit from every trade opened but I have a lot of trades that are being opened and closed. I see that I have more profits than losses. These are EAs that I’m just testing out at the moment and probably soon I will share them in one of my courses.

So it is that simple to place an Expert Advisor on the MetaTrader platform. Expert Advisor, one more time, is the same thing if you say a robot. In other words, a robot is a slang word and many people just call it MetaTrader Robot. Because MetaTrader is the most popular platform for Algorithmic trading and for Expert Advisors or Robots.

And at the end of the lecture, I would like to say one very important thing. Don’t look for a MetaTrader robot that will bring you constantly profits with EAs without any work to be done. There is always some work – to follow the results, to manage the Expert Advisors, and etc. For example, if you trade many, let’s say 30 robots in one trading account, you better follow the results and see which Expert Advisors perform the best.

So these you can put on a bigger Live account or you can test MetaTrader robots on a virtual account. Or the so-called Demo accounts which allow the traders to participate in the market without risking any real money. And of course, it is a must to update the MetaTrader robots so they will work on the current market conditions.

That’s why when I include Expert Advisors in my courses, I always update them and make sure that the students that enrolled in the courses are getting fresh and relevant MetaTrader Robots for the current market conditions.

Alright guys, thanks for reading this lecture. If you have found it useful, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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how to create a trading robot

How To Build A Trading Robot For Free

How to create a trading robot?

In today’s lecture, we will share with you how to create a trading robot for free using strategy builder software.

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So what are the strategy builders?

Some call these software programs Expert Advisor Builders or MT4 Builders. Simply these are programs that allow us to automate different strategies without programming skills.

We just put the indicators, the Stop Loss, the Take Profit. We see the backtest immediately, we have a lot of analysis, and with one click, we can export the strategies as Expert Advisors. Simply, this is software that allows traders to automate their trading strategies.

So let’s imagine I want to start trading with a robot and I don’t know from where to start.

And this is the mass of people who want to do algorithmic trading, they start looking for robots, they want to buy some systems that will work automatically so they don’t spend time in front of the computer. That is actually possible but the truth is, it is super difficult to find a robot that will bring you constant results. And I say it is super difficult because most of the people out there are just selling robots.

Getting a trading robot from the MetaTrader marketplace

On the MQL5 official website of MetaTrader, there is a marketplace where you can get thousands and thousands of trading robots.

trading robots on the MQL5 official website
MQL5 official website

And some of them are cheap, others are quite costly like thousands of dollars for a single robot. And there is never a guarantee if this robot will bring you profits.

Personally, I have tested many and I never found a nice trading robot out there on the market. Simply said, the people, the developers who are selling these robots, make money from selling robots and not from trading with the robots. So be very careful if you decide to buy a trading robot because it’s tricky.

The best thing would be if you can rent the robot first for a few months to see how it will go. But usually, the backtests, the videos they will send you, it’s all fake and they just want to take your money. And they don’t care what will happen with that trading robot in the future. Is it bringing you money or it’s not bringing you money?

Now the thing is, to find a profitable robot that brings more profits than losses. Because every strategy, every trading robot, does profit but it does lose at the same time.

robot that makes profit
We all want Robots that make us more profits than losses

But of course, we want to use robots that bring us more profits than losses. So at the end of the day, we do profits.

The market is never the same

In fact, there is no guarantee that a trading robot will continue performing well in the future, never a 100% guarantee for that. Because the market changes, every day the market is absolutely different from the day before, different from all the days before.

And there is one old saying that history repeats itself on the market. That’s one of the biggest lies out there. You can see some similar patterns, some similar Candlesticks formations but it’s never ever the same.

If you find one day that has the very same M15 Candlesticks as another day, please send me that picture. Or let me know which is that date, I want to see it.

So what I’m saying is that even if you find a good robot, there is no guarantee it will continue trading profitably in the future. And you should know that you always take the risk. And it’s your own responsibility when you start trading with a robot, if you will put it on a Live account, you are simply taking the risk that this robot might bring you losses as well.

So, for example, in some of my courses, I include trading robots but they are for educational and demonstrational purposes. And these are the robots that I use but at the end of the day, it is your decision and your risk if you will be using those trading robots or not.

Hiring a developer to code the robot

And as I’ve said, I have struggled a lot buying different trading robots. The other thing I’ve been doing is to hire developers to automate my strategies. I worked in one Swiss company doing something between trading and offering robots from developers. It’s a total mess when you work with developers for Forex robots, sorry if you’re a developer.

But what I mean is, when you order a strategy to a developer who has no idea about trading, it is really hard to explain what exactly you want him to do. And they send the trading robot, there are mistakes, you bring back the robot, and it’s also costly. These guys, especially the good developers that automate strategies, charge between $50 and $100 per hour. And sometimes, automating a strategy takes them weeks, even months.

The Strategy Builders

Another solution to create a trading robot is using a software. There are software programs that we use to automate the strategies without programming skills. This is indeed a builder, you put the entry rules, the exit rules, the Stop Loss, the Take Profit, and the software creates the trading robot.

using a strategy builder to create a trading robot
Put the entry and exit rules

And then we see the backtest results, we can see what the statistics are until the moment. And then we have the possibility to export this Expert Advisor or the trading robot or this automated strategy with a few clicks. So we don’t do programming, the code comes ready and we can attach it on MetaTrader and start trading with it.

strategy builder example code
The code comes ready

This is the idea of creating trading robots using a strategy builder software program. Some of these programs obviously are costly but they are costly because they save all of this money that we would spend for buying trading robots and for hiring developers. And if you want to test some strategy builders, the strategy builders that we use in Trading Academy, which we found most appropriate for beginners and advanced traders are Expert Advisor Studio and Forex Strategy Builder Professional.

I’ve been using them daily, right now I’m generating some strategies. This is how I personally succeed to automate the strategies I use. And it’s super easy actually to trade many strategies and not just one.

So that’s the idea of the strategy builders, guys. I’ll be happy to hear your experience with trading robots, developers, and strategy builders in the comments below. See you in another lecture.

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Tezos coin price prediction in 2021

Tezos Price Prediction 2021 – Why I Keep Buying

In today’s lecture, I’ll share with you why I have decided to add some more Tezos into my crypto portfolio and what is my price prediction for the coin in 2021.

Actually, Tezos was the very first cryptocurrency I ever bought and I really like the idea behind the Tezos. I like the community, I think there is great potential in it because it allows staking, and I personally find staking to be the future of cryptocurrencies. Because obviously, it’s super easy to earn passive income when you are staking cryptocurrencies.

But I will not go into there, I will talk about the Tezos coin, my current investment and what is my price prediction for 2021 and the next couple of years.

Tezos price prediction in 2021

To show you exactly what I’ve done, I will open the app and if you look at my account, where I have the short-term investments and I have the cryptos that I stake, you will see that the Tezos has been a little bit negative.

I bought Tezos exactly on the 9th of March, and I bought 100 Tezos coins. And this moment the price was $4.5993 or we can say it was at $4.60. So I have decided to buy around $400 of Tezos.

And if you already have watched some of our courses or videos on YouTube, you will know that I never put all of the money that I have prepared as an investment for one asset into one position or one entry, or a one-time purchase.

Market crashed because the people panicked

I usually divide it into pieces, so, for example, if I have prepared $1,200, which is currently what I have prepared for Tezos, then I will purchase just for $400. If the price drops more, I will buy more. Probably, you have heard many times, ‘Buy the dips.‘ And this is usually the strategy that I follow. But this time, I didn’t take these lows right here, which happened at the end of February and the beginning of March. I waited for the Tezos to break the resistance of $4.50, which was strong resistance back in August 2020.

Tezos price prediction and the early drop in 2021
Tezos price prediction and the early drop in 2021

And I really don’t feel comfortable buying below a resistance line. So that’s why I just waited a little bit to break the $4.50. I bought it at $4.60, we’ll see where it goes.

If it drops, I’m happy because I will buy more at a lower price, I will have a better average price. If it drops more, I will buy the 3rd piece and I will have even a better average price. And this is the kind of mindset I feel comfortable with.

Because most people, what happens, especially the beginners is they buy crypto or an asset, stock, doesn’t matter what it is. When it goes on positive, they are happy but they regret, why didn’t I buy more? If it drops, they panic. They tend to panic, this is how the market crashed in 2018. Because the people panic they will lose everything and they sold. So many people have bought the Bitcoin at $17,000, $18,000, $19,000 and they have sold later at a much lower price because they have panicked when the Bitcoin crash.

Price of Tezos is depreciating

And that’s a normal human feeling. But if you prepare your mindset in a way that you are happy when the price drops, because you will buy more, then you will feel comfortable at any moment. Because buying the Tezos at $4.60 is a relatively high price from where the Tezos was, let’s say in the last year. But if it drops, I will buy more. Usually, I buy more if the price drops by 25%. If it drops by another 25%, I will buy more.

And I will have a much better average price compared to if I buy the whole thing right now. If the price goes up, alright, awesome. But if the price goes down, I won’t be able to improve my average price.

What is my Tezos price prediction?

Now, where do I see the price of the Tezos coin, and what is my prediciton? I personally think that Tezos is being depreciated compared to some other cryptos that did so well for no reason. But that’s my personal opinion, so it doesn’t really matter.

But because Tezos is one of the most popular assets for staking, I have recorded a video about staking Tezos on the Ledger Live. You can watch it here.

And since I strongly believe that the Proof-of-Stake will be the future in cryptocurrencies, I think all the cryptocurrencies like Tezos, Cardano, and the others that are available for staking on many wallets, on many websites, on many exchanges, more and more people will invest.

Staking cryptocurrencies is the future

Because in the longer term the people invest in cryptocurrencies. Not only to store value or to solve the huge inflation that we have nowadays. But as well to earn passive income. And that’s the reason I have created one of the first online courses for crypto staking. And there I have demonstrated different methods of crypto staking.

Because I personally believe and I will be investing more into assets and cryptocurrencies that I can stake easily and securely on some of my crypto wallets and exchanges. And if I look into the short term and if Bitcoin keeps being bullish and reaching new record highs, I think the Tezos has a huge potential of reaching $10 in 2021 and $15-$20 in the next few years. In the long-term, I feel the staking cryptocurrencies will really go to the moon. And Tezos is one of those.

So I personally feel like keeping Tezos for longer-term investment and staking it. Because prices like $100, $200, even $1,000 are more than realistic for me, for the Tezos. But that’s like really in the long term. And one more time, this is because first, I find the Tezos very depreciated. Second, because the staking cryptocurrencies is the future out there and that investors will look into those more and more because of the passive incomes and the high interest rates that some of the wallets and exchanges offer. That is much more compared to what the banks will offer to those investors if they keep millions and billions of dollars.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think about Tezos in the comments below. What is your price prediction for the Tezos coin? How do you feel about staking Tezos? Are you doing it right now? Where are you doing it? So this article will be more useful for everyone. And if you have any questions, let me know. I will see you guys in another lecture.

bitcoin crash 2021 avoid panic

Bitcoin Crash in 2021

In today’s lecture, I will tell you why you must avoid to panic and sell everything when Bitcoin crash.

Bitcoin Crash in 2021 – Why Should You Avoid Panic?

This is the last thing you need to do when you are investing in Bitcoin and in cryptocurrencies. If you panic, you will lose it all.

Now, if you panic on the market, most probably, you will do actions that will lead to losses. You will miss profits and you will let your emotions drive your investing. And this is the wrong thing. Personally, in March 2021, I don’t see any reason to panic. And in this lecture, I’m going to explain why.

In recent weeks, in the recent months, when Bitcoin reached record highs of $40,000, $50,000, nearly $62,000 by the time I’m recording this video, I have read so many posts, YouTube videos of people saying that Bitcoin is going to crash and you have to sell it right now.

If you want to take some profits, then you’re most welcome to sell it and take your profits. I always admire people who take profits. But you shouldn’t be selling because you panic.

What happened with Bitcoin in 2021

So let’s see what happened with Bitcoin in the last months. In January 2021, the big Whales or these are the
huge investors that have over 1,000 Bitcoins, have bought over 80,000 Bitcoins in total. And in February, they have sold over 140,000 Bitcoins.

And these are transactions for a few billion dollars. At the same time, the Dolphins and the Sharks, which are the smaller investors that have less than 1,000 Bitcoins, in February, they have bought over 117,000 Bitcoins. And the Fishes, which are the small guys having between 10 and 100 Bitcoins, since November, they have sold over 128,000 Bitcoins.

Prices is not controlled by the Whales only

And you might wonder why I’m bringing all of that to you. What matters if the Whales are selling more in February compared to what they’ve bought in January? Thing is, more and more investors are into Bitcoin. And it’s not only the Whales who control the price.

Now, I’m pretty sure that if a couple of Whales combine their efforts to crash the Bitcoin price, they can do it. But what means crashing the Bitcoin price in March 2021?

In January, the price reached $42,000, and then it fell to $29,000. Which is approximately $13,000 of a retracement, if you have calculated that, that is more than 30% of a retracement. In February, the price reached $58,000 and it dropped down to $43,000 which is approximately $15,000 or above 25%.

Bitcoin price retracement

Now, how much the Bitcoin price crashed in 2018? Nearly the same thing, but this time it recovered much faster. If we calculate in percentage, I agree that in 2018 it was a much bigger Bitcoin crash. But this was because the people panicked.

From my personal experience, what I see in the Trading Academy, from having online courses, and from actually investing in the crypto market, I can see a huge difference between 2017-2018 and today. This balloon that everyone is talking about was because the mass of people around the world was buying cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. And not that much as the investors. When they panicked, the Bitcoin price really crashed.

But now, $15,000 of a retracement happens monthly and in March, the price reached nearly $62,000. Then it fell to $53,000 which is somewhere at about 14%. So even if we see a little bit of a bigger retracement like what we had in February, and in January 2021, that would be expected.

And why did I say that from the Trading Academy and online courses I know that the price is driven by the investors? Because I know exactly how much demand there is from retail investors, the average people, and the investors. But the important thing here and what I want you to take from this lecture is the fact that the investors do not panic. Every retracement or crash on Bitcoin is another opportunity for them to buy at a cheaper price.

Why investors don’t panic

And let’s imagine for a moment I am a Whale, I have 200,000 Bitcoins, for example. If I see the price at $50,000 or at $60,000. Do you think I’m going to sell all of that? I’m not going to sell all of that. I’m going to sell a small piece. Definitely, it will impact the market and at the same time, I will buy again when the price drops. $15,000 lower is a huge thing.

But the investors are not going to be sweating and trying to sell their Bitcoin fast. Keep that in mind that they don’t panic when Bitcoin crash. And the one reason they don’t panic is because they have a lot of Bitcoin. So it is crucially important to learn not to panic as you will end up always buying it expensive and selling it cheap. Because usually what happens with the beginners and the people who start investing on the market, is that when the price goes up, they are excited. They want to buy more and they buy more.

When the price starts to drop, they start to panic. They start to worry that they will lose their investment and they start to sell. And when the price recovers again and goes up again, new record highs instead of taking profit there, their confidence is back and they buy again. And this way, the mass of people end up buying it expensive and selling it cheap while the huge guys do the very opposite thing, they buy the dips and they sell the record highs.

The Counter Trendline and aggressive Counter Trendline

So try to convert your mindset and try to think like the big guys. Even if you have a small piece, even if you have 0.01 of a Bitcoin. Doesn’t really matter, the quantity never matters. This is why one of my most profitable methods until the moment, is to use the Counter Trendline and the aggressive Counter Trendline which I explain in many of my online courses. So this way, I buy the dips but just when the price starts to recover.

And I use Fibonacci targets to take the profits at record highs. At the end of this lecture, I will share with you one of the most profitable strategies until the moment for the very beginner traders. In my courses, I go to a little bit of advanced technical analysis which I’ve been doing for the last 10 years. But if you want to know which is the very simple strategy that will bring you profits in the long term, this is the Dollar Cost Averaging.

In simple words, this means that you are buying every first day of the month or every Monday. So you buy a piece and you buy a piece and you buy a piece and you buy a piece and you don’t care where the price is. In the long term, when Bitcoin is reaching new record highs, you will be always on a better average price. And the Dollar Cost Averaging strategy is suitable for people who have no idea about charts, analysis, and the news.

Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy

You don’t have time to follow what’s going on in the crypto market, you just want to invest some amount. So Dollar Cost Averaging strategy is definitely one of the things you need to consider. Because it drives your emotions away. And you will have always a better average price when Bitcoin reaches new record highs, which it does all the time.

But one more time, whenever you are comfortable with the profits you have in the account, you should take them. There are always retracements, and there are always new opportunities on the markets. Other cryptocurrencies than the Bitcoin which are just starting out may be a better choice when the Bitcoin crash.

And I’m not a financial advisor, you should always do your research, do your diligence. But when it comes to taking profits and you have profit in your account, then why not take it? So take it, easy guys, think twice before you act.

Look at the charts, calculate how much Bitcoin felt last month, and what is the felt this month. So you will have an idea of what actually means crashing nowadays. But personally, I don’t see in 2021 Bitcoin to crash again to $3,000, $4,000, not even below the $20,000 or even $30,000. That’s how I personally feel it because one more time, too many investors are into it now. Too many companies buying Bitcoin, implementing it into their business.

Thank you guys for reading. Let me know what you think about the Bitcoin crash in 2021 in the comments below. Is Bitcoin crashing right now or not? We’ll see you guys in another lecture.

EURUSD Historical Data Download

EURUSD Historical Data Download

In this lecture, I will demonstrate to you how you can export and download the EURUSD historical data of your broker. Moreover, as a resource file for this lecture, you will find a script that will help you with the download.

EURUSD historical data – medium

Let’s start by opening EA Studio and going to the Generator tab. On the Generator, you will see that the first box says Historical data, and I have Data source below.

Historical data

MetaTrader-Demo is the data source that comes by default from Expert Advisor Studio and if I just click on it, I see many other sources of historical data from different brokers.

So what you need to do in order to import your historical data in the software is to go back to your MetaTrader platform and place the script.

Placing the download script in MetaTrader

So how can you do that? Go to File, and then Open Data Folder,

Go to File then Open Data Folder

after that click on MQL4 folder

Click on MQL4

and then go to Scripts folder. You need to paste the EURUSD historical data download script in this folder.

Go to scripts

Here it is, EA Studio Data Export MT4. And, of course, if you’re using MT5, you need to paste the script for MT5. You will find attached both scripts to this lecture.

The script

After that, close the folder, go to Scripts in MetaTrader, and click on Refresh. This will force MetaTrader to compile this script and you will see it displayed.

Go to Scripts and click Refresh

How to load the EURUSD historical data

And before I use the script, I will show you how you can take the maximum bars of your MetaTrader. If you install the platform for the first time, what you need to do is to press the Home key on your keyboard and hold it. Now, because I have done that already it’s not moving but if you install your MetaTrader for the first time and you press the Home key on your keyboard and you hold it, you will see that the chart is moving.

Basically, it will move very quickly and it will load more historical data. So do this for the asset you want to trade. If you want to trade EURUSD, just go to M1 first, press the Home key and hold it, after it stops moving, go to M5, and do this for all timeframes. You need to do this just one time in the beginning.

After that, with time you will collect more historical bars when the new data comes. Keep in mind that most of the brokers don’t provide a lot of historical data at the beginning which is very normal so the best way is to collect it with time. I don’t suggest you download the EURUSD historical data from your history center. So if you click on Tools you will see History Center.

History Center

But if you download EURUSD historical data from here, you will see that this data is not actually from your broker.

When you install MetaTrader for the first time

So, for example, if I want to download the EURUSD historical data from the History Center and I double-click on it and I double-click on M1, it loads and I click on Download. You will see the message that pops up, “You are going to download data from the MetaQuotes Software Corp. history center but your account is opened on the JFD.” This is the broker I selected to use.

The Download Warning

So they are warning you that you are not downloading the data you need. You are downloading the data EURUSD historical from the MetaQuotes Software Company which is actually the company that developed the MetaTrader platform.

What you want to do actually is to create the strategies over your historical data. Or if you are doing a backtest of any of the strategies, it is again a good idea to do it over the historical data of your broker.

And one last thing about the data. If you install your MetaTrader for the first time you will hit the 65K limitation. So if I go to Tools and I click on Options, you will see in Charts that there is a 65K limitation and normally this is how you will find your MetaTrader for the first time when you install it. What you need to do, press 9 and hold it and then do this for Maximum bars in the chart as well, and then click on OK and you will remove this limitation.


Maximum count of bars

Press the Home key again, hold it, and it will load more bars, more than 65K. After that, go to the EA Studio Data Export MT4 script and drag it over the chart. You will see a small menu that will ask you for the maximum count of bars you want to export. Normally, I leave it to 200,000 but if you do it for the first time, 100,000 would be alright because you will not have a lot of bars at the beginning.

And then you have the spread. You can enter the current spread. At the current moment, it’s a little bit higher for EURUSD but this is because I am writing this lecture just after midnight and after that, it will go back to normal. And if you want to enter a value, it’s good. But normally, I leave it to 0 which will round it to the higher number.

So if I leave it to 0 and, for example, my spread with EURUSD is normally 3, 4, 5, this means it will round it to 10. And if you have higher spread like 23, 24, 25 for any currency pair, it will round it to 30. So I leave it to 0 and here is the Commission in currency. For this broker, I have $6 of commission for each lot traded.

The JSON files

So I will leave it to 6 and I click on OK, and you will see what will happen.

The input menu

On the left upper corner, I will see all of the EURUSD historical data exported.

The exported data

I have 200,000 bars for EURUSD on the M1 chart, the same for M5, and then for the rest, the number decreases. And EURUSD 1,440 is the daily chart. I have 1,576 days or bars. And after that, I need to go to File, Open Data Folder, and I go to MQL4, and then I go to Files.

This is the data I am looking for, these are the JSON Files that were just created.

The JSON files

And then I will open Expert Advisor Studio. I go to Data, and here is the drop zone. This is where you need to drop the EURUSD historical data files or you can just click to upload them. I normally drop them, so I just take them and drop them in the box.

The drop zone

All the EURUSD historical data is imported and uploaded in EA Studio.

The Generator

So if I go to the Generator and I click on the data source, I will see the historical data, JFD Demo, EURUSD on M15.

The Generator

It is from the 21st of February, 2018 till the current moment. And actually, this is the timezone of the broker. For me, it’s just 15 minutes after midnight but you can see the broker uses GMT time. It is a little bit after quarter past 10 PM.

I have the EURUSD historical data and I am ready to use it and generate trading strategies with Expert Advisor Studio.


EURUSD Historical data

EA Studio Data Export script for MT4

EA Studio Data Export script for MT5

how to store your cryptocurrency safe

How to Store Your Cryptocurrency Safe

In this lecture, I would like to explain a little bit about the wallets and the exchanges so you will know how you can store your cryptocurrency and which is the safest way. We use the exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies with our debit card, credit card, wire transfer, or to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, to sell a cryptocurrency for fiat currency, or this is for USD, EUR, GBP.

How to store cryptocurrency online

But the exchanges are not the safest place where you can store your cryptocurrencies. You better use wallets to safely store your cryptocurrencies.

And there are 2 types of wallets.

One is the custodial wallet which is known to be less secure because you don’t have full control of your cryptocurrencies. Others are non-custodial wallets where you have bigger control of your wallet. Such a wallet, for example, is the Exodus Wallet, which is very friendly.

And I have done reviews on YouTube for most of the wallets I use but Exodus is one of the online wallets that I’ve been using and it’s non-custodial, meaning that I have control over my cryptocurrencies, I have my private key, and so on.

Exodus Crypto Wallet

And of course, the biggest exchanges like Coinbase have a wallet. So there is the Coinbase wallet, which I’ve been using as well without any issues. It’s very comfortable because the 2 connect easily and I can transfer cryptocurrencies from the wallet to the Coinbase exchange very easily without copy-pasting addresses and it works really nice.

Coinbase Wallet

And these wallets usually keep most of our cryptocurrencies offline.

And keep in mind that the different exchanges and wallets secure their funds and their customers in a different way. For example, most U.S.-based exchanges and wallets cover the funds of U.S. citizens up to $250,000. But for the non-U.S. citizens, they pull the cash and keep it in dedicated custodial accounts.

How it works for the non-U.S. citizens

And of course, with time, this will change. So by the time you are reading this lecture, probably the conditions will be different with most of the crypto exchanges.

How to safely store Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency offline

In 2021, one of the most secure and safest ways to store crypto offline is the Ledger wallet, which you can easily keep in your pocket. It’s a hardware crypto wallet. This is where I keep store safely most of my cryptocurrency. So being offline, I have full control of my cryptocurrencies.

Ledger is the safest way to store crypto
The Ledger Wallet

Many people are using the Ledger nowadays but keep in mind that it’s a bit costly. We have conducted a detailed review of the Ledger hardware wallet here. Ledger also allows staking, but not for all of the cryptocurrencies. Just for a few of them for the moment. And if you decide to buy the Ledger, don’t forget to read our review first.

Safest way to store crypto

If you have difficulty choosing the safest way to store crypto, you can check our list of trusted brokers and exchanges. I have asked my team to make detailed reviews for the brokers, the exchanges, and wallets that we have been using. And we will add some more cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets with detailed reviews about each one.

list of the safest ways to store your crypto
The reviews on various exchanges and wallets

This way it will be easier for you to select how to store cryptocurrency. Especially if you are just starting out. So probably by the time you are reading the lecture, more exchanges and more wallets will be on that list. You can use them as a resource for trusted exchanges and wallets that I personally test before we put them on the list.

But of course, before selecting how to store cryptocurrency, you need to make your own research for the safest way to store crypto. For example, on the website, there are 2 different ways that allow you to store cryptocurrency and earn passive income. website

One is with the Earn option, which I’m demonstrating in the Crypto Staking course where we can receive up to 12% annual interest from crypto deposits.

And the other option is to do CRO staking. CRO coin is the cryptocurrency and it’s pretty much related to their Visa card options, which I’ve been using as well. But I don’t want to go into many details because I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m promoting this exchange. I just had to pick one of them to demonstrate the staking and the earning rewards.

Learn everything about the exchanges before choosing

So when you choose your exchange, make sure to learn all the different options they offer and all the conditions they have.

As I said, they are changing it all the time. For example, with, as I said, we have 2 options. One is to use the Crypto Earn option and the other one is to stake CRO tokens where you can order Visa card and earn cashback from partners.

And one more time, all of these conditions change. So, for example, when staking CRO, they have different cards, and depending on how much you stake, you will receive different benefits and so on.

But for the purpose of the course, I will start with the Earn option which is more suitable for beginners. And we can earn interest in many different cryptocurrencies, not just the CRO.

This way, I’ll be actually lending my cryptocurrencies to get rewards at the end of the period.

But one more time, guys, don’t take any of the cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets I show and mention in the lecture as a recommendation. I am not paid by any of the companies that I mention. The purpose of the lecture is educational. And I have selected to use for the purpose of the Crypto Staking course because it has a huge variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from for staking.

most volatile forex currency pairs

Top 10 Most Volatile Forex Pairs + The Reasons Why

Today I will talk about the most volatile Forex currency pairs. Now the most volatile currency pairs are not the most popular Forex pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY. These are the Forex currency pairs that are most traded, the most popular but exactly that makes them less volatile and I will explain to you why.

Which is the most traded currency pair?

So let’s start first from what are the Forex currency pairs and what is the volatility?

So if you are a beginner, probably you know already that there are different markets like the Forex market, the Cryptocurrency market, Stock market, there are futures, bonds, a lot of things to trade with.

The most popular is the Forex market with one of the biggest volumes daily over $5 trillion. Now EURUSD definitely is the most traded currency pair, it represents the economies of Europe and the United States.

It’s a lot of transactions, a lot of European companies are working in the States, a lot of U.S. companies are working in Europe. They exchange, they send profits, they convert their income into the national currencies. And it’s a lot of trading volume for the EURUSD. But exactly because many people are buying and selling it, like 20% of the Forex market goes to EURUSD, that makes it not that volatile.

What is volatility?

Let me put that simply, imagine you are in the vegetable market. A lot of people selling potatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, apples, but there are just a few out there that are selling pineapple, for example. So they can actually increase and decrease the price because it’s a few of them. The others that are selling the most common fruits and vegetables go to average price and they cannot fluctuate a lot with the price.

Same thing on the market, when a lot of people are trading the EURUSD, a lot of transactions, a lot of EUR exchange for USD, and vice versa. Then the price fluctuates less and that is the volatility. The more the price fluctuates up and down, the more volatile is the asset. And these are usually exotic currency pairs or these are commodity currency pairs.

What is a currency pair?

And before I tell you which are the most volatile currency pairs, I would like to explain what is the currency pair for beginner traders. So if we have EURUSD, if it rises, it means EUR rises. This is very important to note before you start any trading. If EURUSD falls, then what that means, the USD is stronger. However, if EUR is not moving, not strong, not weak, neutral, it depends on what happens with the USD, if the USD is weak at that moment, EURUSD will go up.

If the USD is strong at that moment, then EURUSD will go down. So it’s about the 2 of them, which one is stronger than the other one at the current moment. And that’s what drives the price up and down.

The most volatile currency pairs


The most volatile Forex currency pairs USDKRW

The first I will share are quite interesting. This is the USD versus the KRW (South Korean won). And the second one is the USD versus the BRL (Brazilian real). So these 2 are quite popular among the aggressive investors, I can say, and traders because the huge volatility in these currency pairs usually makes easier profits.

But at the same time, it could bring you easier losses. So be careful trading these not popular, I can say, but most volatile currency pairs.


The most volatile Forex currency pairs AUDJPY

The second most volatile Forex pairs are the AUDJPY and the NZDJPY because these are economies highly connected to their exports. And, for example, AUDJPY, Aussie stands for AUD. So AUDJPY means AUD versus the JPY and the JPY is considered to be one of the least volatile currency pairs.

Which means that it doesn’t move that much. Actually, the investors consider the JPY as a safe haven currency. This means that when there is some uncertainty on the market, they put a lot of their investments into JPY as a stable currency. So they are not risking with a lot of fluctuations. At the same time, Aussie or the AUD depends a lot on the export that Australia does. So when the price of the exported goods changes, that easily makes the AUDJPY one of the most volatile currency pairs.

Canada-Japan oil relationship

Same thing with the NZD which is known as Kiwi. So when you say Kiwi to Yen means that is the NZD versus JPY. And actually, it’s known to be Kiwi not because of the fruit. But because they have a bird called Kiwi and it’s kind of a national mark for New Zealand. So when the prices of dairy goods, or eggs, or meat, wood, they export a lot of these products. When the prices change, this makes the NZDUSD very volatile and especially against the JPY which is a stable currency.

So when the NZD or the Aussie move up and down and JPY is stable, that makes the 2 currency pairs, the AUDJPY and the NZDJPY or the Kiwi Yen very volatile.


The most volatile Forex currency pairs EURGBP

The next most volatile currency pairs are the EURGBP and the CADJPY. So EURGBP used to be not that volatile but since the vote of Brexit in 2016, and it actually happened now in 2021, what happened is the UK is separated from Europe. Then the EURGBP started to move a lot and became one of the most volatile currency pairs.

However, with some brokers, you can find it as EURGBP. With some, you can find it as GBPEUR but it’s the same thing. So the whole Brexit thing made EURGBP one of the volatile currency pairs that I really like to trade most.


CADJPY currency pair

The next one is CADJPY which means CAD versus the JPY. Now as you probably know, Canada exports a lot of oil. This makes the CAD as a currency closely related to the price of oil. And because Japan imports a lot of oil from Canada, they obviously need to buy more CAD with their JPY.

And that makes the CADJPY a very volatile Forex currency pair, related the most of course, to the price of the oil. So when there are some fluctuations with the oil, the CADJPY moves as well very nicely. And we can easily trade it because we usually know what is going on with the oil from the economic news, we know when are the epic meetings, where there are important speeches. And it’s a little bit easier to trade the CAD which is related to the price of oil compared to the export of dairy products from New Zealand, for example.


The next most volatile Forex pair is the GBPAUD. So as we said, Aussie or the AUD is very related to the exports that Australia does. However, before the U.S-China trade war, Australia had a very strong partner in the face of China. But after the trade war, that changed and the value of exported goods from Australia fell which made the GBPAUD a very fluctuate currency pair as well.


The most volatile Forex currency pairs USDZAR

USDZAR or this is the USD versus the ZAR (South African Rand). A very volatile currency pair that had a fantastic uptrend for a long time and it was super easy to trade. And a lot of the investors did a lot of profits from trading the USDZAR. Now, why is this currency pair so volatile? The South African export mainly is gold and as you know, the gold is the back up for all currency pairs and especially for the USD. That’s why the price of gold is usually related to the USD. So when the price of gold rises, more rands are needed to purchase USD.

Number 9, USD versus the TRY

The TRY has lost a lot of its value in the last decade because of political events, elections, trade war with the United States. And the lira was one of the best profits I could have ever taken. And together with the RUB, actually, when these 2 collapsed it was super easy to make some quick profits. But that’s not long-term trading. I’m talking about when something happens in the market, we want to take advantage of it and we do it. Basically, this is how I use personally the most volatile Forex pairs.

USD versus the MXN


And number 10 for the most volatile Forex pairs goes to USD versus the MXN. As you know, since Trump became the president, there was kind of a rocky relationship between the States and Mexico which made USDMXN to be a very volatile currency pair. So these are the 10 very volatile currency pairs.

But, one more time, this doesn’t mean that these are the very popular currency pairs we trade. As I said, personally I trade the most EURGBP. And with all the rest, I just take advantage when there is something extraordinary in the market when any of them collapses, crashes, something extreme happens and it moves like a thousand pips, then I would be happy to be participating and to take some quick profits. But that happens honestly rarely.


So this was about the most volatile Forex pairs. If you have any questions drop them in the comments below. Of course, probably by the time you’re reading this article, some others could be the most volatile Forex currency pairs. Because it depends a lot on what’s going on in the market. The exports, prices.

And it’s all about you if you want to be a more risky trader or you would prefer to trade the most popular Forex pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and stay away from the volatile currency pairs.

Thanks for reading. And if you have any questions let me know.

Bitcoin price prediction

Bitcoin Price Target in 2021

Bitcoin price target 2021 – is $146 000 a BTC target or just the beginning

Today I’ll be talking about the Bitcoin price in 2021 and why $146,000 is an important level for Bitcoin. After Bitcoin broke $20,000, it’s been a lot of speculations over the internet. Different posts and predictions where people writing that the Bitcoin price will reach $250,000, others say it will reach half a million. More aggressive predictions go up to $1 million. The truth is nobody knows what will happen. And I can tell you what are the realistic targets that I’m looking at and where I see the price of Bitcoin in 2021.

Now, first of all, I’d like to say that it’s a huge difference between 2017 and 2020, 2021. Why? Because in 2017, the mass of people was driving the price upwards. Everybody was crazy, everybody was talking about Bitcoin.

I was walking on the streets, in the mall, and I heard people at the age of 60-70, or even older speak about Bitcoin in Bulgaria which was really kind of money at this moment.

The major players can affect the Bitcoin price

Now, the difference in 2020, especially in the last quarter of 2020, is that the huge investors and institutional investors started purchasing Bitcoins which pushed the price aggressively.

There were many signs in 2020 showing that the price of Bitcoin will break the $20,000. This was PayPal announcing that they will implement cryptocurrency. For the moment, it is only for U.S citizens. I wish I was in the U.S because of that. Second, some insurance companies in the United States bought cryptocurrencies, and especially Bitcoin.

And that was something unusual until the moment. And many institutional investors announced that they want to keep the value of their funds and their investments by holding Bitcoin. I personally think that they still want to gain quick profits and many of them did. Because buying Bitcoin below $20,000 and after price reached $40,000, it’s a profit of over 100%, which is quite unusual for the huge institutional investors.

However, you need to keep in mind that the price needs to reduce or to lower the fluctuations. Because of what had happened, it reached $40,000, then it dropped to $30,000, then it reached $40,000 again. Investors are not that likely to invest in an asset that will lose and profit that much every other day. They don’t want their funds to be at the risk of losing 20% in one day, which actually happened with Bitcoin after it broke the $40,000.

Bitcoin is compared with Gold

Now, I know there are a lot of speculations about where the price will go. I never do predictions because, one more time, nobody knows where the Bitcoin price will be at the end of 2021. And as I recently said in one of my videos, you don’t know a video or someone who predicted before 2017 that the price will reach $20,000, it will drop to $3,000 or something.

Then it will reach $14,000, then because of the Coronavirus in 2020, it will drop again to $3,000. Nobody has predicted that and that’s why I don’t suggest you believe any Bitcoin price predictions.

Even J.P Morgan made a very serious prediction for the Bitcoin price to reach $146,000 and I will explain why they did it. They compare it with the gold. So as you know the gold so far is accepted as an alternative currency and now a lot of people say that gold is threatened by Bitcoin.

If you want to learn how to trade gold with Expert Advisors, take a look at this course.

But what’s the reality, how did they calculate it? I have the post right over here from CNBC. So J.P Morgan made a very long-term target for Bitcoin price saying that it will reach $146,000 as a target. But they said that would be a hard target, exactly because the institutional traders don’t want to see huge volatility with the price. It says its price volatility would need to drop substantially, just what I’ve said earlier in this article.

It is a strong resistance line

And they calculated that Bitcoin price of $146,000 because they multiply the coins in circulation. Currently, it stands at over $575 billion. And currently, the gold investments in the private sector are somewhere above $2.7 trillion. Which
means that if the price of Bitcoin reaches $146,000, basically, it will reach the value of all the gold investments.

But here is the thing I don’t agree with what J.P Morgan said, they said that this is a target for Bitcoin. What I personally think is, if that happens, if the price of the Bitcoin reaches $146,000 and it reaches the gold as a global value, I think then the price will just go to the $200,000-$250,000 like nothing. Imagine that gold has been the alternative currency for decades and now we have a virtual currency in the face of Bitcoin which will have over the $2.7 trillion of investment for the gold.

What will happen? The investors will jump more into Bitcoin, they will sell the gold to get more Bitcoin. So I don’t think the $146,000 is a target, I think it will be just a really strong resistance line and if the Bitcoin price breaks, it will just go much further. That’s what I think. I don’t say it will happen but it’s not just a target for Bitcoin. I think it’s a strong resistance line if we compare it to the gold.

The Fibonacci targets

So I don’t want to compare Bitcoin and gold. A lot of YouTubers do that, but I personally think that having Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies in your portfolio will bring you a great risk diversification and you can gain some quick profits, just what I show in many of my free videos on YouTube.

So that’s why J.P Morgan said that the $146,000 is an important level. There is no other resistance, support, or any levels we have out there.

In my Bitcoin Investment Strategy course, I use the Fibonacci targets which are great targets for Bitcoin and I sell always when the price reaches any of the targets. But we don’t have any levels out there because the price has never been into these levels. That’s why J.P Morgan pointed out the $146,000 but, one more time, this is because if the price reaches there then it will reach the total value of the gold investments that we have in the private sector.

So we’ll see if that will happen, we’ll see what will happen if the Bitcoin price breaks that level. And I don’t want to go to any predictions if this will happen this year, next year, in this decade, maybe it will never happen. We don’t know. But if that happens, I’ll be quite happy of course because my crypto portfolio will grow. And I’m sure that many of you reading this article right now are interested in this because you already have Bitcoin in your portfolio.


So be patient. And who knows what will happen in a few years? Maybe Bitcoin will be already so applicable to everything. I hope that we can buy and purchase stuff anywhere with cryptos, so we won’t need to convert them into fiat currencies. And personally, I feel this is quite possible to happen as sooner as we expect because all the governments now are printing money so easily that they rise inflation really quickly.

Which makes Bitcoin a desirable asset, not just for the investors but for the retail traders and investors like me who want to keep value and not to lose savings because of the huge inflation happening especially after the Coronavirus crisis. That’s how I see the price of $146,000 as I’ve explained. Not a target, I think it’s a resistance. But we’ll see what happens.

If you have found this article useful, I will appreciate it if you leave a comment below. I will see you in the next lecture.

stacking crypto coins

Staking Crypto Coins: How To Earn Passive Income

How does crypto staking work?

Instead of just keeping your cryptocurrencies in the wallets, you can earn rewards by staking these crypto coins. That’s right. After 2020, most of the crypto exchanges and wallets offer cryptocurrency staking. This is a super easy method to earn passive income from your cryptocurrencies. And this is what I show in our newest course about crypto staking.

Cryptocurrency staking is actually already quite popular, but there isn’t much educational content about it available. So I have decided to create this course so that everyone interested can learn how to do it with confidence. And I will demonstrate it step by step.

I have opened an account on one of the exchanges I use. I bought 3 different cryptocurrencies with a total current value above $5,000 just for this course to show you the whole process step by step.

By me saying the whole process, don’t think it is something complicated. It is a matter of just a few clicks and you do not need to have any experience in blockchain or anything related to cryptos. It really is very easy.

So let’s say you have $10,000 saved in your bank account, but instead of keeping it there, you can put that money to work and get up to 12% or even more on some of the exchanges per year. This is $1,200 without doing anything. Of course, if you have more then you could earn more. And if you have less, don’t worry, you will still earn over time because the amount will be compounding every month.

Staking demonstration

In the course, I explain what crypto staking is so you will know what you are doing. I will share with you which companies allow it and which ones I prefer to use. I will also teach you which are the safest wallets you can use to store your cryptocurrencies. And how I personally diversify the risk by keeping my crypto in different places.

Additionally, I will talk about money management and how much one should put into cryptos. Because I know many beginners that want to start investing in cryptos, are unsure which is the best asset to buy or worry that it’s too late. They wonder how much money they should invest and how long they should hold onto the asset.

I will try to answer all these questions. But what I will focus on is crypto staking because it allows you to earn extra passive income regardless of what the price of Bitcoin is or where the market goes.

I will demonstrate how to do the crypto staking right from my phone, sharing the screen of the phone with you. So if you decide to do it, you will know exactly what you need to do. I will share different strategies for crypto staking with you, which you can apply to your personal investment strategy. And it’s really great when you put your money to work for you because this way, you won’t lose the buying power of your money due to inflation. And the Crypto staking nowadays allows us to earn a respectable passive income.

What is crypto staking?

Let’s get straight to the point, what is crypto staking?

I will try to explain in simple words. Staking crypto is the process in which you will help or support the security and operations on the blockchain network and you get rewarded for that. If this still sounds complicated, we can say that staking is like locking cryptocurrencies to receive rewards.

So instead of just keeping your cryptocurrencies on the exchanges or on the wallets, you can stake them and you will earn a reward which is not bad at all.

And since 2020, and now in 2021, most of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets offer their clients to stake crypto. So these are platforms like Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin, Kraken, Poloniex, and etc.

The platform that I will use to demonstrate crypto staking in the course will be And I don’t want to go into details what are the different crypto staking rewards in the different exchanges. Because they change them all the time. And if I tell you now the best conditions are on Binance, for example, next month it could be somewhere else.

When you decide if you should go for crypto staking, spend some time comparing several different crypto exchanges and crypto wallets to see which one will suit you best. And there are really many platforms and companies where you can earn interest as a reward from staking your cryptocurrencies.

The interest rates when staking crypto

So the ones that I have mentioned and most of the others work very similarly to how the banks work. So usually what happens with the banks is they get deposits and on the other side, they lend money to people who take credits.

And they get higher interest rates from the people that take loans. And give lower interest rates to the people that have deposits. So, for example, if I have a deposit in the bank, I would get, nowadays, about 1-2% maximum depending on the bank and the currency. But if I have a credit, I would be paying much more. 6-7, depends on what the interest rates are at the moment. So the exchanges and the wallets nowadays lend cryptocurrencies to the people that don’t have cryptocurrencies.

And, for example, I have cryptocurrencies, and I can lock them into my account so the exchange can lend them to other traders. And I get an interest rate out of that, the exchange gives me the majority of the interest rate and holds a portion from which they profit. The second way the exchanges and the crypto wallets work is they actually do staking on the blockchain using our cryptocurrencies. And of course, third, they can buy assets, invest in real estate just like the banks. Or they invest in stocks, it’s their business.

The thing is, when you choose your cryptocurrency exchange or wallet, you need to trust the company. Because they will be using your cryptocurrencies and you will be expecting them to pay rewards to you for that.

If you invest in something, you have to believe that you will profit out of it

And I know that many people are quite skeptical about cryptocurrencies. About staking, they start with, Oh, my account will get hacked, I will lose the money, the price will go to zero. Now, if you start with that thinking, you better not invest in cryptocurrencies.

Because if you invest in something, you have to believe that you will profit out of it. Or when we are talking about crypto staking, you need to prepare your mind that you will be having passive income from your cryptocurrencies no matter where the price is. Is it going up or is it going down? At the end of the period, you will have a passive income coming into your account.

Crypto coins Proof of Stake (PoS)

Now, I will buy some crypto coins from an exchange, I will put them in a hardware wallet and I will show you how easy it is to stake a pure Proof of Stake token.

Proof of Stake (PoS) is a mechanism used by the cryptocurrency blockchain to allow a person to mine or validate blockchain transactions depending on how many crypto coins he has. This means that the more Bitcoin or altcoin you own, the more mining power you have.

And before I show you the actual crypto staking, be sure to check our free lectures about the best crypto wallets and the top cryptocurrency exchanges to see what I use and found to be the safest. I’ll also look at the difference when you hold cryptocurrency on the exchange, on the wallet, and when you are actually staking them.

Staking crypto coins in a hardware wallet

Actually, by the time I’m writing this lecture, Algo is the easiest crypto for staking because all you need to do is to have it. And you will be getting crypto staking rewards.

Algo is the cryptocurrency of the blockchain called Algorand. The mission of this blockchain is to create an economy that is accessible for everyone with a digital currency that works fast and instantly. Like the fiat currencies but with the difference that it is digital. Algo or Algorand counts as a solution to 3 main problems of the blockchains today – decentralization, scalability, and security. The security in the Algo consensus algorithm is based on the honesty of the majority. The protocol is secured if 2/3 of the majority are honest.

And let’s get to the point, how Algo staking works? You just need to have Algo in your crypto wallet and you will be receiving staking rewards. There is no action you need to take to stake Algo, no need to delegate it to someone like with Tezos, for example.

If you want to learn how to stake Tezos on Ledger, don’t forget to have a look at our Crypto Staking course.

However, with Algo, you do not need to lock the crypto for a certain period. You just need to have Algo coins and you are already staking crypto. Even if you have 1 Algo token, which at the moment is around $1.25, you will be able to claim crypto staking rewards. And in the next lines, I will show you the whole process, step-by-step, using the Ledger Nano X hardware crypto wallet.

Purchase the crypto coins

And the first thing I will do is to buy some crypto coins. So I will open my mobile app and I will go to Track. There you can find all the assets that the exchange offers. I will scroll down and I will go to Algo.

You can see that at the moment, it sits at the price of $1.27. And actually, it did a nice break just a few hours ago. And this is one of the reasons I decided to writhe the article right now. So it broke an aggressive counter-trendline, which is my strategy for investing in the cryptocurrency market.

Algo coin price broke an aggressive counter-trendline
Algo coin price broke an aggressive counter-trendline

And at the same time, Bitcoin broke an aggressive counter-trendline, which is the signal for me when I want to buy cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin broke an aggressive counter-trendline
Bitcoin broke an aggressive counter-trendline

And Algo reached $1.70 in February 2021, which makes me feel comfortable buying it at $1.27, $1.28. So let me buy so I will not miss the price and I will be buying 350 of Algo, which will cost me about $447 at the current moment. I will tap on Buy and I will buy with my card right now, as I want to do it instantly while I’m writing this article. This is why I will pay a 2.99% fee. Usually, I use wire transfers because this way I pay less in fees.

It takes a little while for the purchase to be confirmed and completed. And once it is completed, I will have 350 Algo coins in the app. If I go to Accounts, and let me see what I have in my crypto wallet, I have CRO coins, I have Cardano, and I have the Algorand.

And I tap on Algo, I can see details on the transaction below – at what price I have bought it, what is the fee, and what is my total cost.

And before I send the crypto to my Ledger hardware wallet, I want to show you how much you can earn from the app for comparison. So if I go to the Earn section in the app, I will see the crypto assets that I’m already staking. Bitcoin, Ethereum, CRO coin, and etc. I have total earnings of $16 since I started staking my crypto coins. And then if I go to Algo, you will see that on the 1 and 3-month term, I will earn respectively 1 and 2% annually, which is pretty low crypto staking reward. That’s why I prefer to stake my crypto on my Ledger wallet.

Install the Algo app on Ledger wallet

So the next thing I will do is to open the Ledger Live app on my phone and install the Algo app. My last transaction is the one where I showed how to stake Tezos coins on Ledger. And now I will go to Accounts and I will click on the plus button in the upper right corner, and I will tap on Add account, and then I will select Algo.

Algo app is ready, and the Ledger Live requests to “Allow Ledger Manager on your device”. Then in the app catalog, I will look for Algo again. And I will tap on Install, which will start the installation of the Algo app.

So for the people who have never used Ledger, this is a crypto wallet that is known to be one of the most secure since it is offline. It’s a hardware wallet. It’s not connected to the Internet. When I’m transferring cryptocurrencies, sending or receiving, all I need to do is to connect the Ledger with the Ledger Live app on my phone so I can do the transaction.

All the cryptocurrencies are stored in different accounts

The Algo app is already installed but if I go back to the accounts, I don’t see Algo. I will tap on the plus button and I will tap on Add account. Here I will search now for Algo and open the app of the Algorand one more time. And it says the application is ready. I will click on Continue and it says, “Accounts added successfully”. Now I have the Algorand in my accounts.

All the cryptocurrencies stored in the Ledger Live app are in different accounts. And each of the cryptocurrencies is called to be an app. First, you need to install it, and then you need to add the account.

Now I will go to Accounts. And if I scroll down, you will see on the bottom it says, Algorand 1, and I will tap on Receive and I will connect the Ledger Live with the Ledger hardware wallet again. I see the address on my Ledger Live app and on my wallet. And I just need to compare it. Usually, it’s enough to compare the first couple of letters or symbols and the last couple of letters and symbols.

And once I confirm that this is the address, I will just copy it and I will go back to app. And then I will go to my Algorand balance and I see that the price is already above $1.28. Hopefully, it will rise.

Withdraw crypto to Ledger wallet

Actually, they launched Algo on Coinbase Pro recently, so I guess this will help the price to gain some value. But what I will do right now, I will transfer the Algo coins to my Ledger wallet. I will tap on Withdraw because I will be sending it to external wallets. I will tap on that, Add wallet address. And right here, I will just paste the address from the Ledger wallet. It says Wallet Name, I can just call it Ledger X, for example. Pretty much that’s it. I will tap on Continue and it says, “Check your email to confirm your new wallet address.”.

And I need now to open my email where I have the confirmation from, I have the confirmation from my bank, and I have the withdrawal registration confirmation. And I need to confirm one more time the withdrawal address. So I tap on Confirm and it brings me back to And you can see that the Ledger X address is already on the list. If I tap on Algo, and I have the option here to withdraw the amount, or I can select Max (350 Algo), and I will just tap on Withdraw. And that’s it.

You don’t need to do anything

The fee is 1 Algo and totally I will be transferring 350, so I’ll be sending 349 Algo. And I will tap on Confirm and it will take just a second. Tap anywhere to continue. So now the Algo will be gone out of my balance in app.

Let’s go back now to the Ledger Live app and see if we will have the Algo there immediately, usually should be almost immediately in there. I see that I have received 349 Algo.

So now if I go to Accounts and I scroll to the bottom, I will see the Algorand. I will tap on that. And if I scroll below, you will see that I don’t have any crypto staking rewards and I cannot claim rewards. But it will take a very short time. Probably by the end of this article, the crypto staking rewards will be there and I will just refresh the page a few times.

So that’s it, guys. I don’t need to do anything. I don’t need to delegate it as I did with Tezos. So I don’t need to send delegation rights to any Baker or something like that. This is for the Tezos. For the Algo, all you need to do is to have Algo in your Ledger wallet. And from there you do nothing. Actually, I already have a reward of 0.00349 of Algo.

Claiming the crypto staking rewards

And I can claim it, but it’s already added to my account. So if I tap on Claim, it says, “Congratulations, you earned 0.00349 Algo. Continue to claim your rewards.”. But below, it says, “The rewards are smaller than the estimated fees to claim them.”. Whenever I have some more crypto staking rewards, I can claim them and they will be added to my account. But now, actually, they are added to my account.

I just need to claim them but because there is some fee, I will wait. And keep in mind that approximately every 20 minutes you will receive crypto staking rewards. So staking Algo coins in Ledger is that simple. You just need to have the coins in your wallet. And you saw that I didn’t do anything, and it started adding rewards to my account. Obviously, the more coins you have, the more crypto staking rewards you will get.

By the time I’m writing this lecture, the rewards are approximately about 6% annually. This is much better compared to the 2% that I showed to you in the app. So it is up to you where you want to stake your crypto coins, where you feel comfortable keeping your assets, your Algo in this case.

But the best thing and the thing I like the most with the Algo coin, and that’s why I wanted to have it in my portfolio, is the fact that it is a pure Proof of Stake. You don’t need to delegate it. You don’t need to lock it for months. It’s just that simple to do it.


Thank you very much for reading this lecture. I hope you have understood how you can buy cryptocurrencies, send them to a crypto wallet, and then start receiving rewards from staking them. And the easiest way for the moment is Algo indeed when we are talking about the type of cryptocurrencies.

But always make sure to check out the different crypto exchanges, the different wallets, what percentages they offer for rewards. For me personally, anything above 4-5% annually is good enough to have my cryptocurrency staking. And I prefer Algo in this case because I’m not locking it, just what I showed already in But all I need to do is just to keep it in my wallet.

And as you saw, for example, with the Bitcoin and Ethereum, I had to lock it in the Earn section on But because Bitcoin and Ethereum are Proof of Work and not Proof of Stake coins, I cannot stake them on the Ledger or on the other wallets. So I use the Earn option on Thank you for reading and I will see you in the next lecture.

how to become a professional trader

How to Become a Professional Trader

Hello everyone, what I’m going to talk about today is what it is to be a professional trader and how to become one. I will share with you what it took me to become a professional trader and then as well, I will give you some tips that you need to keep in mind before you start trading.

I know a lot of people are just wondering at the moment, should they start with Forex trading? Is it real at all, the Forex market? Is it possible for me to make money on the Forex market or not? How professional traders trade Forex? And that’s OK, I mean you should always be very careful about what you start with. Especially when you start reading different forums, reviews, comments.

What is a professional trader?

You will see that a lot of people are losing money. So what happens usually is that beginners start to wonder, if trading is a real thing? Should I waste my time and my money to do it? Or should I go for my daily job where I know I will have a constant income monthly? I absolutely understand that. That’s why I wanted to give you a few tips and ideas on what you can expect and what you need to be careful of if you’re interested in becoming a professional trader.

So first of all, let’s make it clear what it is to be a professional trader. Now personally, I consider myself to be a professional trader for 5 years now. Although, I’ve been on the Forex market since 2009. This is how long I’ve been trading. But I’ll be honest with you, I started trading long ago before I became a professional trader.

So to be a professional trader means that you make your living with trading. This is what a professional footballer is, this is what a professional video editor is. When you make your living from the thing, then you’re a professional. That’s like the general explanation I can give you.

So at the moment, when you don’t need to work a full-time job or you don’t need to do any projects or anything else and you do just trading, and that’s enough for you to cover your expenses, to have a good life and to give everything to your family that it needs, then you can say, OK, now I’m a professional trader.

Find capital to trade

As I said, I consider myself to be a professional trader just in the last 5 years. Before that, honestly, it was very difficult for me to get to this point, where I didn’t need to work for any company just because I didn’t have capital. And that’s the number one thing that you need when you start trading, you need to have capital.

Even if you’re good, even if you learn a lot of good strategies, even if you use trading robots like me, but you don’t have capital, it’s really hard. And you should know realistically how much you can make on the Forex market.

Avoid scammers who pretend to be professional traders

There are a lot of scam reviews, scam YouTube videos, people showing unrealistic results. They just want to bring you to something, for example, to a certain broker or they want to take your money. Or it is a video from the broker where they will just promise unrealistic results. So anything that is between 10, 20 maximum to 50% a month is a realistic result. As well, anything between 50-100% a year is still realistic.

Anything that will make you rich in a few weeks, a few months, you will win millions of dollars investing just $100, all of that is crap. All of that is a scam. So if something sounds too good to be true, then it means it’s not true. This is especially how the Forex market works.

There are a lot of scam companies and scam brokers that will promise unrealistic things. So I said number 1 is to have capital.

Learn to trade by yourself

Don’t depend on anyone out there to manage your funds. Let no one do the trading instead of you. No matter what they show you guys, no matter what they promised you, you don’t believe that.

The only person in the world who can do this for you is yourself. You need to learn to trade, you need to learn to do good money management. And you need to trust only yourself, not even me. Even if I really do my best to make my lectures useful for everyone.

But I’m never promising unrealistic stuff and I never say unrealistic stuff in my lectures. So by the time I became a professional trader, it was really hard for me. Because I had to work for other companies. And ever since I graduated, I knew that this is what I was going to do. I always wanted to do it.

At the end of the lecture, I will share with you what are the downsides and what are some of my concerns when it comes to trading, and why I actually started recording courses and establishing the Trading Academy.

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How professional traders trade Forex

You will find yourself in a situation, guys. You will know whether you want to only trade or you need to do something else. Or maybe you’re going to combine the two. That’s what I want to answer in this lecture. So as I’ve said, I had to work for companies.

And instead of working some random job, when I was learning to trade, I said to myself: “OK, I will be investing my own money one day. I will save money and I will put it in a trading account and I will start day trading. But where am I going to put this money? I’m going to put them in the Forex brokers.

Because this is how we can trade, we open an account with a broker, and there we have the opportunity to participate in the market through their trading platform. So I said, OK, I will put my money, let’s say I was always planning to start with $1,000, then obviously I increased that.

I will put my money one day into that broker but what’s here? What’s going on here? Where will I put my money? How do they work? What will they take from me? What does it take to make it? So what I did is I started working for Forex brokers.

Beware of scam brokers

I’ve worked for 5 different trading brokers, Forex brokers and it took me over 3 years. I moved from one to another, not because of better money, not because I wanted to establish a career in trading brokers. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted to see how they do it from the inside.

From where they get the prices, how they are managing the people’s money, where they keep them, and what is the risk involved if the broker goes bankrupt. And most importantly, what it takes for me to be safe putting my money in a broker and knowing that at that moment I will be able to withdraw it because that’s very important.

The scam brokers around will take your money but they will not let you withdraw them later. They will find hundreds of explanations and excuses. And when they cannot find any excuses anymore, they will just stop answering your emails or calls.

And then, on one sad day, you realize that you’ve lost your money. This is how I started learning but at the same time, I was working for Forex brokers until the moment I felt comfortable in trading and I knew that I didn’t have to do it anymore and this is when I became a professional trader.

Manual trading is not far from working a full-time job

So, after I became a trader on my own, trading from home and later from an office, then obviously in 2020 again from home, I realized that to be a professional trader has one major concern and that is why I established the Academy. I had my team and I started recording videos and online courses. And I will tell you what was the concern.

When you start trading, especially when you do manual trading, it is not far from working a full-time job. Because when you start trading and you do it seriously, every day from Monday to Friday, you have to be there at least for 2 sessions.

As a professional trader, I used to participate in the London Stock Exchange session and the New York Stock Exchange session. I didn’t do a lot of the Asian because it’s during the night for me. But when you want to be really serious about it, you need to sit in front of the computer, you need to follow the news, you need to know what’s going on in the market, you need to follow a few strategies, look at the charts.

I used to have so many monitors, in some of my old videos, you will see that I have 6, 7, 8, up to 10 monitors. And that was really exhausting. At one moment, I realized that if I’m not trading, I’m not making any money. I had some really good months and some bad months. And most of the bad months when I didn’t make a lot of profit, it was because I was traveling a lot (I’m even traveling right now, and I’m recording this video/lecture where I explain how to become a professional trader).

Why do algorithmic trading with Expert Advisors

So when I was not trading, I was not making money. One of the solutions for me was to switch to algorithmic trading, and I did it.

Right now, while I’m creating this lecture, I’m trading with Expert Advisors or trading robots. And this is what I usually teach in my courses. Moreover, I started creating more content for our students. Because when I’m recording online courses and when I’m recording YouTube videos I have an extra income obviously.

I have followers and subscribers and students, by the time I’m creating this lecture, we have 30,000+ students. Real students in the Academy, who bought our courses and I’m very happy with that. So monthly, I have income from the content that I’ve been creating and sharing my strategies and my systems for trading.

I try my best to create useful content

So even if there are days when I don’t have the opportunity even to trade with algorithmic trading, some problems with the VPS or it’s just not the moment to trade with EAs, there are such moments on the market, I still have the income from the courses. This is how I found myself comfortable, I keep trading but at the same time, I create useful content.

I create videos, I write blog posts, I’ve always wanted to make my content useful. Because I know that when it’s useful, you will watch the next video. Probably, you will get some of my courses, it will be useful, you will be learning something, I don’t want to lie to people, I don’t want to mislead people because you will feel it.

You will understand it in one moment and then obviously, you will not watch any other video from me. So I am really happy to have the opportunity to record videos, and to create content, making income at the same time.

I’m now concentrating more on content creation and investing

Nowadays, trading is not my major priority. This is because I want to dedicate more of my time to create useful content and expand the Academy to thousands of people, so I am slowly switching to investing. And of course, because I have the opportunity now to invest bigger amounts of money.

So in 2020, I prefer to invest and now in 2021, obviously, I’m investing a lot in cryptocurrencies because it was just super easy in 2020 to make profits on the crypto market. And much bigger profit than what the Forex market offers.

And I don’t know how far the cryptocurrency market will go, honestly. A lot of people ask me this question. What I know is, that for the moment, there are a lot of opportunities in crypto trading and I always take the opportunities. If the crypto market starts to fall, then I will just take a lot of the profit, I will keep some of the crypto coins and I will leave the rest for the next momentum when we have the next strong up movement for Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies.

The approach you should take to become a professional trader

So basically this is what it takes to be a professional trader. This is what it took to make it. First, you need capital to start trading. Second, you need to learn before you start trading. And third, I’ll suggest you don’t quit your job until the moment you make more money from trading.

So if you do, let’s say $2,000 from your daily work, let’s say this is your salary at the end of the month, I don’t suggest you quit your job unless you have $2,000 from trading monthly. And to be realistic with that, you need to have at least $10,000 so if you make like 20% for the month, this is $2,000.

A lot of the beginners ask me, “Is it OK to start with $100, or with $200?” It is, but you need to be really lucky to grow your account to thousands of dollars, which will make you comfortable to quit your job.

You need to be passionate for you to succeed

And the last thing I wanted to share with you is that to be a professional trader on the Forex market is one thing, to be a professional trader on the stock market is a different thing, and on the cryptocurrency market, it’s another thing. Even in the Forex market, if you do manual trading and you do algorithmic trading, it is very different. You need a lot of different skills and experience and you need to learn in detail one of the two.

So if you don’t know where to start, what I would suggest you do is to try all of those markets. Just try Forex trading manually, Forex trading automatically, take a few courses for one of the trading markets you’re interested in. Take stock trading courses, take cryptocurrency courses.

That’s why usually I do courses for all of these, which will make it easier for you to decide which is your thing. You need to feel really comfortable when you’re doing it, you need to have a lot of desire to learn about it. Anyway, if you’re just forcing yourself to do it, it’s not really going to work.

An institutional trader is not the same as a professional trader

The last thing about being a professional trader, as I’ve said at the beginning, is when you are making enough money for yourself or for your family, so you won’t need to do another job. There is a huge difference between a professional trader and an institutional trader.

A lot of people are wrong when they say you can’t be a professional trader if you haven’t been an institutional trader, that’s wrong. For me, I haven’t been an institutional trader simply because, in Bulgaria, there are a lot of brokers but there are no trading companies like hedge funds or the huge guys who manage funds, and have institutional traders.

It is fair to say I didn’t have that opportunity. I didn’t have the chance. I guess it would have been a great experience in the times when I was working for brokers if I had a few years working as an institutional trader. But the main difference there is not because they have these amazing strategies that nobody knows, what they have is a lot of money and when you trade with millions or even billions, actually it’s not that hard.

Institutional traders know the news before the news is out there

Because even if you buy an asset and the price drops, you’re totally fine because you can buy at this price and if it drops you will still buy. And you will have a better average price at one moment when the price goes up again, which always happens on the market, you will be profiting. They have strict rules to follow.

And lastly, because I’ve been to such offices in London, I haven’t worked but I have visited such offices, they pay for information. They know the news before the news is out there. So these guys pay a lot of money to Reuters, Bloomberg, and the other huge media, where they get the news before the news is published on Forex Factory or on the economic calendars of the brokers.

This is how they trade the news very successfully because they know what they are doing and they have the information just before everyone else.

This was a brief overview of how I started with trading and what it took me to become a professional trader. If you want to make a career in trading, consider investing some time in education first and take a good professional Forex trader course before you jump into the deep waters of trading. Or crypto course, or stock trading course, it’s up to you.

And if you enjoyed the lecture, I would be happy if you share your thoughts in the comments below. I will see you in another lecture about trading.