Trading Academy is the place where you can learn to trade from wherever you are. With our online trading courses, you can improve your trading skills when you have some free time at home or sitting on a bus on your way to work.

We already have thousands of students that have joined our trading courses because they are affordable, easy to access, packed full of useful, practical knowledge, and fun to learn with. Below you will see the most Frequently Asked Questions that we receive from our students for our trading courses.

If you have any questions, Petko and the team will always be available to give you the answers you need. Simply join our trading Forum, and ask anything you like.


How much do I have to pay for the monthly updates of the courses?

You don’t pay anything for updates. Once enrolled in a course, you receive lifetime updates for free. This includes the monthly EAs.

The FPSM does not display properly on MetaTrader.

Try to load all symbols from the Market Watch by right click on any symbol and checking Show All. Apply the indicator again over the chart, If it is still not working, please try the following when MT4 is closed:

– From File Explorer, right-click on the MT4 Application file. (usually called ‘terminal’.)

– Select Properties.

– Go to the Compatibility menu.

– Click on ‘Change high DPI settings’ near the bottom.

– Check the box in the area that says ‘High DPI scaling override’. ‘Override high DPI scaling behavior.’

– Select ‘System (Enhanced)’ as the response to ‘Scaling performed by:’

– Click OK, then Apply.

– Take a look at the indicator again in MT4, and hopefully it must work.

Are there any limitations with the EAs included in the courses?

The EAs that are attached to the courses have no limitations and can be used for both Live and Demo accounts. There are also no limitations on the number of accounts you can use. However, these EAs are for educational purposes, and trading with them on a live account is done entirely at your own risk.

I bought the course, but I cannot find the EAs.

The EAs are attached as resource files below the lecture. Usually, these are the lectures where the instructors demonstrate how the EAs should be installed on the charts. In addition, you can find PDFs attached as resource files to some of the lectures which will improve your trading experience.

Can I use the EAs in the courses on MAC?

MetaTrader works only on windows and doesn’t like macOS. But you can launch Parallels on MacBook and that will solve the issue.


Which broker should I use to trade the Robots?

All the Robots included in the courses and the packages are optimized to work with the Top 3 Forex Brokers on our Brokers’ Page. However, it is a personal choice which brand you will be using. Make sure to backtest the robots and test them first on a Demo account.

How to trade with many EAs in the US? (FIFO solutions)

One of the solutions is to trade the EAs with different lot sizes. For example, if you want to trade an asset with 0.1 lot, you can trade with 4 EAs, and the lot size ranges from 0.01-0.04. If you use this method then you should follow the pips in the results instead of the net profit or profit factor.  

Another way is to trade different assets. For example, you can trade 1 EA per currency pair. With EA Studio of FSB Pro, you can generate EAs for any asset as long as you have Historical data for the asset.  

If you combine both methods mentioned above, you will achieve the best results because you will be within the FIFO rules and you will have great diversification.

Why do my trades not match on Demo and Live accounts with the same EAs?

The reason for that, most probably, is that you have placed the EAs on both platforms at different times. For example, on your Demo 1 account, you have Robot A, Robot B, and Robot C. You select Robot B and Robot C for your live account (simulated Demo 2). When you put Robot B and Robot C on your Demo 2 account, you might still have opened trades on your Demo 1 account. Then the EAs will start opening trades on the live account and they will be different (because you placed the EAs later). Then the EAs in the first account may close the trades, and open new ones while the positions from the same EAs are still open in the live account. That might continue for a while before the 2 accounts are synchronized. From our experience, it can take a month or longer for the trades to synchronize. 

Of course, if your broker provides different quotes for the assets, then the values of the indicators will be different. This will lead to different entries and exits.

Do I need a VPS to trade with Forex Robots?

VPS is not mandatory when one does algorithmic trading. VPS allows the traders to run Expert Advisors on MetaTrader continuously without interruptions. So, if you have the chance to leave your computer/laptop running all the time, then you may not need a VPS. However, if you shut down the machine you are disconnecting MetaTrader and the broker’s server. This will disable the EAs. Using VPS is a personal choice.

I placed the EAs over the charts, but no trades are opening. 

Make sure to enable Auto Trading before placing the EAs over the charts. If you place the EAs and then enable Auto Trading, it might not work.

Also, some beginner traders forget that during the weekend, the Forex market is closed, and you cannot expect trades to open during the weekend hours. 

Another reason could be that your broker does not allow algorithmic trading. Check out the trusty brokers we use for algorithmic trading where EAs trade fluently. 

Also, ensure you have sufficient funds to trade, your leverage is not too high and your lot sizes are not set too high.

Should I pause the EAs during the Hot Economic News?

That is a personal choice. We cannot recommend if you should or shouldn’t. Keep in mind that the EAs were generated over the complete Historical data which does not exclude the hours around the news.

Why do some of the EAs in the courses not have SL and TP?

Yes, the EAs for crypto and indexes have no SL and TP. They have exit conditions which is a different indicator (or group of indicators) for each strategy. This is because the different brokers provide a different number of digits. So, if we create strategies and EAs with SL and TP for some brokers it will work fine but for others, it could be 10 times smaller or bigger.

Is it possible to trade cryptocurrencies with Robots?

Yes, traders can use Robots for cryptocurrencies. This is possible using the MetaTrader which is the most popular trading platform and most brokers offer it, free of charge. If you select a broker that offers MetaTrader and has cryptocurrencies in the available instruments then you will be able to trade the cryptos with Robots. Keep in mind that you will be trading Crypto CFDs with MetaTrader.

Can I use Robots on cryptocurrency exchanges?

For the moment, the exchanges do not offer algorithmic trading as the Trading brokers do by offering MetaTrader. This is why we use exchanges for manual trading and investing and we use MetaTrader for algorithmic trading with Robots.

Do the EAs have money management integrated?

The professional approach in Algo trading is to use fixed lots. Especially if you trade many EAs in one trading account, you can’t track their performance if they use different entries every time. This way, you will not decide which are the best EAs for the trading period. With fixed lots, you can easily manage the risk in your account. We always suggest the traders start with a Huge Demo account and experiment with the number of EAs and the lots. You will keep decent money management if you risk no more than 5-10% of your account.

Strategy Builders

What are the main differences between EA Studio and FSB Pro?

EA Studio is a web-based software that traders use in their internet browsers. There are no limitations on the number of browsers you can open, and use the software in. FSB Pro needs to be installed on a trading machine (computer, laptop, VPS). The EAs created with EA Studio open trades only on the Opening of the bar. With FSB Pro, you can create EAs that open the trades in the bar. Additionally, FSB Pro has some more advanced features like logical groups for the indicators, higher time frames, and custom indicators. EA Studio has the Reactor which automates the whole process – generation, optimization, and robustness testing. EA Studio has the unique Portfolio Expert option which allows the traders to use many strategies within one Expert Advisor.

Is there a difference between the trial period and the license?

Not for FSB Pro. In EA studio, the only difference is that in the trial period you cannot export Portfolio Expert Advisors.

Why is the backtest on EA Studio/FSB Pro different from the backtest in MetaTrader?

The backtest on MetaTrader should match the backtest on EA Studio or FSB Pro. You need to make sure that the asset, the time frame, and the spread are the same. Also, if you use EA Studio to generate the strategies you need to know that they work on the opening of the bar. This means that on MetaTrader tester you need to select “Open prices only” as a model.

Can I use Custom indicators on EA Studio or FSB Pro? 

In FSB Pro you can use custom indicators coded on C# and many are available for licensed users. There are a few reasons why we do not use custom indicators in EA Studio: 1. If there are custom indicators, the Expert Advisors might start showing errors that will be caused by the code of the indicators. Of course, many will blame the strategy builder. As we can see now, they work perfectly with no errors when compiling the Experts. 2. Having custom indicators will not guarantee better profits. The number of indicators in the software is sufficient. It is all about a good combination of different rules and stable robustness tests. 3. Custom indicators will slow down the program, and this is not what we want. Especially the generator in EA Studio, which is so fast now that we save so much time when creating new strategies.

What are the limitations of the EAs during the free trial?

The functionality of the software using the 15-day trial is the very same as the licensed version with one exception. With the trial, you can’t download Portfolio EAs from EA Studio. But the EAs do not have any limitations. You can trade with them as much as you want on a Demo or a Live account. In addition, you can trade any of the EAs on an unlimited number of accounts.