FTMO Robot

The Robot works with any prop firm, not only the FTMO.


Lifetime Updates for this FTMO EA

Petko continuously develops this FTMO Robot, and you will receive all newer versions for free!

The FTMO Robot is unlimited

You can trade the FTMO EA on many FTMO Challenges, different prop firms, or funded accounts.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Risk-free to try the FTMO Robot. Within 30 days, you can request a refund, if the robot is not profitable.

The Robot will help you pass challenges faster and stress-free!

Using an Expert Advisor when going through a prop firm challenge is essential! It reduces your stress, and you can rest assured that you are using a proven strategy.

SL, TP & Break Even

Reverse Trade

Different Entry Conditions

Option to add to the position

Higher Time Frame Filter

Multiple Currencies

We use Low-Risk Setting

The choice of how much you will be trading during the FTMO Challenge is yours. You will receive the FTMO Robot with a default lot size of 6 lots (max position).

If you are trading the 200k Challenge with 6 lots on EURUSD, and the price hits the Stop Loss, you will lose less than 1% of your account balance.

What is the strategy behind the FTMO Robot?

The FTMO Robot was designed by Petko Aleksandrov and developed by FSB Pro.

So when the Robot will open and close trades:
– Envelopes on M1: A Long trade will open when the price touches the Lower band.
– MACD on M30: We use a higher-time frame filter on M30 to confirm the direction of the trade
-The Exper Advisor uses Take Profits, Stop Loss, and Break Even.

More, there are is spread protection (filters the entries during the news) and account protection (you can set an amount where the FTMO Robot will stop trading.

Backtesting the FTMO Robot
7 ftmo robots

You will get 7 Robots

With Version 4.1, the FTMO Robot was modified to trade on different currency pairs. You will receive 7 different Robots trading on 7 currency pairs.

It is a personal choice if you will trade one of the Robots or all of them simultaneously. If you trade more than 1 Robot, you should evaluate the risks carefully according to the lots and the account size.

We do not trade all of the 7 Robots in one challenge or Funded account! Why?

How to select which currency pair to trade?

7 FTMO Robots are trading on 7 different currency pairs, but this does not mean you have to trade all of them in 1 account!

You can put them all in a trial account and follow the results. The purpose is to find the most suitable asset for current market conditions.

You can connect your account with FXBlue and track the performance. This way, you will always trade the FTMO Robot most suitable to current market conditions!

Select the Best FTMO Robot

Once you connect your account to FXBlue/MyFxBiij, you will see which one is the top performer currently.

In this video, Petko Aleksandrov demonstrates how he trades all of the 7 Robots on the FTMO Trial account and keeps on his challenge only the top-performing robot!

And for ultimate results we combine the Robot with the scaling-up system shown in the FTMO Course.

Backtesting the FTMO Robot on MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5

FTMO Servers do not provide a lot of bars to backtest the Robot. You can download data for free from the Historical Data App.

What you need to know if you want to backtest the FTMO Robot:
– Use Control Points as a backtesting model.
– By default, the spread is set to current on MT, and in the FTMO Robot, there is spread protection. You will not see trades on the backtest if your current spread is higher than the default 30 points (3 pips).
-If you are backtesting the FTMO Robot on a 10k trial/challenge account, lower the lots to < 0.3 and the max position amount to 0.3 so you will see trades opening. For the 200k challenge, you can increase it to 6 lots.

Backtesting the FTMO Robot

Get the FTMO Robot and pass challenges with ease!

Don’t forget to download our Free FTMO Robot Startup Guide before trading with the robot. Drop any questions about the FTMO Robot in the Support Forum.

Can I use Robots on FTMO?

Yes, FTMO allows algorithmic trading like most of the Prop Firms. As long as the Prop Firm offers MetaTrader with algo trading, you can use the FTMO Robot.

Can I use the FTMO Robot on other Prop Firms?

The FTMO Robot has no limitations to platforms. It can be used on any MetaTrader account (even a regular CFD Broker).

I installed FTMO Robot but do not see any trades opening?

The FTMO Robot will open trades when the price hits the Envelopes and there is confirmation from the MACD. The EA is not designed to trade frequently but to take strong reversal signals. 

If you do not see trades for a few days, check out the journal for any errors. Also, make sure you keep your laptop/PC connected to the internet all the time, and the MetaTrader connected to the FTMO Server. A good solution is to use a VPS (not a must).

What lot size I should use in 10k challange?

Please, do not take this as a piece of financial advice: Petko uses 0.3 in 10k accounts.
This way if the EA hits the SL, you are not risking more than 1% from the account or $90 in total. Logically, in 100k accounts we use 3 lots and in 200k accounts we use 6 lots.

Is the FTMO Robot being updated with the time?

Yes, the FTMO Robot was updated 4 times just in 2023.

Is the Robot available for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5?

Yes, you will receive both versions with the source code. It’s nothing to hide. Just with MetaTrader 5, make sure to use Netting account because with Hedging the FTMO Robot will not be able to add to the position.

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