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    Boback Bamaniar

    Hey Petko-

    a couple of questions:

    1- Based on your experience, how much difference can you expect in results  when trading (with the same set of  EA’s) on the “live” and “demo” accounts at the same time?. I am thinking there must be some differences because , among other reasons, orders are filled in demo accounts instantly…. the main question is if there is a difference in result, is it statistically significant?

    2- I am just getting my feet wet studying course in the academy  and still have a long way to go….. but from what I have noticed Portfolio trading seems to be most consistant way of trading… problem I have is FIFO rule with my broker (OANDA) in the US.  What is you recommendation to get the best out of portfolio trading without violating FIFO rules?





    Hey Boback,

    Glad to hear from you.

    1. There could be a significant difference if you trade the smaller time frames as M1 and M5 (if your broker has some execution problems on a live account). That is why I use mostly M15 and H1. The difference in results could come when you move EAs from Demo to Live. You will need to give the EAs some time to synchronize.

    2. Have a look at our FAQ section for some FIFO tips. But trading with Portfolio EAs will be the hardest to go around FIFO because the Portfolio EAs work on one asset and one time frame.

    Let me know if there is anything else.


    Hey traders,

    I have just uploaded the August EAs to the courses and the bundles.

    Probably you have noticed that the EAs are already on cloud space, so it is easier for all of us.

    You will be able to find the download links at the same lectures in the courses.

    Safe trading!

    Boback Bamaniar

    Thank you Petko….

    Ok following up on portfolio trading, there is this 100 EAs for EUR,USD, AND GBP that i am really interested in…. is it possible to get a version of this portfolio that i can change position size on each individual EAs?



    Hey Boback,

    You can set the lot for the Portfolio EA. It can’t trade with different lots for the different strategies inside.



    Hey traders,

    I succeeded in recording some more examples of trading the Simple Bitcoin Strategy on my phone.

    I showed how to apply the strategy on an Exchange via the app. I know most traders nowadays use their phones, and this strategy works just great that way.

    Have a look at the last section.

    Trade safe!

    Petko A


    The monthly EAs for September were updated. Please, go ahead and test on a Demo account all new EAs attached.

    If you have questions, let me know


    Hi Petko,

    How can I reach out to the support team? I’m interested in some of the packages courses and I’ve sent an email and a message through Facebook but there was no reply.

    Looking forward to your reply!



    Hey Daniel,

    Sorry for the late reply. We are moving the office and the new studio of mine where I will be recording, and we couldn’t answer on time on all channels.

    I will ask my team to help you out.


    Hey traders,

    The October EAs are uploaded to the courses.

    I always remind that but I guess I will keep doing it, just because it is SUPER important! (smiley)

    Safe trading!

    Petko A


    Hello all,

    The Chia forks are here, and I just updated the Crypto Farming course with four exciting lectures:

    26. Chia Forks are here!
    27. Why there are forks
    28. How to compare the Chia Forks
    29. Chia Forks calculator
    It’s pretty exciting that there are Chia forks already, and I was sure this time would come! 🙂

    Enjoy the lectures, and let me know which Chia fork you liked the most?!

    Petko A


    Hey guys,

    I also updated the NFT course with another two sections that will help you understand better the Gas Fees, and you will learn how to find NFT Projects early.

    Thank you for all the questions. It helped me improve the course!

    I hope you will learn more in the two sections ( 9 lectures) added.



    i have coded the bitcoin never loosing formular into a bot. now i am facing the problem that i cant find a broker with btc/usd . only cfd. can someone recommend a broker here for the bot ? pepperstone is advertising it but when you signup they dont have it as an instrument


    The Never Losing Formula is applicable exactly to CFD brokers.

    And Pepperstone is a great broker but because it is FCA regulated broker they have removed the Crypto for Europe and UK.

    Check out a broker in Australia, for example, that is not FCA regulated but has a regulation. Let me know if you can’t find one, I will share with you which one I use.


    Hey traders,

    I hope you are doing well. I have updated the 10 EAs for the following:

    Top 10 Dow Jones EAs
    Top 10 Gold EAs
    Top 10 AUDUSD EAs
    Top 10 NZDUSD EAs
    Always test on a Demo account even I already tested those Robots! 🙂



Viewing 15 posts - 526 through 540 (of 547 total)

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