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    3. Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading – the revolution

    New 12 Cryptocurrency Expert Advisors were uploaded to the course.

    4. Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course + 99 Expert Advisors

    New 99 EAs for the Bitcoin are uploaded to the course

    5. Ethereum trading course + 99 Algorithmic Trading Robots

    New 99 EAs are uploaded for the month of December


    Thanks so much Petko! All new cryptocurrency expert advisors and all ea fx are on board early this morning!


    6. Automated Forex trading course + 99 Expert Advisors

    New 99 Expert Advisors are uploaded to the course

    7.Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors + 100 strategies included

    The new Trading portfolio Expert Advisors are uploaded


    One more update for the month:

    8. Top 10 USDJPY Expert Advisors: Algorithmic day trading

    the 10 Expert Advisors are just updates.

    The EAs with numbers 30051008, 30151002 and 30151005 needed small optimization.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Petko A


    You are the man, Petko! So glad to see you keep on updating the EAs!



    Cheers, al_kuwait. Hope you had a good trip!


    Petko, nice to see you are keeping up the good job! I was away of trading for couple of months, now I am back more motivated and with bigger account hahah 🙂


    Glad to hear that, Pete! Glad to have you back on trading.

    Sharapova Sisi

    You are rally doing great job with the updates Petko, some of the EAs that were losing at the end of last month, now are just BOOOMING!


    Hey Sisi,

    thank you for the kind words! Well yes, this is the idea of optimization, to make the losing EAs profitable.

    Kind regards,


    Hey Petko,

    Thanks for the updates, a bit late this month but the previous month was great for me. Thanks for all the work!


    Glad to hear that, Andi!


    Petko the EAs for January you will be able to release during the new year or a bit later? ?


    Hello Andi,

    all updates for the courses will be released as always by the end of the first week in January.

    Kind regards,

    John Michael

    Updating the EAs is essential in trading. Before I cam to the Academy I bought many EAs, and never got an update..they lose

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 572 total)

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