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    Hey traders,

    Please, find attached in the course the new USDCAD EAs for November.

    If you have any questions, do let me know.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A


    I just wanted to let you know that the EAs for November were uploaded.

    Do let me know if you have questions, and test on a Demo first.

    Safe Trading!

    Petko A


    Hello, except for error, I think that in the last update of the courses, the resources have not been added correctly in them, since those of the month of October continue to appear, except in the course “MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading course + Weekly Robots” and in the “Dow Jones Expert Advisor + 10 Robots”

    In the “Algorithmic Trading Strategies in 2020 + USDCAD EAs” course, the file is empty

    I would be grateful if you would review such information because I understand that if the forum states that the November EAs have been loaded and it is not, it is that an incident has occurred

    Kind regards.


    Hey Casanogues,

    Thanks for the feedback. I updated those courses the last week, so please, have a look at them again.



    The NFT Course is updated with plenty of lectures. You will see new sections on:

    1. How to design 10 000 NFTs easily

    2. Generate the pictures for the NFTs with a ready-to-use code

    3. Upload the 10 000 NFTs on Opensea with a ready-to-use code

    Enjoy them, and let me know when you upload your 10000 NFT collection.


    Hey traders,

    I have updated the EAs for December 2021.

    You can find the new EAs in the same lectures.

    For the Top 5 Forex EAs: EURJPY was slightly changed.

    For the Top 5 Crypto EAs: BTC M15 EnDe strategy was updated.

    Always test the strategies on a Demo first.

    Petko A


    Happy New Year!!!

    I wish you a great 2022, more profits, more pips, and more crypto in your wallets! 🙂

    I have updated the monthly EAs, and I have uploaded them all.

    Thank you for being my student!

    Petko A


    Hey traders,

    I have uploaded the EAs for February.

    Make sure to test them on a Demo account.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Petko A

    Mark Penelton

    Hi Petko,

    Thanks for all the hard work!  I’m finally starting to build a portfolio of profitable EA’s.

    I went through my courses and don’t see the February updated EA’s for a couple of them.  Is this an issue on my end or your end?  The GBPUSD and the monthly portfolio EA’s are the main ones I’m looking for which I don’t see yet.

    Thanks again for everything!



    Hey Mark,

    I will recheck that, now!

    Glad to hear you found the best way for you to build the portfolio of EAs.

    Keep me updated with your progress.

    Jaroslav Simon

    Can you tell us more? I am struggling…and have no idea what am I doing wrong. Every single strategy which I analyzed and considered as WINNER….PF over 1.4 more than 5 trades net profit over 100……..this is consecutively loosing no matter what I’m doing…why?

    What is happening? cans someone answer that? for 2 days I can not reach any answer….


    Hello Jaroslav,

    Can you make it clearer what you are doing?

    Do you test the EAs on a Demo account and when you move to live they start losing?

    Did you test your live and demo if they match the trading in the first place? The best way to test your broker is to place 2-3 EA with 0.01 on a Demo and Live and see if the trades will match. If they do not. testing on a Demo account becomes useless.


    Hello traders,

    I uploaded the EAs for March in the courses that I update monthly.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that trading becomes riskier in high volatility, just like the current Russian Ukrainian War.

    What you can do is pause trading or reduce the trading amount.

    Just be careful 🙂

    Petko A


    Guys, I have updated the Pool in the EA Studio Professional Course.

    I have filtered all collections and there are fewer strategies but better ones.

    All of the strategies have:

    • Profit factor >1.2
    • Min Count of Trades 300
    • R-squared > 50



    Hey traders,

    I hope you are doing well!

    I just uploaded the new EAs for April.

    Test on Demo, and trade safe!

    Petko A

Viewing 15 posts - 541 through 555 (of 564 total)

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