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    Hey traders,

    I have updated the 10 USDJPY EAs.

    The robots are the same. Just some of the parameters were changed.

    All you need to download the new ones, reupload them and start testing them.

    Let me know if you have questions.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A


    Hello crypto investors,

    Bitcoin has been quite negative, but that is the market. It never goes in one direction.

    The question now: Did the Bitcoin form a new Bottom yesterday?

    I have recorded a whole video about it. And you can find it at the end of the Bitcoin investment course.

    I hope you will find it useful.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A

    P.S. I updated the course with a lecture, where I shared 3 strategies for the Crypto bear market. Just in case you have missed it…

    Boback Bamaniar

    Hi Mr. Aleksandrov-

    My name is Boback, a new member of your academy. Thanks for your great work.

    I was running EA for GBPUSD on my account and I got a notification for “Fifo” violation. I am using OANDA and  am in the US. I was wondering is “Fifo violation”  broker related? Or is this rule applies to all the brokers?

    If this violation only exist in U.S, is it possible to change the EA parameter so that it runs only one trade of a same pair at a time, and ignore additional signals before the first trade is closed?

    I hope I was clear.

    Take care, Boback.


    Hey Boback,

    Glad to hear from you, and welcome to the Academy.

    Yes, in US the brokers apply the FIFO rule.

    If you trade one EA that opens one trade per signal, on one asset, you will not have issues.

    If you wish to trade more EAs in the same account, you can check out the FAQ section for some tips.


    Hey traders,

    I hope everyone has a great week!

    I just uploaded the new EAs for July.

    Make sure to test all the EAs first on a Demo account.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A

    Mark Penelton

    I’m having trouble downloading the July EA’s.  When I click the links it redirects me to my One Drive to download.  The folder appears empty when I click on it.  Is anyone else having this issue?


    Hola Mark, a mi me ocurre el mismo problema,


    Hello Petko, tell you about the problem that Mark already comments, the Zip file for downloading the resources is empty.


    Boback Bamaniar

    Thank you!

    I was working with  “Top 5 Forex Robots” while I got the FIFO violation message.  These are 5 different EAs on 5 different assets in one account….. so no problem here, right?

    Could the “FIFO violation message I received be due “adding to the position while price was going against me? (i.e.  GBPUSD EA )

    thanks in advance.


    Hey Boback,

    Yes, I am afraid that you will have to remove the adding option so you can fit the FIFO rule…



    Hey traders,

    We have just updated 3 out of the 5 Stock EAs.

    Small changes on GOOG, TSLA, AAPL were done. FB and AMZN keep doing a great job with the initial parameters.

    You can find the new EAs attached the the same lecture, and the changes you can find in the PDFs accordingly.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Kind regards,

    Boback Bamaniar

    Hi again-

    First of all,  Thank you very much for your prompt responses, very much appreciated….

    would you please highlight what exactly i need to delete from GBPUSD EA below…. I thought lines 37-38 seem to be the obvious choices but i wanted to make sure before i  mess up the code 🙂

    Take care,




    Hey Boback,

    You do not need to update the code. Just from the inputs of the EA, when you drop it on the chart, leave it to 0.0 on the line how much to add as lots.

    Amanda Lum


    I recently purchased the top 5 forex robots course and would like to know if you have any
    backtesting results over a significant period of time?

    If you don’t have this info, what is the best date range to test these portfolio of EA’s?


    Hey Amanda,

    The best thing would be for you to perform a backtest on MetaTrader and see how the strategies behave with your broker.

    The different brokers show different results and it is best to do it by yourself.

    In the course, you will see how that works and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 15 posts - 511 through 525 (of 532 total)

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