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    Just purchased ‘Top 5 Forex Robots – Forex Trading Strategy Course’ in which there is a statement “5 forex robots are attached.” I can find nothing attached. Tried ‘Downloads’, however, the text there says “You have not made any purchases.” Please tell me how I can find said EAs.


    Hi guys can you please help me create the ea. The ea studio app is generating strategies but non is passing the acceptance criteria. I used the same criteria at in the lecture video


    Hi Ccwezy,

    How many bars of historical data do you have?



    Am not sure, I’m using xm global as my broker. Can you please tell me how many bars I need and what I should do to get it right. I’m really struggling….


    Do I need to download the historical data if I’m using the reactor method?


    You can use the Historical data from the App or download it from your broker. The one that has more bars, that is the one you have to use.

    Check all the videos that are on the page:

    Forex Historical Data App


    When I attach the EA’s given in the Dow30 course, there is no SL or TP value entered in any of the 10 EA’s. Am I suppose to manually enter those values for each EA, or does the EA exit the trades using some other programmed value?

    I have been running the EA’s on a demo account for about 1-2 days. Its entered 7 trades but have not exited any yet.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Hey Treleonbey,

    Yes, the EAs have no SL and TP and they have exit conditions which is a different indicator (or group of indicators) for each strategy.

    This is because the different brokers provide a different number of digits for the indexes. So if we create strategies and EAs with SL and TP for some brokers it will work fine but for others, it could be 10 times smaller or bigger.



    Thanks, so if I were to manually add in take profits on the bots would it disrupt the coding/trading signals/SL of these bots?

    Iohan Dive

    If you add SL and TP it will worsen the backtest for sure. You better do it on EA Studio, so you can see if the results are better or worse.


    Hey Treleonbey


    Iohan is correct. You could add TP and SL to the EA once it’s on the chart, but you won’t know if the values are the best they could be. You could, if you want to, add the TP and SL, and run a backtest on the EA within MT4.


    Mark Penelton

    Hey Petko and Ilan,

    Any idea when we can see updates for the weekly and monthly courses?  Looking forward to the new EA’s!

    Thanks in advance!



    Hello traders,

    I hope everyone is doing well!

    I have updated all the EAs in the courses. You will find them as resource files attached to the very same lectures where you downloaded them the first time.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A

    PS. Always test on a Demo, and remember that is a personal choice if you decide to trade on a live with any EAs.


    Dear students,

    I hope everyone is doing great, and you are already staking some cryptos in your wallets 🙂

    Today I have updated the Crypto Staking Course: Earn Cryptocurrency Passive Income Daily

    I have added one more lecture called Staking Algo: Pure Proof-of-Stake.

    In this lecture, I decided to demonstrate the Algo staking, which is a pure Proof-of-Stake token. With it, we receive rewards just from holding it into our wallets.

    Also, I demonstrated the whole process – how I buy the Algo, how I transfer it to my wallet, and how we get the first rewards instantly.

    Staking algo is actually the easiest way to stake crypto nowadays. Because we do not need to do anything 🙂

    Take care, and enjoy the course!

    Petko A


    Hello Mr Aleksandrov. I just started your free course EA Studio Basics. I would like to ask if martingale can be tested later on in the studio on a personal strategy with multiple positions generated in one direction.

    Thank you in advance for your kind support.

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