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    I put 2 EAs from the course one was for EURUSD and GBPJPY and they ran overnight and not a single trade was done. Is this normal? If not then how do i troubleshoot.


    Hello Ali,
    Can you please send me the log file from your MetaTrader to see if there are some mistakes.

    It is possible that there were no signals for entry as well



    Hi Petko,
    I think I had made a mistake by editing the already edited EAs. Now running and see some trades. I will monitor and keep you posted.
    Looking forward to 10 new EAs from you. Already registered for the course.


    Thank you Ali,

    I am sure you will have good results since you are dedicated.

    Also having FSB Pro will make you professional and independent



    Hello traders,
    Thank you George. The courses are updated and we have prepared two new courses! One will be for manual trading and the other one with fully automated system – 10 ea fx will be included!
    The courses will be visible by the end of the week.


    Ok I have the 10 strategies from the course EURUSD
    When I import the strategies into EA Studio and use data source from my broker the strategies look very bad meaning the profitibility and the graph has huge drawdowns etc. I then check against monte carlo and they fail.
    Is this normal. Should I optimize these..if I do they give good results and pass monte carlo.
    Does it make that much difference. Is this a bug. I am assuming that data from all borkers is pretty much same. I am sure some variation is there but it should not break a strategy.
    I am very very confused.
    Looking forward to hearing from all of you.


    Hello Ali,

    that is pretty normal that you met. And no, the brokers do not have same data unfortunately, anyway EA studio would not have data import at all…Actually a single broker has differences in each server. It is important when you choose your broker, to stay with it, because when you change it, uoi have to change all your EAs…but there comes the Validator tool from EA studio that helps a lot in this cases.
    So having your brokers data inside in number 1 and most important thing.

    Yes, you can optimize the ea fx strategies, just check always with Monte Carlo to avoid over optimization.

    So far we have no signals for bugs from EA studio.


    ​Dear traders,
    Our course Top 5 Forex Strategies was updated today with the new inputs for the used indicators, SL, TP etc. As you know there is already video how the update works and how you should update your settings if you are using the 5 EAs.
    Despite the video i wish to make it clear how do we update the course:
    We take 10 most famous brokers and we optimize the EAs for those. After that we take the avarege values for the indicators and upate the Top 5 course or any other EAs for students. But you understnad that this does not mean they will be really stable with your broker.​

    The problem is that we can not come up with inputs that will work for all the brokers. You can not imagine how different prices they provide daily. So what you can do:

    Register for the two weeks free trials on our website eaforexacademy com for EA Studio and FSB Pro.
    During this time you should import the data from your broker in the softwares and you can to the optimization.

    From the Top 5 course only the GBPJPY EA works with EA Studio the rest with FSB Pro. You can also download it and install it in order to tune the EAs for your broker data.

    Please keep in mind that it is very important to pause the EA FX before the news as well.

    I hope that makes sense and i was useful.​

    Trade safe!


    Mates, great update with the Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading course – the revolution. There is a great example how to combine Ea fx and the Never losing formula, Petko ends up on 150$ profit, even using the formula. Just another brilliant trading lectures from Petko.


    Dear students,
    we have recorded one more update with the course “How to build 100s of Forex Strategies”and it will be uploaded soon.
    Also, we have updated the 10 EAs in the Top 10 EURUSD Strategies course. Four of the ea fx strategies needed a little optimization for the last month, but the other 6 are still showing great profits.
    Also, the 99 EAs on the Bitcoin and on the Ethereum course were updated.

    Cone D

    Hello Petko,

    When we can expect the actualisation of the course “How to build 100s of Forex Strategies” ? Is this will available this month?
    And I have one more question about “the 99 EAs on the Bitcoin”, is this course will uptade every month with new 99 EA fx ?


    Dear Cone,
    The update on the course “How to build 100s of Forex Strategies” will be uploaded today. There are some great new features in EA Studio, which I show in the lecture. And yes, the Bitcoin and the Ethereum algorithmic trading courses will be updated every month with new 99 EAs. But keep in mind that these are not ea fx, even we use them on the Forex platform Meta Trader, we use CFD tading, but it is not Forex. These EAs are for the Bitcoin and the Etherem, and not for the Forex market.


    Dear Students, the “Bitcoin algorithmic trading course + 99 Trading robots” has been updated today with two new lectures about maintenance of the Top EAs. I show in the first lecture how you need to select the Top 3 EAs and place them on a separate account. In the second lecture you will see how to always maintain the Top 3 from the 99 EAs. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Laura Stone

    Hello Petko,

    I have one question, when I have bought the course is there automatically appears the updates in my profile?


    Dear Laura,
    yes you will see the updated lecture imidiatelly in the course.
    Just keep an eye for the updates in this topic, to make sure you do not miss any.
    Anyway, we send also mails to everybody.

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