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    Hey Violet,

    I am working on it, and I hope that I will be able to launch it before the end of the month. I have placed a bit more advanced techniques and explanations about the robustness because it is really really important.

    Will let you know once it is ready.



    Looking for the Walk forward explanations, Petko. I am not using it till now, and I am sure if it is in EA Studio, it is important.


    Hey Andi,

    The Walk Forward validation is a quite interesting approach. It combines the OOS and the optimizer. It shows if the strategy is over-optimized or not. SImply, the over-optimized strategies cannot pass the Walk Forward validation.


    That will be quite advanced for me, I think will go for the basic courses first, and just to learn the basic concepts of EA Studio.


    But for sure I will go over each trading course!


    The results with the EAs that will be included in the trading course are surprising so far. I will share probably some of it when I launch the course. Of course, I will test them first.


    Great to hear that, Petko! I am waiting for the trading course.


    It will be live till the end of the month or even a bit sooner!


    Petko, how do you find energy and time to keep recording so many courses. I really admire you!


    Thank you for the kind words, Van! My energy comes when I see that many people join the courses. I see that I did not waste time, and that makes me very very happy!

    Sharapova Sisi

    I am looking for your next course, Petko! I am not using the Walk Forward and I want to include it in my EAs..


    Which is the currency pair that you are focused on in the next trading course with the robustness testing?


    Hey Steve, Petko mentioned above that the course will be focused on USDCAD.

    I am waiting for the course because I do not understand the idea of walk forward validation, and that is why I still do not use it in the Reactor.


    Hey guys,

    I think the trading course will be launched in the next 4-5 days 🙂


    Great hear the, Petko. I am huge hug fan of every trading course you make. They are all valuable and interesting.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 178 total)

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