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    Hello traders,

    Since 2019 has started with rapid development in EA Studio, I decided to open a new topic in the forum, where I will keep you updated with the new features and functions.

    Also, I will record videos for each update, and I will explain it in details. This way you will be able to use the EA Studio software at its maximum!


    The First update is about the Forex Historical Data in EA Studio:

    YouTube Video: EA Studio Updates: Forex data import

    youtube data video


    In the video, you will learn what is new with the Historical data in EA Studio.

    There is the Data Statistic which allows us to evaluate the Historical data that we are using:


    ea studio data import update


    Also, for the licensed users, the max number of bars that we can use is increased to 500k.

    Last, the Data is moved on the main bar, so it can be accessed easier and faster:


    ea studio data update


    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Petko A



    @Petko-This is awesome! Thanks so much for posting this!


    Hey Jacpin,

    I will do my best now to catch it up with the recent updates, as there are some very interesting ones. So I will record one video nearly everyday, and then I will continue recording when there are new updates.


    George Steel

    Hey Petko,

    I have been away from trading for sometime as I was in the sea. Now I think to get back to EA Studio, and your old and new courses that I missed!

    Hope you are doing fine, and the team.

    Glad to see that there are so many people in the forum, in the beginning we were just few, good job!


    Hey George,

    Glad to hear from you again. Thank you, I am doing fine. You have new courses and a lot in the forum to catch up with 🙂


    The second video for EA Studio updates is called:

    Youtube Video: EA Studio updates: Backtesting trading strategies

    backtesting trading strategies

    In this video you will learn how to change the stats in Backtest Output.

    As well, I will go over the New Backtest output called Backtest quality and Bars in trade.

    And I will go over the Count of entries by weekdays and Profit and loss in currency by weekdays:


    More, I explain:

    • Profit and loss in currency by entry hour
    • Profit and loss in currency by exit hour
    • Count of entries, profits, losses by entry hour
    • Monthly performance in currency


    Note* when you change the Session hours they will effect the entry and the exit of the positions.  If there is a SL and TP the entry might happen outside the predefined trading hours. The broker is obliged to execute the SL and TP at any time.


    Wooow! So nice. I am using EA Studio everyday, everyday it is opened with me, but I did not see those improvements.

    I think now I will need to review all of my EAs, so see if the are balanced.

    Thanks so much Petko!

    George Steel

    I like very much the new stats, they talk about the strategies. I think it will take some time to find the best way to read them..

    Good to see that EA Studio is being improved so much!


    Yes, George, they are working a lot on it right now. It is getting better and better.


    Nice! I am sure the more it is improved, the better strategies we will have


    Hey Desita, well, with the new statistical graphs we have better view of the strategies. With those we need to focus on having more balanced strategies – that open trades all day long, take profits equally during the day and the week.


    Are you going to record more videos with updates? I realize that I am not using EA Studio on its full capacity.


    Hey Desita,

    Tomorrow I am planning to make another video about the EA Studio. Will let you know here in the forum.



    Thanks, Petko! I will be waiting for it, as I am waiting for every course you launch. 🙂

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