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      Hello traders,

      in this topic I will inform you about the upcoming trading courses.

      Currently I am working on a beginner trading course for MetaTrader 4.

      This trading course will be a complete guide to MetaTrader 4. It will be focused on practical examples, and systematic approach instead of endless theory.

      Daily we receive on the e-mail many questions about the Meta Trader 4 platform and I realized that the students/traders do not use it on its full capacity.

      MetaTrader 4 provides many possibilities to traders for manual and algorithmic trading. It is the most common platform and it is free, which makes it perfect for beginner traders. I will base the trading course on MetaTrader 4, because it is still more popular than MetaTrader 5. Anyway, the differences are small.

      I will do my best to launch the course by the end of this month.


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      User AvatarChingi

      Ooo I will be the first one taking your trading course!

      I was looking for videos in YouTube avout MetaTrader 4 but it takes times. I will be happy to get such a course and teach is all in ones.

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      User AvatarChris Eliot

      Nice to know what is coming up. I am experienced with MetaTrader, but I take every new course from you Petko, because there is always something new for me. 🙂

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      User AvatarDesita

      Me too, I do not miss any course from Petko. They are useful to me.

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      Cheers, Guys! I am glad that my trading courses cause such interest. I out all my knowledge and energy into each one, and when i hear that people are interested, when I see the total watched minutes, it makes me very very satisfied, and that gives me a lot of energy to continue…

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      User AvatarChingi

      I hope you will continue creating courses and trading systems, so many more will learn from you, Petko!

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      Thank you, Chingi!

      I appreciate your kind words! Have a great Friday, and weekend ahead!

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      I will be waiting for the new trading course as I am fully beginner!

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      User AvatarChingi

      Me too! I went over all the 20 courses and I am hungry for another trading course 🙂

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      Hey guys,

      the new course is almost ready, and it will be published very soon.

      Thanks for the patience!

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hello Petko,

      I see that the new trading course for Meta Trader is already uploaded?

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      Hey Andi,

      yes, the course is already live. I was surprised to see how many students joined immediately.

      As you know I am not a fan of making basic courses, because I want to show always more advanced techniques in trading, but of course, we need the basic courses, so the beginner traders can learn the basics, and move the more advanced courses.

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      User AvatarMaria Leona

      Hey Petko,

      I took the course immediately, even I think I know Meta Trader, there is always something to learn from you. Plus there are another 3 EAs from you which I want to test.

      Thanks so much!

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hi Petko,

      I agree that there should be beginner trading courses. When I was starting with Forex I have spent so much time to read books and find some videos. You place it all sistematically and without any unnecessary theory, which is very useful.

      Anyway I do not miss any course of yours. I watched the new trading course for Meta Trader. For me it was very useful to watch the lectures with the indicators. I have been using most of them with EA Studio and FSB Pro but now I have much better idea about each one. And of course, the 3 EA are already trading 🙂

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      Hey Andi,

      I was planning a long time to launch a trading course with more details about each indicator because I do think that a trader needs to have an idea about them.


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      Dear traders,

      the next trading course that we will launch by the end of this month is focused on two methods that I use to avoid Demo trading.

      I will explain those methods in details, and I will demonstrate how I am using EA Studio to do that.

      I have chosen the AUDUSD as currency pair this time.

      Will let you know once the course is ready.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      O, Petko, I will be waiting for this course! I read about one of your methods on the forum, but never got into details about it. Sometimes I do not have the patience with demo testing, so I hope you launch it soon!

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      Hello Haliffa, the new trading course is nearly ready. I think it will be on the website until the end of the week.

      As I like to say, it is sweet and short trading course focused on practical points, no theory 🙂

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      Hello guys,

      the new trading course is launched.

      The name is Top 10 AUDUSD Expert Advisors – Forex Algo trading.

      As said it is focused on the methods to avoid Demo trading with the Expert Advisors. I showed two methods that work fine with me so far.

      As always, I included 10 EAs, so the beginner traders can practice trading.

      Enjoy it!

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Petko!

      I am on the course already! 🙂

      By the way, I love the new design of the website! Good job!

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      User AvatarIan Bibian

      into the course!

      Agree, the design is very clear and friendly.

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      Hey, guys, I am glad to hear that. I liked it a lot too. There is some more work to be done.

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      User AvatarMeryjonestexas

      Hey Petko,

      I loved the new course. The two methods are very logical, and I loved how you explained to them.

      I spend nearly 6 hours on it, and now the reactor is running with some great EAs as result.

      Thank you for all your work!

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      User AvatarDesita

      Just took the trading course for the Aussie and I will watch it this afternoon. Petko has always something new to teach and show, which makes each of his trading courses unique.

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      Hello Desita,

      Thank you very much for the kind words!. It is my pleasure to record the courses and share my experience with everybody.

      I am very happy when experienced Traders take more of my courses this means that the material and the content I provide is really valuable and it makes me very happy.

      The EA studio provides many opportunities which improved the algorithmic trading in general.

      The new features that are available in EA studio allow as many different generating options which give the Trader a lot of freedom and it gives us the chance to experiment and to test different expert advisors.

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      User AvatarIohan Dive

      Hey Petko,

      thanks for the recent courses, they were really interesting. I am still testing the R-squared feature from the last Top 10 AUDUSD trading course, but at the same time, I wanted to ask you what is the upcoming trading course? 🙂

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      Hello Iohan,

      You are very welcome! I am really glad that the courses cause interested, and many traders join.

      The next course will be dedicated to the biggest problem in algorithmic trading – the robustness of the strategies.

      We all know that we can create EAs very easy with EA Studio, so the question is how to know if these strategies will perform well in the future.

      I will cover all the robustness tests in detail. Probably this time I will focus on the USDCAD pair.

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      User AvatarShamasa

      I am waiting for this trading course, Petko! I hope you will go over the Walk forward because I can not still figure it out. And I think you did not mention it in your courses so far.

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      You are right, Shamasa, I did not talk about Walk forward so far because it was improved all the time. For sure this time I will cover it because it is a robustness tool, and if it is improved int he future, I will just update the course.

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      User AvatarViolet

      I am looking forward to the trading course too!

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      Hey Violet,

      I am working on it, and I hope that I will be able to launch it before the end of the month. I have placed a bit more advanced techniques and explanations about the robustness because it is really really important.

      Will let you know once it is ready.


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      User AvatarAndi

      Looking for the Walk forward explanations, Petko. I am not using it till now, and I am sure if it is in EA Studio, it is important.

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      Hey Andi,

      The Walk Forward validation is a quite interesting approach. It combines the OOS and the optimizer. It shows if the strategy is over-optimized or not. SImply, the over-optimized strategies cannot pass the Walk Forward validation.

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      User AvatarDeniza

      That will be quite advanced for me, I think will go for the basic courses first, and just to learn the basic concepts of EA Studio.

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      User AvatarDeniza

      But for sure I will go over each trading course!

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      The results with the EAs that will be included in the trading course are surprising so far. I will share probably some of it when I launch the course. Of course, I will test them first.

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      User AvatarStephen

      Great to hear that, Petko! I am waiting for the trading course.

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      It will be live till the end of the month or even a bit sooner!

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      User AvatarVan

      Petko, how do you find energy and time to keep recording so many courses. I really admire you!

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      Thank you for the kind words, Van! My energy comes when I see that many people join the courses. I see that I did not waste time, and that makes me very very happy!

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      User AvatarSharapova Sisi

      I am looking for your next course, Petko! I am not using the Walk Forward and I want to include it in my EAs..

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      User Avatarstevetheking33

      Which is the currency pair that you are focused on in the next trading course with the robustness testing?

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Steve, Petko mentioned above that the course will be focused on USDCAD.

      I am waiting for the course because I do not understand the idea of walk forward validation, and that is why I still do not use it in the Reactor.

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      Hey guys,

      I think the trading course will be launched in the next 4-5 days 🙂

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      User AvatarDesita

      Great hear the, Petko. I am huge hug fan of every trading course you make. They are all valuable and interesting.

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      Glad to hear that, Desita! Have a great weekend!

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Petko, the course is live?

    • #10804
      User AvatarDesita

      O, really! I am on

    • #10813


      Yes, the new trading course is live. It is uploaded in the Algorithmic trading section and the name is

      Algorithmic trading strategies Top 10 USDCAD EAs

      In this course, you will find more detailed explanations for the robustness of the strategies. This is one of the most important things in Algorithmic trading, and after many personal classes, I saw that most of the traders do not understand and apply it.

      I have shown how to use Meta Trader backtester to recognize the over optimized strategies.

      I have covered the Walk Forward validation, the Monte Carlo and the Multi Market.

      As well I have included 10 USDCAD Expert Advisors that everyone can use to practice trading.



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      User AvatarThapelo

      Hey Petko!

      i watched the course in one breath! Another great material from you.

      regarding the walk forward, I will watch it again because it’s something new to me

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      User AvatarAndi

      Great course, Petko! Thanks for sharing so much in your courses!

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      User Avataredu

      Hello Petko,


      i haave boughted the new course i tried the walk forward. Is this overoptimize right? Even if the montecarlo is ok right?

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      User AvatarAndi

      As far as I understood from the new trading course, when the Walk Forward ends with a better result, that the strategy is not over-optimized.


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      User Avataredu

      thank you Andi

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      User AvatarAndi

      Yes, I watched the lecture ones again. When the Walk Forward shows a better result is fine. When it is worse, it means the strategy was over-optimized, because the Walk Forward fails to find better results for the different segments.

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      User AvatarGeorge Steel

      I just got the course, and I can not wait to watch it today. Have no idea about the Walk Forward, but it is nice to have a discussion already 🙂

    • #10856

      Hey guys, glad to hear that you liked the course.

      Edu, you got the answer from Andi.


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      User AvatarDesita

      Hello Petko,

      Wonderful course again! I did not know about the Walk Forward in EA Studio. I saw it is there but had no idea how to use it.

      Now I know one more tip to avoid the over-optimized strategies which is great.!

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      Hi Desita,

      Glad to hear you liked the course. Yes, Walk-Forward is a very interesting tool. It is still being developed, and it took a bit longer time to be the way it is till now. That is why I waited to make a course where I show the Walk Forward. Anyway, when there are some more improvements I will update the course.


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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Petko, I just succeeded to watch the new course. I was using the Walk Forward but in a wrong way 🙁

      Now I will need to go over all the EAs to check this validation and remove those that fail.

    • #11075

      Hello Haliffa,

      if your current EAs work fine, you really do not need to re-check all of them. Just use it for the new ones that you build. There will be always something new, and we can not go over and over again with the EAs, because it will take you a lot of time.

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      User AvatarDesita

      Hello All!

      Here are the results after 2 weeks testing the new 10 USDCAD Expert Advisors:


      Petko is just amazing! Thank you!


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      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Desita, great of you to share your results. Mine is similar but on a small live account. I always test the EAs with 0.01 on live account so they are about 80 dollars for the period 🙂

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      User AvatarShamasa

      Hi Desita,

      I was wondering to take the new trading course or not but when I saw the results I am sure. Of course, I understand that there is no guarantee that the same results will continue, but it worths trying.

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      User AvatarRose


    • #11133

      Hey Desita,

      Glad to hear that you tested successfully the EAs from the new course. I got similar results. I will keep an eye on them, and if an update is needed at the end of the month, I will let you guys know.


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      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Petko! What is the course coming up this month? 😉

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      Hi Andi,

      the next trading course is dedicated to the portfolio Expert Advisors. Recently I trade them more, and I want to share some more of my experience.

      With the last portfolio course where I included 100 strategies, it was with 10 Portfolio Expert Advisors. Now, it could be even easier.

      We can have many strategies in one portfolio Expert. And that is the idea of. So in the upcoming course, I will include 100 strategies but with only 3 Portfolio Experts.


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      User Avatartrade1234321

      Hi Petko, I am just watching all of your courses and I will be waiting for the new one! You are a great trader!

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      User AvatarTom Storm

      Looking for the new trading course! I am planning to bring my trading to the next level with the Portfolio Experts and I hope this course will give me more insight on this. So far I have used only single EAs with EA Studio, but if it could be done easier it will be even better.

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Petko, when is it coming? 🙂

    • #11605

      Hey Andi,

      The course was launched today. The name is How to trade Forex with PortfolioEA of 100 GBPUSD strategies

      In the course, I share a recent portfolio that I have created for the GBPUSD on 3 different time frames. Also, I combine 33 strategies into each portfolio Expert Advisor.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Kind regards,

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      User AvatarAndi

      I am getting on it. Great you launched yesterday so I have the time during the weekend!

      Have a great Easter!

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      User AvatarDesita

      Hey Petko, I just completed the new course at it was fantastic again. I admire your professional way of teaching.

    • #11699

      Hey Guys, glad to hear you liked the new trading course. Cheers!

      Happy Easter, Andi!

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      User AvatarStephen

      Hey Petko, the portfolio Expert Advisors are on the platform! Thanks so much!

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Lovely course, Petko! Thanks for sharing your EAs!

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      User AvatarBob Smith

      Hi, Petko! Great course again. I really like that you demonstrate how you use EA Studio. Also, thanks for keeping the prices of the courses low…:)

    • #11908
      User AvatarCraig

      I bought the package of courses. Any suggestions on where to start? I want to do auto trading not the manual at first.  I need to relearn MetaTrader, think of me as a beginner. But I have had a VPS and run EAs in MetaTrader in the past, I need to relearn them. Will work with mostly USA brokers. My thought is to work with one of the last courses mentioned on this thread.

    • #11919

      Hello Craig,

      here is an example order you can follow:

      1. MetaTrader 4 Forex platform: Start trading with a pro trader

      2. Basic algorithmic trading course + 3 Robots

      3. Forex Algorithmic trading course – Top 10 GBPUSD Expert Advisors

      4. Automated Forex trading course + 99 Expert Advisors

      5. Algorithmic trading strategies Top 10 USDCAD EAs

      6. How to trade Forex with 100 GBPUSD strategies in the account

      And then just complete the others which will fill some missing parts.

      Anyway, all of the courses are separate, which means that in each one you will learn a strategy, system for trading, or multiple strategies that you can apply. The more you combine, the better, but try to keep it simple and not too complicated.

      It is great you have the experience, this way you will relearn it all faster.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

    • #12225
      User AvatarSabastian Lim

      Hey Petko,

      thanks for the recent course! I have really enjoyed it!

    • #12280

      Glad to hear that, Sabastian!

    • #12357
      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hi, Petko, what is coming up? 🙂

    • #12371
      User AvatarViolet

      I am waiting for the next course too! 🙂

    • #12373

      It is another Portfolio Expert Advisors course but that time it is with cross pairs. Also, I have included in more details the Walk Forward Optimization which was the recent update in EA Studio. I hope the course will be launched till the end of the month.


    • #12529
      User AvatarBob Smith

      I am excited about that course. I wish you trade cross pairs but so far I fail to generate good strategies with those.

    • #12586

      Hello Bob,

      probably you have small Historical data or you make the Acceptance criteria too strict.

      I was on a business trip last week, and I will be a bit late this month with the course. I will do my best to finish it till the end of the year.


    • #12595
      User AvatarBart Meijrink

      Hey Petko,  I am looking for the course because I have hard times with the Walk Forward Optimization…

      Let us know when it is ready.

    • #12633

      Sure, Bart! I have uploaded one video for the Walk forward Optimization in the topic  EA Studio Updates.

    • #12670
      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Petko, I am looking for the cross pairs course because I am having really hard times generating EAs for those

    • #12716
      User AvatarIan Bibian

      I am waiting for it as well!

    • #14243

      The next course will be a bit late because I actually started recording 3 courses simultaneously(got the motivation this month 🙂 )

      Anyway, we will do our best to launch two of them by the end of this month.


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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hi Petko, are you planning to launch a new course for Bitcoin. Recently I succeeded to get some nice profits, the moves the last days are amazing again…

    • #14776

      Hey Haliffa, yes the Bitcoin did again fantastic moves, glad you did profits. Actually one of the courses that I will launch will be for the Bitcoin. This time it will be price action trading. The system is similar to the Professional Forex trading course but a bit modified for the Bitcoin and the Cryptos.


    • #14851
      User AvatarVan

      Hey Petko, I am looking for the course!

    • #14942
      User AvatarSharapova Sisi

      Me too! When are you launching the 2 courses? 🙂

    • #15042
      User AvatarThapelo

      Petko, not that I am rushing but when are the courses coming up? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • #15332

      Hello traders,

      Last month I got very motivated after the extreme moves on the market, and I succeeded to record a lot of my trading in two courses!

      Have you noticed that the Bitcoin went above 13k? Who would expect that again?

      As you know I do not depend on expectations in trading. I follow strict systems and I rely on statistics

      For all the traders and users of the forum, I have decided to launch 4 days promotion with a huge discount for the 2 courses. You can take them for 14.99EUR.

      1. Bitcoin trading: Price action trading course

      In this course, I have recorded my recent trading with the Bitcoin using manual price action trading.  The system I use is suitable for all assets and trading platforms, exchanges, or any web-based trading websites.

      It catches the huge moves with 3 great different entries. This way I diversify the risk on my trades and when the 3 of them are executed, the best results are coming.

      I use three different ways to Take the Profit, and this is exactly what I will teach you in this course – to Take the Profit.

      During the last few years, many people lost trading the Bitcoin and the other cryptos because they waited too long, or they sold too early.

      With this trading system, you will learn to take your profits on time and with confidence.

      I have recorded many trading examples, which will help you understand better the trading system I use.

      Here is the discounted link for the course: LAUNCH14. 


      2. Walk Forward optimization: Forex trading with Portfolio EAs

      This course is a bit more advanced! The Walk Forward Optimization is a great tool to analyze Expert Advisors and their robustness. Every algo trader should be aware of it.

      However, in this course, I have included 30 strategies for EURGBP, EURJPY, and GBPJPY.

      This means that even you are a beginner you can trade with these strategies using Portfolio Expert Advisors. All of the strategies have been through the Walk Forward Optimization!

      I demonstrated the whole process step by step and everyone can follow it. Recently I trade more and more the cross pairs (not including the USD) because this way I stay away from the Red Hot News which mess normally the trading. Also, with the cross pairs, I achieve more steady results, and I love it! And I will share my work with you.

      As with my other Portfolio Expert Advisors courses, I will update this course every month with new 30 strategies grouped in 3 Portfolio EAs.

      Here is the discounted link for the course: LAUNCH14. 

      If you have any questions, let me know, I will always answer within 12 hours.

      Safe trading!

    • #15347
      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hey Petko,

      thanks for the discount. For the price of 1, we take the two. I am into it! great job! I can’t wait to watch the courses…

    • #15376
      User AvatarVan

      I watched the Bitcoin course in one breath. Today I am on the Walk Forward Optimization. Really appreciate your work and the fact you give the courses so cheap.

    • #15523

      Glad to hear you liked the courses! Cheers,

    • #15525
      User AvatarMeryjonestexas

      I got the courses as well. The Bitcoin price action system could be applied to the other cryptos? Gold and Oil?

    • #15720

      Yes, this system is suitable for any trading asset because it uses price action. With other words, it ‘reads’ market players’ behavior.

      Again, the best thing would be to test it all on a Demo first, no matter which asset you want to trade.

    • #15786
      User Avatardeenslavi

      Hello Petko,

      the last months I am watching all of your courses, but these last two are really awesome! Thanks for sharing all this information!

    • #15854
      User AvatarHaliffa

      I love every course from Petko. It worths every single dollar.

    • #16161

      Cheers, Haliffa! Thanks for the kind words. It makes me to hear people like the courses we create.

    • #16234
      User AvatarSimon

      Just wondering when the price of the course went up?

      I have been trying to solve my problems with lack of historical data before I invest in some education, which I have now solved by finding another broker with better data to offer, and just went to purchase a course only to find it now costs six times what it did a month ago!

      Looks like I’ve got more saving up to do.

      Just can’t seem to get anywhere with this.

    • #16258

      Hello Simon,

      Actually, this is the normal price of the courses for the last 1 year. We had a long summer discount on the courses which is now over. Anyway, there will be promotions again.


    • #16466
      User AvatarTravis Nose

      Hey Petko!

      the 2 new courses are really great. I have enjoyed watching them both. Is the Bitcoin now in downtrend according to the Dow theory?

    • #18056

      Dear traders,

      Today we have launched our new Gold Expert Advisors course:

      Gold Expert Advisors course

      This is the first time I launch a course for the Gold. Many students asked me to do one because they succeeded to make profits with EAs generated the way I show in my other courses. They wanted to see how would I do it.

      I have been trading the Gold with EAs for over a year now, and I finally decided to launch a course.

      Do you know that the Gold broke $1400? It has not been that high since Sep 2013. These recent moves are very volatile and this is why I started to trade it more and more.

      In this course, I will include 10 strategies and I will include the Expert Advisors as always. I will show you what is the best method for me to select the best 5 EAs for just 2 weeks, and I will show you realistic results:

      Gold expert advisors results

      I was planning to include 5 strategies but here is the thing:

      You will take the course in a future moment. You will start trading with the strategies in a future moment. The best thing would be to have 10 EAs and see which are the 5 EAs that profit currently, for the current market conditions.

      Also, I will update the EAs in the course when it is needed and you will receive these updates for a lifetime.


      For the users of the Forum, we have launched the Gold Expert Advisors course for 19.90 EUR.

      This price will be available for one week.

      What you will learn in this Gold trading course:

      • how to trade the gold virtually and benefit from the price movement
      • trade the Gold with Expert Advisors (Robots) – included
      • trade the strategies manually on different platforms
      • my method for choosing the best strategies
      • how to test the EAs on a Demo account without risk
      • precise rules to separate the EAs from Demo to live account

      The course is suitable for all traders – from beginners to advanced. It will bring you extra diversification in your trading. I use the word “diversification” in all my courses. And I will keep doing it. That is the most important for a trader or investor. I do not want to depend on one strategy.

      Why would I? I can trade with many…

      Enjoy the course!


    • #18061
      User AvatarSharapova Sisi

      Hey, Petko! Great to see a Gold course. I am still on Forex, but that is a great idea. Thanks for the discount, took it already 🙂


    • #18108
      User AvatarHaliffa

      I took the course in one breath last night 🙂 Great job again! Love all the courses from Petko!

    • #18390

      Glad to hear that, Haliffa. It makes me happy to see that many students enrolled. This gives me such great energy every time to continue recording the next course… appreciate your words!

    • #18643
      User AvatarSharapova Sisi

      Great course, Petko! I loved it! Thanks so much for the discounts when you launch a new course!

    • #18680

      You are welcome, Sisi! When I hear the students like the courses it makes me extremely happy. Gives me so much energy to continue sharing more of my trading systems and strategies.

    • #20156

      Hello traders!

      In the first days of September we have launched a new course, long time waited from many of you.

      Money management Forex: Top 10 NZDUSD EAs


      The most frequently asked questions I receive are:

      “I have 10k account, with how many EAs I should trade?”


      “I have a small account of $500 and I want to use your 10 EAs, what lots should I choose?”

      And these are very logical questions. Because having proper money management is essentially important in trading.

      It is just as important as having a good strategy.

      So I decided to record a course where I talk more about money management. I will share with you what is the actual risk when we trade with many EAs in the account. I will tell you the worst-case scenario which normally the other instructors did not tell you. And most important I will teach you how to calculate the maximum risk you can have at any moment.

      In this course, I have included 10 EAs for the NZDUSD currency pair because this is one of my favorite assets. It is very stable, no huge fluctuations to mess the trading.

      For the users of the Forum, we will launch the course with a price 29.90EUR, and it will be available until the 10th of September.

      The course is suitable for beginner traders. I have explained in details every step I take when I create Expert Advisors, and you will learn how to place properly the EAs in MetaTrader, how to install MetaTrader if you do it for the first time, and how to follow the results of the Expert Advisors. I will share 3 different methods that I use to filter the strategies.

      What will you learn in this trading course?

      • How to trade with many EAs in one trading account
      • Proper calculation of the risk when trading with EAs
      • What is risk-diversification and how to improve it
      • Follow the results of the EAs in details
      • Take advantage of trading automatically without emotions
      • How you create your own strategies without trading experience
      • How to automate the EAs without IT skills

      Enjoy the course!

    • #20271
      User AvatarIan Bibian

      I am already watching it 🙂 Thanks, Petko!

    • #20299
      User AvatarAndi

      Thanks for the trading course, Petko! The lectures about Money management are quite interesting. I have been trading for such a long time with EAs and never calculated the risk this way. But you are right as always 🙂

    • #20323
      User Avatarstevetheking33

      I have all the courses from Petko, I have a license from EA Studio as well, but the most pips I do with the EAs from Petko’s courses. Can wait to test the 10 NZD EAs.

    • #20691
      User AvatarAndi

      In the beginning, I was only using Petko’s EAs. It took me about 4 months before I could create really sustainable EAs with good results. It was a matter of collecting the Historical data. When I look back in time I guess this was the main reason why I was failing to get robust strategies.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am still using his EAs 🙂



    • #20763
      User Avatarfxtalant

      Hello all traders,

      my name is James and I am trading Forex for about 12 years now. Only manually and now I want to go for algorithmic trading because I do not want to stay a lot on the screen anymore…my eyes start to hurt, and my a..

      So I found EA Forex Academy and Petko Alexandrov’s courses. I would like a suggestion about which courses I should be starting with having in mind that I do not have experience in algo trading but a lot in manual trading.

      Anyway, I guess I will keep trading manually until I figure it out how to do it with Expert Advisors.

      Thanks in advance!


    • #20889
      User AvatarHaliffa

      Welcome to the forum!

      I did not have experience in trading before I came to Forex Academy(unless the fact that I was scammed pretty bad from a binary broker). But I can share with you that no matter which course you will take first you will receive a lot of value. I have all of them, watched them more than 4 times and I wait for every new course that comes up every month. Petko is a genius for me…

      After I practised for about 3 months I succeeded to have profits in the account and after that I had one losing month because of my own mistakes. The other 9 months I have been on real account are all on positive. Of course, I am still looking for a better and better approach to combine many EAs in one account.

    • #20970
      User AvatarThapelo

      Hello FXtalant,

      the good thing with the courses is that they are independent. Each course provides different system, strategy, Expert Advisors  and at the same time you do not need any of the courses in order to take certain course. Which means that which ever course you select as a first will be useful.

      I would suggest you take the Basic Algorithmic trading as a first first course if you do not have any experience in alto trading. I did it first and after that all the other were fluent to me. At the same time you get 3 experts there that  Petko updates all the time.

    • #21037
      User Avatarfxtalant

      Thank you very much for your responses. Really appreciate it.

      Haliffa, yes, Petko sounds like a real professional. The way he talks you can understand that he knows what he is doing with confidence.

      Thapelo, I would listen to you and take the Basic algorithmic trading course as first. I really need the basics in algo trading. I am sure most will be familiar to me but I want to catch the details. I guess after that will continue with the Forex strategy course – portfolio trading with 12 EAs.

      I have watched the free EA Studio trading course, and it was really enlightening. I like the software and I will use it more and more the next months.




    • #21593

      Glad to hear you liked the EA Studio start-up trading course. Its idea is exactly to give an idea about the software, what steps to be followed and I decided to be free so everyone who wants to learn more about algorithmic trading and strategy builders can have it.

    • #21742
      User AvatarMeryjonestexas

      Hi Petko, yes, it was very useful to me, even I have most of your courses. In every video of yours, there is something new to be learned.

    • #21801

      Glad to hear that, Mary! Cheers,

    • #21871
      User AvatarCone D

      I have been trading the Dax and Dow Jones for more than 6 months and I am quite satisfied with the results from the EAs I generated with EA Studio. Even the commission with my broker is smaller than the currency pairs.

    • #22326

      Hello traders,

      I hope everyone is doing great. Many of you asked me about some of the updates in EA Studio so I have listened to you and uploaded 3 new lectures in the Forex strategy course – Portfolio trading strategies + 12 Expert Advisors about the most important updates that we have.

      Those updates really improve the strategies we generate and if you are willing to use them, I am sure these videos will help you a lot.

      The lectures’ names are:

      Detailed Statistics added for EA Studio

      R – squared

      Walk Forward Optimization

      Wish you safe trading!

    • #22865

      Hello traders!

      Today we have launched our first Stock market trading course + 10 Dow Jones Expert Advisors included.


      In this course, I demonstrated how I crete strategies for indexes and I decided to include 10 Expert Advisors for Dow Jones.

      During the last one year, I trade more and more the indexes because I saw that with EA Studio great strategies are being generated.

      Also, trading Stocks with Expert Advisors is much cheaper because there are no high commissions like with the regular stocks.

      In this trading course, I shared the two methods to avoid Demo testing and I have used one of the methods to test the Dow Jones strategies.

      As always, we will launch a 5-day promotion for all our users of the Forum. 

      Use this following link, to get the course with 75% discount.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

      Trade safe!

    • #22884
      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Petko!

      Thanks for the huge discount! I am already watching the first lecture, and I can’t wait to test these EAs.


    • #22922
      User AvatarHaliffa

      Surprised to see a stock trading course, Petko! The EAs are already on my small live account where I test.

      Recently I test the EAs not on Demo but on my live account with 0.01. I found that this is the better choice for me because I struggle to find a broker with same Historical data on Demo and Live server.

      So when I tested the EAs on Demo and after that I move to live account, the results did not match every time.

    • #23001

      Hi Petko. I’d want to know if the Dow Jones experts are for the Dow Jones futures cfd. Thank you

    • #23047

      Hello Gianluca,

      yes, they are. Now, if your broker uses futures, there might be an expiry date. Just open the new chart when it comes and re-open the EAs on it.


    • #23064

      Buyed. I’d want to buy a cryptocurrency course too. I have to question: 1 are the eas all versus usd? Exemple: btcusd    2 what is the difference between the revolution cryptocurrency course eas and the basic cryptocurrency eas? Thanks for all Petko

    • #23077

      Hello Gianluca,

      You are welcome! It makes me happy that every course I launch causes interest and many traders join. That really gives me a lot of energy to keep doing what I am doing…

      Now, the Basic cryptocurrency course is focused really on beginners as I go over all basic staff that one needs to know. MetaTrader, pips, points, spread…up to the algorithmic trading.

      The Revolution is different. THere I focus on the Never losing formula and how I combine it with the Expert Advisors. I provide in both 12 EAs, but in the revolution, I show examples of trading with EAs and combining the trades with the NLF.

      I hope that helps.


    • #23120
      User AvatarSharapova Sisi

      I really liked the new stock trading course, Petko! The EAs so far are awesome with me!

    • #23235
      User AvatarBart Meijrink

      Glad I caught the discount for this stock trading course! I’m on!


    • #23399
      User Avatarandresscott132

      Thanks for sharing.

    • #23509

      Hi Petko. I have a lot of your courses. I’m beginning now to trade with yuor eurusd experts.i’d want to know if one expert can open only one trade for time, as eurusd, or the others ea are different. Thank you, your job is fantastic

    • #23512

      Hello Gianluca,

      Glad to hear that you liked my job. I appreciate your words.

      Regarding your questions, I am not really sure if I understand you…do you mean if one EA can open many trades on one asset?

      If the EA is from EA Studio, it will open just one trade at a time, and it will not open a second one before the first one is closed.

      If the EA is from FSB Pro, there is the option to add to the position according to different rules.

      Let me know if I answered the question or you wanted to ask something else.


    • #23670
      User AvatarThapelo

      Hey Petko,

      I really liked the new Stock trading course. Do you plan to make other courses for stocks?

      I see from the course that trading individual stocks as apple ot google is more expensive, so another index course will be creat. Such as DAX or S&P 500.

      I really see that is is all about risk diversification.

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • #23824
      User Avatarjames444

      The stock trading course just rocks!

      I will be very happy to get more stock trading courses or indexes, or any other which will be just very useful for me to increase my portfolio.

      Kind regards,


    • #24268
      User Avatarthomastrading

      Hi Gianluca. What’s your take on trading with currency pairs?

    • #24303

      Hi Thomas. Now i have a lot of Petko course, forex sure, but gold, cripto, dow jones, too. I’m trading with demo account. With the best eas i will trade in the live account.

    • #24954
      User AvatarStephen

      Hello everyone. I’m interested to know something. When there’s a new course uploaded, is the information shared here or how do guys get to know about it? I mean is a thread like this one created every time a new course is uploaded?

    • #25708
      User Avatarjames.makunike

      Greetings. I would really appreciate a course on scalping using EAs.  I have been watching my EA trading with the market in a range and its stays there for even a week without movement with the floating profit swinging from $500 to -$50 for example and i see that as an opportunity for scalping

    • #25950

      Hello James,

      Glad to hear from you.

      Try generating EAs on the lower time frames. Also, if you want to close your trades within the day, you can do that with the time settings.

      I showed that in the course Forex Expert Advisor course – London, New York & Tokyo Algorithmic trading

      I show there how to trade the EAs within the trading sessions.

    • #26756
      User Avatarthomastrading

      Hello Petko,

      what will be the upcoming trading course and when we can expect it?

      I mean, is it for manual or algorithmic trading?

      Thanks for your answer,


    • #26802

      Hello Thomas,

      Probably the new course will come in December. We are updating now some of our old courses. We have improved a lot the audio, camera, and studio because I want to provide better quality courses.

      The new course most probably will be about the Never Losing Formula but in Forex.

      Something many of the students asked me about.



    • #29776
      User Avatarchampagnelennie44

      Thanks for sharing this info with us.

    • #35205

      Hello traders!

      I have just uploaded the brand new Top 10 EURUSD Expert Advisors course:

      I have re-recorded the course based on all of your reviews and feedback. Thank you for that!

      I succeeded to improve the course in several ways:

      • I have included 50 EURUSD Expert Advisors and not 10
      • You will receive new 50 Experts every month
      • I included a basic section for the beginner traders
      • I demonstrated the complete process I follow to create the EAs
      • I showed how to test the 50 EAs in one account and trade the Top 10 in another account
      • In the old course, I included 10 EAs that were working best for me for the current moment. After that, I was updating the course with new parameters for the EAs.

      With the time I saw that I can do it even better: I can include more EAs, and I can show you how to find the best top 10 EAs for you when you are taking this course.

      And by providing new 50 EAs every month, you will be able to trade always with EAs that are relevant to the current market.

      If you already have the course, you can watch the new course for free, because you have a lifetime license. And you will receive the new 50 EAs every month.

      For all the users in the Forum, I have decided to discount the course with 75%:

      COUPON – 49.00 EUR

      Keep in mind that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it is risk-free to take the course.  But I am sure, you are going to love it! 🙂

      See you inside the class!

      Petko A

    • #35584
      User Avataradc

      Hello Petko,

      Here is my wish list for courses I would really enjoy if you decide to develop one day:

      1) Trading the news with EA’s

      2) HFT with EA’s

      3) Scalping with EA’s all these in Forex.

      Would you be willing to do something outside Forex? for instance Trading with order flow in other markets/platforms but with EA’s? For sure I would sign in!

      What do you think?


    • #35720

      Hello Adc,

      Glad to hear from you. Normally in my courses, I share what works best for me, and things that I have tested and proved to my self.

      Trading the news is very hard with EAs for a couple of reasons:

      1. News are not every day at one at the same hour. This makes it impossible to have a precise backtest.

      2. More, even the same news come out at different intervals of time.

      3. The market reflects the news not so much from the results but from the expectations

      When we do not have a backtest, it is hard to create EAs that will be robust enough.

      Also, the brokers have slippage during the news.

      You can try creating scalping EAs with EA Studio or FSB Pro. Just limit the hours to open and close the trades, and create the EAs on M1 time frame. You can use Higher Time Frame filters in FSB Pro.

    • #38118
      User AvatarGeorge Lane

      How often the Academy publish new courses? Is it predicted new course for Bitcoin trading?

    • #52321

      Hello Traders!

      I know that for quite a while we didn’t publish a new course, but this is because we are updating all the courses we have already – better audio, better video, more practical activities, quizzes, assignments, and new ideas 🙂

      BUT today, I have launched the new Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Course.

      For the first time, I share real investing in cryptocurrency exchange.

      That is something that I have been doing for quite a long now, and one day I decided just to start recording it.

      In the course, I share the system that I follow:

      • what money management I stick to
      • what do I invest in
      • where I buy the cryptos
      • where I sell them

      You will see real results. BUT this is investing. It takes time. You need to have patience.

      Personally, I find it great to combine trading with Expert Advisors and to invest in the exchanges.

      Until the end of the month, we will launch the course with 50% discount for all our fellow traders in the Forum:

      Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Course – 50% OFF

      I will be updating the course all the time with more examples, and this way, it will become crystal clear for everyone how I do it.

      You will see that it is not an engaging investment system – you will have to keep an eye on the market from time to time.  I don’t want to stare at the charts all day long anymore. I have done that for quite a long time. So now, I use EAs and this investment strategy. And combined, it works perfectly fine for me.

      Enjoy the course!

    • #55458
      User Avatarramsojay7

      I am beginner and so interesting learning from you.

    • #55462

      Hello Ramsojay!

      Welcome to the Forum, and I am happy to hear that you want to learn!

      You can’t believe how important it is to learn first and then to trade.

      Most of our students first lose and then they come to learn.

      Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!


    • #58456
      User AvatarThapelo

      Hey Petko!

      Any new courses coming up? Want to learn more from you!

      I am quite happy with the courses and the software so far but I really want to master it!


    • #58686
      User AvatarHaliffa

      Me too! I did some great profits in the last few months and the most in the last 2 weeks.

      So I am just waiting to watch any new course from Petko! I hope he launches a new one soon…

    • #58708

      Hey guys,

      I am glad to hear that you want to learn more!

      The new course that we are just uploading on the website is a Beginners course.

      It will cover all the basic steps that people need to take before risking real money.

      We show how to compare a few brokers at the same time, and also how to select the best EAs that perform well on at least two brokers.

      That filters quite well the strategies and the EAs, and I am sure it will be pretty interesting for the beginners, and for the trader that can’t find a reliable broker.

      And you will see a new mentor in the Academy 🙂


    • #59296

      Hello traders!

      The new course is live!

      Algorithmic Trading Course for Beginners + 40 EAs

      It is a great start for beginner traders because we have demonstrated the best practice when comparing different brokers.

      That is indeed the most important for every trader.

      Many traders use the right EAs and strategies but they end up losing because they chose a wrong broker with high spreads, commissions and swaps.

      And in this course, you will see how different results you can get with the same EAs on different brokers.

      I have recorded the course together with the new mentor in the team Ilan Vardy, and we will show you how to start trading from scratch.

      This course brings a lot of value because we will be updating it every month with a new 40 EAs for EURUSD.

      For our forum members, we have discounted the price with 75% in the first week.

      Click here to enroll and we will see you inside the course.

    • #61199
      User AvatarAsser

      Good course for a beginner. Super easy to follow. I went through it in one go (Not easy at my age… I used to be young and good looking… Now I’m only good looking). Ilan, with his charming South African accent, goes straight to the point.

    • #61294

      Hey Asser!

      I smile when I see people like you in the forum! Keep up the good mood and the good looking 🙂

      Yes, we decided to do such a course with Ilan because he is very talented and he knows how to explain nicely.

      I am very happy to hear that the course was useful to you!


    • #61295

      Hello traders!

      Finally, I am ready with the course that I was preparing for a few months:

      Forex Trading with Robots + 30 Best Strategies (Every Month) 

      In this trading course, I share the EAs that made the most profit with me during the previous month, and I will update the course every month with the EAs that are the most profitable for the moment.

      I know that many of you are busy to test many EAs on many MetaTrader platforms. It is a lot of work, I know! So in this course, I show the most comfortable way I found to test the EAs, and it works fine for me.

      As always, for all the Forum users, we have discounted the course to 49.00EUR for a few days.

      What will you learn in this Forex trading course?

      • How to trade with many strategies in one trading account
      • Using Expert Advisors to eliminate the emotions in trading
      • Four different ways to test trading strategies with Expert Advisors
      • Different approaches to managing the trading accounts
      • Professional method of eliminating the losing strategies from the portfolio

      See you in class!

      Petko A



    • #61296
      User Avataradc

      Hello Pateko,

      Great thing you published the Forex Trading with Robots + 30 Best Strategies (Every Month) , I see that it is EU,EG and GU. Are you planning to add any other pairs or crytpo currencies already filtered (Best monthly strategies)?


    • #61299
      User Avataradc

      Dear Petko,

      I loved the new way you teach how to backtest a strategy withouth the need of running an actual demo account in a platform, in order to do this you need to store the portfolio or strategy, save it and then test it with new data, my question is, for the past ea’s from several of your courses, could this method be used? if so, is it possible to convert mt4 format to json format in order to up-load the invidual strategies to the reactor and run them with new data?


    • #61421

      Hey Arturo,

      I am happy to hear that you liked the course and the new approach.

      I didn’t think about the crypto, but it might not be a bad idea. I will think about it.

      Yes, it works great with any old EAs, collections or whatever you have from the past. You can recalculate it with the recent data and see which ones are still performing easily.

      I use it more and more, and I have limited the work on Demo accounts because I reached a huge number of different MetaTrader platforms installed and it was a headache…

      Use the Validator to drop any old strategies or collections and all that passes will go to collection.

    • #63279

      Hello traders,

      We have just launched our brand new course!

      MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading course + Weekly Robots  

      In this Algorithmic Trading Course, we will show to manage multiple demo accounts with hundreds of EAs and we will demonstrate trading on a Live account. And best of all, you will have access to the EAs that we use to trade weekly. You can download and test, or trade these EAs as a resource file.

      In this MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading course + Weekly Robots, you will learn:

      *How to trade on the Forex Market using the MetaTrader 4 platform

      *Algorithmic trading with live examples

      *How to manage many trading Robots on different MetaTrader 4 platforms

      *Forex trading without emotions by following strict rules

      *Important information to understand before selecting a trading broker

      *How to install and easily manage multiple MetaTrader 4 platforms

      *What is an Expert Advisor and why do we use them to trade with

      *How to create a balanced trading portfolio and limit your risk

      *How to select your best EAs like a professional trader

      For all our loyal students, we have launched the course at 99EUR for the first 5 days and the regular price after that will be 490EUR.

      However, to save you even more time, we are uploading to the course, as a resource file, all the EAs we have already analyzed and selected to trade with on our live accounts. That’s right – once you enroll, you will get the exact same EAs to trade with, that we, as professional traders use. Weekly, you will have access to our EAs.

      See you in class!

    • #63284
      User Avatarjbcdk


      In the lesson “Spreadsheet for Expert Advisors” I can’t find the excel-file attached, as explained in the lesson.



    • #63285
      User Avatarjbcdk


      In the lesson “Spreadsheet for Expert Advisors” I can’t find the excel-file attached, as explained in the lesson.


    • #63301

      Hey Jens,

      Thanks, we will check if something failed while uploading it.

    • #63309
      User AvatarDesi Ivanova

      Hello Jens,

      You can find the excel-file Template for Managing EA Performance attached as a .zip-file in the lesson “Spreadsheet for Expert Advisors.”

      Let us know if you have any questions!



    • #68737
      User AvatarAkwin

      The new courses will be a plus to my knowledge and, I think they will be very beneficial especially for beginners. Looking forward to more details.

    • #75039

      Hey traders, we launched a BRAND NEW course Bitcoin for Beginners: Cryptocurrency Investment Course 

      ✅ Today, you can enroll for just 49EUR during my launch sale. ✅

      As you know, I do Forex trading professionally, but in 2020 I made much more profits investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few of the other cryptos. And it was just super easy to do it…

      So I decided to record quickly a course that will show you how I did it.

      This sweet and short course will teach you how to buy your first Bitcoins to invest your savings better and keep the value of your money.

      Skills you will learn:

      • Learn which are the trusty exchanges that I use when purchasing cryptocurrencies
      • Learn where to store your cryptos (wallets that I tested)
      • Learn the PROs and CONs of the different payment methods
      • Learn simple strategies that will help you increase your portfolio

      What more will you learn in this course?

      • dollar-cost-average strategy when purchasing Bitcoins and Cryptos
      • what is staking and how you can profit out of it
      • a simple method to know at any moment which is the best crypto to buy

      In this course, I will also share my personal approach with you and how I managed to build my cryptocurrency portfolio. I will share with you which exchanges I use (without recommending any of them), where I keep my coins safe and what my strategy is.

      A special discounted price for all of our traders in the Forum:  ✅ 49EUR ✅ 

    • #78574

      Hello All!

      Finally we have launched the Crypto Staking Course:

      In this, course I demonstrated how you can earn passive income with Crypto staking.

      It is THE REVOLUTION in the last year with the cryptocurrencies because many people are earning just from keeping their cryptos in the wallets.

      In this course, I have explained in detail what Crypto Staking is, and how you can do it easily from your phone.

      There is no need to have any previous experience in blockchain, computer building, or anything related to Bitcoin mining.

      For all our Forum users, we have discounted the course to 49EUR during the first 1 month after the launch.

      What will you learn in this course?

      • What is crypto staking, and why it gets popular so quickly?
      • Which are the safest wallets you can use to stake cryptocurrency?
      • What is my strategy when staking cryptocurrencies?
      • Step-by-step demonstration from my phone
    • #83565

      Hello traders,

      An old topic that we should bring to the front. This way you will know what you can expect and if you have any ideas about new courses, I would be more than happy to consider them.

      As you probably have noticed we changed the domain to eatradingacademy.

      The main reason is that we are launching a Stock trading course, and it will not be the only one.

      I recorded many courses for Crypto as well, so we will diversify between Forex, Crypto, and Stock trading.

      The Stock trading course must be live until the end of April!


    • #94932

      Hey Traders,

      We just launched the BRAND-NEW Course!

      It is called the Simple Bitcoin Trading Strategy Course + Bitcoin Robot Included

      In this course, I shared a SUPER Simple Bitcoin Trading Strategy that I have been using for some time. And when I say ”SUPER Simple” I mean that it is simple indeed.

      The strategy is suitable for complete beginners, and at the same time, it applies to any trading platform.

      More, I included the Robot for the strategy, so if you wish to trade it automatically, you will have the freedom to do it.

      By the end of the trading course, you will see live examples from the strategy, and it will become crystal clear to you.

      The Course is Discounted for a limited time for all our Forum users.

    • #110386

      Hey guys,

      Something new and exciting for me. I just finished the first Metaverse course that will be for the Crypto games that are built on a blockchain.

      The course will be live soon and for the forum participants, the price will be discounted.

    • #111126

      Hey traders,

      Would you like to know more about the Metaverse build on a Blockchain?

      I have put together the most important to see if you want to Invest in the Metaverse!

      Here is our brand-new Metaverse Course:

      This course is short and straight to the point.

      For all of our forum participants, we have launched the course at a discounted price for the first week: 49EUR

      So how is it possible to make money in a Metaverse?

      • Play the game and earn rewards
      • Invest in virtual land (many possibilities)
      • Buy and trade NFTs (avatars, wearables, weapons)
      • Create Assets and sell them for profits

      In the course, you will learn how to create NFT assets and Games! No programming is needed. I will show you the free tools available on the Sandbox game.

      I have selected to use the Sandbox Metaverse as an example in this course. At the time of recording the course, I believe it has the most considerable potential over time. However, all other Crypto Metaverses work in the same way because they are all built on a blockchain.

      Plus, on the 3rd of March 2022. the Sandbox Alpha is coming back with a Season 2. And this time it is open to all, for Fre

      Are you ready for something exciting? Let’s go!

      Petko A

    • #118230

      Introducing…The Professional Forex Robot: Trade a Scalping Forex Strategy. For all Forum users, the price during the first week is just €49!

      What to know about this Forex Robot?

      – This Scalping Forex Strategy uses three different time frames

      – It is designed for USDJPY, and it shouldn’t be changed to other assets

      – There are four entry rules to be confirmed before the trade is opened

      – The strategy uses Stop Loss and Take Profit to protect the capital

      – It is considered a scalping Forex strategy (entering and exiting the market quickly)

      Watch the course preview video here to see if this Forex Robot Course is right for you (+ Free videos that will give you more information about the strategy and the course itself).

    • #121910

      And here it is….the Gold Trading Robot course!

      This course is suitable for complete beginners! In this Gold Trading Strategy course, you will learn:

      – The difference between algorithmic and manual trading
      – Why algorithmic trading is more suitable for beginners (and experienced traders)
      – Selecting a good Broker (trading platform)
      – Installing MetaTrader on PC/Laptop
      – Installing the Robot on the Platform
      – Backtesting the Gold Robot with your broker

    • #122455
      User AvatarAlex C

      Are you going to make a course/EA for OIL, DAX and/or FTSE?

    • #123884

      Hey Alex,

      Yes, I am considering Oil, but we already have course about the Dow Jones if you check the stock trading section.

    • #137336

      And here it is… The FTMO Challenge Master Class!

      The Complete FTMO Challenge Course

      Why did I decide to record this course?

      • First, many of you have been asking for it for quite a long time, so I decided to fulfill the wish!
      • FTMO, like many other Prop trading firms, offers the opportunity to beginners to trade with large accounts.
      • It’s practical: The system I demonstrated in the course is applicable to any live trading account.

      So what will you learn in this FTMO Master Class?

      • Reach 10% easily without emotions and concerns
      • How to trade the best pair during the day
      • Recognize the strongest and the weakest currency
      • Scalp the market to make quick profits (trading on M1 time frame)
      • Fixed rules to enter with pending orders (avoid emotions 100%)
      • Take realistic profits to build the desired rewards
      • Keep the Stop Loss at a logical place to secure the profits


      Get ready to take action!

      You have nothing to lose. You can practice as long as you wish until you are happy with the results! I will give you a ready-to-use strategy, so it is all in your hands now!

      Petko A

    • #159018
      User AvatarBrandonDavis88

      Considering the significant price difference between the Ultimate package and the Waka Waka Trading bot, what are some notable benefits that the Ultimate package offers over the trading bot that make it a worthwhile investment?

    • #159301

      Hey Brandon,

      As you already probably know, Waka Waka was not developed by us, I just tested it and liked it myself.

      That is an EA that trades fully automatically and it is really a stress-free one. However, the percents are not huge.

      Quite stable for the long term or 9-10% yearly with the low-risk settings. I explained it in that video:

      The Ultimate Pack includes everything we do in the Academy and all the EAs I use, which bring much higher profits but there is some manual work to be done – scaling up the trades, managing the EAs from Demo to Live, etc.

      It’s just two different approaches to algo trading. That is why I think Waka Waka was a good fit to all the rest we do.

      Hope that makes it clearer.


      • #174543
        User AvatarRobert Frank

        I put the 15 minute envelope strategy into my mt4 from the how to pass prop challenge course and it shows losing money since march when I did strategy tester.  Wondering if anyone else is getting that I am using funded next which is 8 cap like most of the prop firms out there.

    • #174805

      The EA has had some loses recently because the EURUSD is very trendy but definitely not from March.

      Can you share how you are doing the backtest? Do you Open prices only as a model?

      Kind regards,

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