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    Hello traders,

    in this topic I will inform you about the upcoming trading courses.

    Currently I am working on a beginner trading course for MetaTrader 4.

    This trading course will be a complete guide to MetaTrader 4. It will be focused on practical examples, and systematic approach instead of endless theory.

    Daily we receive on the e-mail many questions about the Meta Trader 4 platform and I realized that the students/traders do not use it on its full capacity.

    MetaTrader 4 provides many possibilities to traders for manual and algorithmic trading. It is the most common platform and it is free, which makes it perfect for beginner traders. I will base the trading course on MetaTrader 4, because it is still more popular than MetaTrader 5. Anyway, the differences are small.

    I will do my best to launch the course by the end of this month.



    Ooo I will be the first one taking your trading course!

    I was looking for videos in YouTube avout MetaTrader 4 but it takes times. I will be happy to get such a course and teach is all in ones.

    Chris Eliot

    Nice to know what is coming up. I am experienced with MetaTrader, but I take every new course from you Petko, because there is always something new for me. 🙂


    Me too, I do not miss any course from Petko. They are useful to me.


    Cheers, Guys! I am glad that my trading courses cause such interest. I out all my knowledge and energy into each one, and when i hear that people are interested, when I see the total watched minutes, it makes me very very satisfied, and that gives me a lot of energy to continue…


    I hope you will continue creating courses and trading systems, so many more will learn from you, Petko!


    Thank you, Chingi!

    I appreciate your kind words! Have a great Friday, and weekend ahead!


    I will be waiting for the new trading course as I am fully beginner!


    Me too! I went over all the 20 courses and I am hungry for another trading course 🙂


    Hey guys,

    the new course is almost ready, and it will be published very soon.

    Thanks for the patience!


    Hello Petko,

    I see that the new trading course for Meta Trader is already uploaded?


    Hey Andi,

    yes, the course is already live. I was surprised to see how many students joined immediately.

    As you know I am not a fan of making basic courses, because I want to show always more advanced techniques in trading, but of course, we need the basic courses, so the beginner traders can learn the basics, and move the more advanced courses.

    Maria Leona

    Hey Petko,

    I took the course immediately, even I think I know Meta Trader, there is always something to learn from you. Plus there are another 3 EAs from you which I want to test.

    Thanks so much!


    Hi Petko,

    I agree that there should be beginner trading courses. When I was starting with Forex I have spent so much time to read books and find some videos. You place it all sistematically and without any unnecessary theory, which is very useful.

    Anyway I do not miss any course of yours. I watched the new trading course for Meta Trader. For me it was very useful to watch the lectures with the indicators. I have been using most of them with EA Studio and FSB Pro but now I have much better idea about each one. And of course, the 3 EA are already trading 🙂


    Hey Andi,

    I was planning a long time to launch a trading course with more details about each indicator because I do think that a trader needs to have an idea about them.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 181 total)

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