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    Dear traders,

    the next trading course that we will launch by the end of this month is focused on two methods that I use to avoid Demo trading.

    I will explain those methods in details, and I will demonstrate how I am using EA Studio to do that.

    I have chosen the AUDUSD as currency pair this time.

    Will let you know once the course is ready.


    O, Petko, I will be waiting for this course! I read about one of your methods on the forum, but never got into details about it. Sometimes I do not have the patience with demo testing, so I hope you launch it soon!


    Hello Haliffa, the new trading course is nearly ready. I think it will be on the website until the end of the week.

    As I like to say, it is sweet and short trading course focused on practical points, no theory 🙂


    Hello guys,

    the new trading course is launched.

    The name is Top 10 AUDUSD Expert Advisors – Forex Algo trading.

    As said it is focused on the methods to avoid Demo trading with the Expert Advisors. I showed two methods that work fine with me so far.

    As always, I included 10 EAs, so the beginner traders can practice trading.

    Enjoy it!


    Hey Petko!

    I am on the course already! 🙂

    By the way, I love the new design of the website! Good job!

    Ian Bibian

    into the course!

    Agree, the design is very clear and friendly.


    Hey, guys, I am glad to hear that. I liked it a lot too. There is some more work to be done.


    Hey Petko,

    I loved the new course. The two methods are very logical, and I loved how you explained to them.

    I spend nearly 6 hours on it, and now the reactor is running with some great EAs as result.

    Thank you for all your work!


    Just took the trading course for the Aussie and I will watch it this afternoon. Petko has always something new to teach and show, which makes each of his trading courses unique.


    Hello Desita,

    Thank you very much for the kind words!. It is my pleasure to record the courses and share my experience with everybody.

    I am very happy when experienced Traders take more of my courses this means that the material and the content I provide is really valuable and it makes me very happy.

    The EA studio provides many opportunities which improved the algorithmic trading in general.

    The new features that are available in EA studio allow as many different generating options which give the Trader a lot of freedom and it gives us the chance to experiment and to test different expert advisors.

    Iohan Dive

    Hey Petko,

    thanks for the recent courses, they were really interesting. I am still testing the R-squared feature from the last Top 10 AUDUSD trading course, but at the same time, I wanted to ask you what is the upcoming trading course? 🙂

    Petko AleksandrovPetko Aleksandrov

    Hello Iohan,

    You are very welcome! I am really glad that the courses cause interested, and many traders join.

    The next course will be dedicated to the biggest problem in algorithmic trading – the robustness of the strategies.

    We all know that we can create EAs very easy with EA Studio, so the question is how to know if these strategies will perform well in the future.

    I will cover all the robustness tests in detail. Probably this time I will focus on the USDCAD pair.


    I am waiting for this trading course, Petko! I hope you will go over the Walk forward because I can not still figure it out. And I think you did not mention it in your courses so far.

    Petko AleksandrovPetko Aleksandrov

    You are right, Shamasa, I did not talk about Walk forward so far because it was improved all the time. For sure this time I will cover it because it is a robustness tool, and if it is improved int he future, I will just update the course.


    I am looking forward to the trading course too!

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