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    Hello Gianluca,

    You are welcome! It makes me happy that every course I launch causes interest and many traders join. That really gives me a lot of energy to keep doing what I am doing…

    Now, the Basic cryptocurrency course is focused really on beginners as I go over all basic staff that one needs to know. MetaTrader, pips, points, spread…up to the algorithmic trading.

    The Revolution is different. THere I focus on the Never losing formula and how I combine it with the Expert Advisors. I provide in both 12 EAs, but in the revolution, I show examples of trading with EAs and combining the trades with the NLF.

    I hope that helps.


    Sharapova Sisi

    I really liked the new stock trading course, Petko! The EAs so far are awesome with me!

    Bart Meijrink

    Glad I caught the discount for this stock trading course! I’m on!



    Thanks for sharing.


    Hi Petko. I have a lot of your courses. I’m beginning now to trade with yuor eurusd experts.i’d want to know if one expert can open only one trade for time, as eurusd, or the others ea are different. Thank you, your job is fantastic


    Hello Gianluca,

    Glad to hear that you liked my job. I appreciate your words.

    Regarding your questions, I am not really sure if I understand you…do you mean if one EA can open many trades on one asset?

    If the EA is from EA Studio, it will open just one trade at a time, and it will not open a second one before the first one is closed.

    If the EA is from FSB Pro, there is the option to add to the position according to different rules.

    Let me know if I answered the question or you wanted to ask something else.



    Hey Petko,

    I really liked the new Stock trading course. Do you plan to make other courses for stocks?

    I see from the course that trading individual stocks as apple ot google is more expensive, so another index course will be creat. Such as DAX or S&P 500.

    I really see that is is all about risk diversification.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


    The stock trading course just rocks!

    I will be very happy to get more stock trading courses or indexes, or any other which will be just very useful for me to increase my portfolio.

    Kind regards,



    Hi Gianluca. What’s your take on trading with currency pairs?


    Hi Thomas. Now i have a lot of Petko course, forex sure, but gold, cripto, dow jones, too. I’m trading with demo account. With the best eas i will trade in the live account.


    Hello everyone. I’m interested to know something. When there’s a new course uploaded, is the information shared here or how do guys get to know about it? I mean is a thread like this one created every time a new course is uploaded?


    Greetings. I would really appreciate a course on scalping using EAs.  I have been watching my EA trading with the market in a range and its stays there for even a week without movement with the floating profit swinging from $500 to -$50 for example and i see that as an opportunity for scalping


    Hello James,

    Glad to hear from you.

    Try generating EAs on the lower time frames. Also, if you want to close your trades within the day, you can do that with the time settings.

    I showed that in the course Forex Expert Advisor course – London, New York & Tokyo Algorithmic trading

    I show there how to trade the EAs within the trading sessions.


    Hello Petko,

    what will be the upcoming trading course and when we can expect it?

    I mean, is it for manual or algorithmic trading?

    Thanks for your answer,



    Hello Thomas,

    Probably the new course will come in December. We are updating now some of our old courses. We have improved a lot the audio, camera, and studio because I want to provide better quality courses.

    The new course most probably will be about the Never Losing Formula but in Forex.

    Something many of the students asked me about.



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