Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2021

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Hello dear traders, today I’m going to talk about the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges you can have a look at and you can check out. I will give you just some statistics and you will decide which one you would prefer to use.

The cryptocurrency exchanges list, I have prepared according to the daily volume, the assets that are traded, and I will give you an idea of when these cryptocurrencies exchanges were launched.


The first one, obviously, is Binance with over $16 billion of daily volume, and it has 630 different assets to be traded, a huge choice between different cryptocurrencies.


Everyone knows Binance which is pretty much the biggest cryptocurrency exchange and it was launched in July 2017. It is not an old cryptocurrency exchange but it’s at the top of my list of cryptocurrency exchanges.


The second one is Huobi. It has about $3 billion daily volume and it has 556 different assets, and it was launched back in 2013.


It’s quite a popular cryptocurrency exchange.

Coinbase: My favoorite among all crytpocurrency excahnges

Number 3 is Coinbase with above $1.15 billion daily volume and it has just 73 cryptocurrencies to be traded, and it was launched in May 2014.

Why do I use Coinbase?


First of all, it is very easy to use and it’s very easy for beginner traders to get used to it. This is why I show it in my courses because even if you don’t have any experience in cryptocurrency exchanges and you just want to buy some Bitcoin or any other crypto, it’s quite easy to register and to have a look at all the assets and to buy.

Then you can withdraw either to your Visa that you have used or you can withdraw to your PayPal account which I find pretty cool. And the withdrawals are instant. Anytime you need your money from the Wallet, you can withdraw and it goes to your bank immediately which is pretty cool with Coinbase.

You can make an instant withdrawal

You can find a detailed Coinbase review here and learn more about it if you wish to.


Number 4 is Kraken with over $700 million of daily transactions and it has 177 assets. It was launched in July 2011. Pretty much, it’s one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges we have nowadays.



At the fifth spot is Bithumb with over $500 million of daily transactions, 103 assets are available to be traded, and it was launched in January 2014, so pretty much a trusted cryptocurrency exchange with over 7 years of history now.



Number 6 is Bitfinex with $630 million of daily volume, it has 116 markets.


Number 7,, probably you’ve heard about them. They have above $1.8 billion of daily volume, and they offer 116 markets, launched back in November 2017.

BitFlyer: the one with lowest number of assets among the 10 cryptocurrency exchanges

We have bitFlyer on the eighth spot which has $200 million of daily volume, but the concern there is that they offer just 5 different markets to be traded and this is the kind of thing that pushes the people away because usually, the traders and the investors want to trade more assets. It was launched in January 2014.


Number 9 goes to Abit with over $700 million of daily volume. The good thing here is that you can choose between 192 different cryptocurrencies to be traded. And Abit was launched in 2017 in October.


At number 10 is Bittrex with $129 million volume per day. The great thing here is that it has 442 different assets that you can choose from.

That was the list of cryptocurrency exchanges that you can use before risking any real money on the market and I would suggest you check any of them, compare the fees, and decide which one will work best for you.

As for the moment, I use Coinbase the most as I’ve said. Don’t take it as a recommendation, make sure to choose a regulated cryptocurrency exchange and make sure to test it with small amounts of money. You can purchase some crypto, sell it, then withdraw back to your bank account and see if they are legit and if their trading conditions will fit your trading style.

Thanks for reading.

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