most volatile forex currency pairs

Top 10 Most Volatile Forex Pairs + The Reasons Why

Today I will talk about the most volatile Forex currency pairs. Now the most volatile currency pairs are not the most popular Forex pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY. These are the Forex currency pairs that are most traded, the most popular but exactly that makes them less volatile and I will explain to you why.

Which is the most traded currency pair?

So let’s start first from what are the Forex currency pairs and what is the volatility?

So if you are a beginner, probably you know already that there are different markets like the Forex market, the Cryptocurrency market, Stock market, there are futures, bonds, a lot of things to trade with.

The most popular is the Forex market with one of the biggest volumes daily over $5 trillion. Now EURUSD definitely is the most traded currency pair, it represents the economies of Europe and the United States.

It’s a lot of transactions, a lot of European companies are working in the States, a lot of U.S. companies are working in Europe. They exchange, they send profits, they convert their income into the national currencies. And it’s a lot of trading volume for the EURUSD. But exactly because many people are buying and selling it, like 20% of the Forex market goes to EURUSD, that makes it not that volatile.

What is volatility?

Let me put that simply, imagine you are in the vegetable market. A lot of people selling potatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, apples, but there are just a few out there that are selling pineapple, for example. So they can actually increase and decrease the price because it’s a few of them. The others that are selling the most common fruits and vegetables go to average price and they cannot fluctuate a lot with the price.

Same thing on the market, when a lot of people are trading the EURUSD, a lot of transactions, a lot of EUR exchange for USD, and vice versa. Then the price fluctuates less and that is the volatility. The more the price fluctuates up and down, the more volatile is the asset. And these are usually exotic currency pairs or these are commodity currency pairs.

What is a currency pair?

And before I tell you which are the most volatile currency pairs, I would like to explain what is the currency pair for beginner traders. So if we have EURUSD, if it rises, it means EUR rises. This is very important to note before you start any trading. If EURUSD falls, then what that means, the USD is stronger. However, if EUR is not moving, not strong, not weak, neutral, it depends on what happens with the USD, if the USD is weak at that moment, EURUSD will go up.

If the USD is strong at that moment, then EURUSD will go down. So it’s about the 2 of them, which one is stronger than the other one at the current moment. And that’s what drives the price up and down.

The most volatile currency pairs


The most volatile Forex currency pairs USDKRW

The first I will share are quite interesting. This is the USD versus the KRW (South Korean won). And the second one is the USD versus the BRL (Brazilian real). So these 2 are quite popular among the aggressive investors, I can say, and traders because the huge volatility in these currency pairs usually makes easier profits.

But at the same time, it could bring you easier losses. So be careful trading these not popular, I can say, but most volatile currency pairs.


The most volatile Forex currency pairs AUDJPY

The second most volatile Forex pairs are the AUDJPY and the NZDJPY because these are economies highly connected to their exports. And, for example, AUDJPY, Aussie stands for AUD. So AUDJPY means AUD versus the JPY and the JPY is considered to be one of the least volatile currency pairs.

Which means that it doesn’t move that much. Actually, the investors consider the JPY as a safe haven currency. This means that when there is some uncertainty on the market, they put a lot of their investments into JPY as a stable currency. So they are not risking with a lot of fluctuations. At the same time, Aussie or the AUD depends a lot on the export that Australia does. So when the price of the exported goods changes, that easily makes the AUDJPY one of the most volatile currency pairs.

Canada-Japan oil relationship

Same thing with the NZD which is known as Kiwi. So when you say Kiwi to Yen means that is the NZD versus JPY. And actually, it’s known to be Kiwi not because of the fruit. But because they have a bird called Kiwi and it’s kind of a national mark for New Zealand. So when the prices of dairy goods, or eggs, or meat, wood, they export a lot of these products. When the prices change, this makes the NZDUSD very volatile and especially against the JPY which is a stable currency.

So when the NZD or the Aussie move up and down and JPY is stable, that makes the 2 currency pairs, the AUDJPY and the NZDJPY or the Kiwi Yen very volatile.


The most volatile Forex currency pairs EURGBP

The next most volatile currency pairs are the EURGBP and the CADJPY. So EURGBP used to be not that volatile but since the vote of Brexit in 2016, and it actually happened now in 2021, what happened is the UK is separated from Europe. Then the EURGBP started to move a lot and became one of the most volatile currency pairs.

However, with some brokers, you can find it as EURGBP. With some, you can find it as GBPEUR but it’s the same thing. So the whole Brexit thing made EURGBP one of the volatile currency pairs that I really like to trade most.


CADJPY currency pair

The next one is CADJPY which means CAD versus the JPY. Now as you probably know, Canada exports a lot of oil. This makes the CAD as a currency closely related to the price of oil. And because Japan imports a lot of oil from Canada, they obviously need to buy more CAD with their JPY.

And that makes the CADJPY a very volatile Forex currency pair, related the most of course, to the price of the oil. So when there are some fluctuations with the oil, the CADJPY moves as well very nicely. And we can easily trade it because we usually know what is going on with the oil from the economic news, we know when are the epic meetings, where there are important speeches. And it’s a little bit easier to trade the CAD which is related to the price of oil compared to the export of dairy products from New Zealand, for example.


The next most volatile Forex pair is the GBPAUD. So as we said, Aussie or the AUD is very related to the exports that Australia does. However, before the U.S-China trade war, Australia had a very strong partner in the face of China. But after the trade war, that changed and the value of exported goods from Australia fell which made the GBPAUD a very fluctuate currency pair as well.


The most volatile Forex currency pairs USDZAR

USDZAR or this is the USD versus the ZAR (South African Rand). A very volatile currency pair that had a fantastic uptrend for a long time and it was super easy to trade. And a lot of the investors did a lot of profits from trading the USDZAR. Now, why is this currency pair so volatile? The South African export mainly is gold and as you know, the gold is the back up for all currency pairs and especially for the USD. That’s why the price of gold is usually related to the USD. So when the price of gold rises, more rands are needed to purchase USD.

Number 9, USD versus the TRY

The TRY has lost a lot of its value in the last decade because of political events, elections, trade war with the United States. And the lira was one of the best profits I could have ever taken. And together with the RUB, actually, when these 2 collapsed it was super easy to make some quick profits. But that’s not long-term trading. I’m talking about when something happens in the market, we want to take advantage of it and we do it. Basically, this is how I use personally the most volatile Forex pairs.

USD versus the MXN


And number 10 for the most volatile Forex pairs goes to USD versus the MXN. As you know, since Trump became the president, there was kind of a rocky relationship between the States and Mexico which made USDMXN to be a very volatile currency pair. So these are the 10 very volatile currency pairs.

But, one more time, this doesn’t mean that these are the very popular currency pairs we trade. As I said, personally I trade the most EURGBP. And with all the rest, I just take advantage when there is something extraordinary in the market when any of them collapses, crashes, something extreme happens and it moves like a thousand pips, then I would be happy to be participating and to take some quick profits. But that happens honestly rarely.


So this was about the most volatile Forex pairs. If you have any questions drop them in the comments below. Of course, probably by the time you’re reading this article, some others could be the most volatile Forex currency pairs. Because it depends a lot on what’s going on in the market. The exports, prices.

And it’s all about you if you want to be a more risky trader or you would prefer to trade the most popular Forex pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and stay away from the volatile currency pairs.

Thanks for reading. And if you have any questions let me know.

Forex Money Management

Forex Money Management [Strategy & Plan]

Forex Money Management

Many traders, beginners, or even a little bit advanced people, fail on the market because they don’t have a Forex money management system to follow. That’s crucially important. This is the base. And that’s exactly what we will be talking about in this lecture.

Hello everyone, I’m very happy to welcome you to our Trading Academy channel. We share a lot of our strategies, ideas, systems for the Forex market, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, algorithm trading. Basically, everything that we do for years.

We’ve decided to create a vlog as well where we will be sharing more thoughts, tips, and suggestions to beginner traders who are just starting out and have no idea from where to go. And especially the people who already lost money because I can assure you that the mass of people around lose money initially because they didn’t take solid education. They didn’t follow strict Forex money management.

The Profit Factor

Profit factor is key part in the Forex money management
Profit factor is key part in the Forex money management

Even if you have the perfect strategy (there is no such strategy, but let’s say you have a very good strategy), no matter if it is manual, it is algorithmic trading using Robots, just a strategy that has a bigger Profit factor.

So for the beginners, the Profit factor is the total profits divided by the total losses in the account.

So let’s say I use one strategy and I buy, sell, I follow the strategy strictly. At the end of the month, if I have $1,000 profits from closed trades and I have $500 losses, my Profit factor would be 2. 1,000 divided by 500. And anything above, Profit factor above 1, that’s OK. So even if I have $501 and I have a profit and I have a $500 loss, that’s OK because I have $1 profit.

My Profit factor is above 1, so it’s not a point to be above 0, the point is to be above 1. And why I’m talking about the Profit factor and the money management you will understand just in a second. So every strategy that has a positive Profit factor, and not just positive but a Profit factor above 1 is a good strategy. It brings you more money than losses.

Forex Money Management Strategy

Now the thing is, even if you have such a strategy with a good Profit factor like 2, 2 is a great Profit factor because you will be making simply more profits, double more profits than losses. The thing is, even if you have such a strategy but you have bad Forex money management, then you might still blow your account.

Now every strategy out there, no matter which strategy you’re using, guys, every strategy has losses. That’s why the Profit factor is important, so we can compare the profits and the losses and we can see how profitable the strategy is, especially when we do backtests with Expert Advisors.

So when you start trading, you will see sooner or later that there will be losing trades and sometimes these trades are consecutive. For example, I would be making, let’s say a $100 profit, then I will drop to 50, then I will go up to 120, then I can drop to 30. These are drawdowns. Where our equity goes down and of course if the strategy is robust and if it’s profitable in the longer term, then our equity should continue higher.

Increasing the Lots

But thing is, what happens when you have a few consecutive losing trades? This is where you can blow your account if you don’t have a good Forex money management system. Because what happens with the beginners is they start seeing profits and the feelings start to play. Especially, when you have a few consecutive days, you will be so confident in your strategy. 

You will say, OK, I know how to do it now, I know how to trade, and you did just $100. And you say, OK, now if I was trading with double size, I’ll be making 200. And you start to increase the lots, you start to increase the quantity you trade, because you’re so confident in your strategy. You did profits.

But what happens is, it is very likely that when you increase your lots, the lot is the trading quantity in trading, when you increase the lots, what happens, there is a huge possibility that at this time you will hit the losing period. But you increased a lot and then you will have just double more losses into your account and you will go on 0 or even below that.

Losing Trades

And then you’re still very confident in your system. You say, OK, I know this system is very profitable, I did profits, I just hit the losing trades. And after the losing trades obviously, I will have the profitable trades. Then you might increase more the lot. And then if there are other losing trades, you can easily blow your account.

Simply one day, you will not have enough margin in your account. The broker will close the existing trades because they cannot handle negative losses and you will lose everything. Using a profitable strategy. And many people don’t even realize what the issue is, they think it’s the strategy.

But most of the time, especially if you use a backtested strategy with Expert Advisor which proves to be robust. The reason of losing or failing and trading is because of the feelings. This is because of bad money management. And one thing, so what’s the solution?

Algorithmic Trading

That’s the purpose of this lecture. I’m just explaining first the problem so you can understand where it comes from. And then you will understand what is the solution. Now the solution is algorithmic trading, Expert Advisors. These are Robots that execute the trades automatically.

The Expert Advisors will follow your strategy strictly 100%, even when you are sleeping, even when you are driving like me.

Using a robot for better Forex money management
Using a robot for better Forex money management

This is what I do guys, I trade with Expert Advisors all the time. The EAs are trading on my computer. And that’s what I love the most with the Expert Advisors. But regarding the Forex money management, the Expert Advisors, these are codes. This is a code for the strategy, doesn’t have feelings.

Reasons for using a fixed quantity

So even if it does a few consecutive trades, profitable ones. It will not get greedy to increase the lot. It follows the same amount. And now all the Robots that we use in the Academy and that I attach to our courses are always with a fixed entry.

For example, you set it to 0.01 which is the minimum quantity or you set it to 0.1 or 1 lot if you have bigger capital, then that’s it. It will always trade with 0.1. And the time you decide your account is growing, you can start increasing the lot accordingly.

I will give you some examples at the end of the lecture to let you know what I follow as a Forex money management when it comes to the account and the quantity I trade with. But that’s the reason, that’s why we use always a fixed quantity in the Robots and not what most people want to have. They want to have a percentage as an entry.

Setting the Robot to open trades

So of course, that’s possible to be done with the Expert Advisors. But we do it by purpose this way exactly to lower the emotions into people. Because what’s most popular when trading with Robot, is you set it to open trades, for example, to 5% from your account. It will open every time 5% from your account and it calculates it.

The problem is, when your account starts to grow, your opening entry or your opening percentage for the Robot will grow as well. And again if you hit a losing period or if your strategy has a huge Stop Loss, what will happen is, you can have a much bigger loss than the previous profits the Robot did.

So that’s why it’s better to have 0.1 and that’s it. You follow entry with 0.1 lot. I hope I have succeeded to make that clear and I said I will give you a few examples. So when you are trading, for example, with $1,000, a good Forex money management would be to open trades with maximum 0.5 lots.

Forex Money Management – The Leverage

Then it’s up to you if you want to be trading with 1 strategy using 0.5 if you want to be using 5 strategies using a 0.1. So basically, what happens is all the time, no matter how many trades you have, you will not have more than 0.5 lots. And of course, it depends on the leverage, that’s very important, just mentioning for the beginners. The leverage allows us to borrow money from the broker.

So if you have $1,000 into your account and you use leverage 1 to 30 which is quite popular recently, then you will be able to open trades for up to $30,000. And you need to make sure that you’re using a small portion of this money.

And another thing that many of the beginners don’t understand is that the risk actually is not how much from your account you have opened or you have used. Did you use 5, 10, 20, 50% from your account? But the risk is your Stop Loss. So if you use for your strategy Stop Loss of, let’s say $50 or 50 pips, trading with 0.1 is approximately $50, then this is your risk. 

The Stop Loss

No matter what is your account, how much you’re risking out of it, the real risk is the Stop Loss. Because if you have, for example, small Stop Loss, let’s say 20 pips, 50 pips. I’m not a fan of small Stop Losses, but you use 5 or 10 Expert Advisors for different strategies, and if you open trades with all of them, what will happen is that you and all of them go to a loss.

Which is also possible to happen. What will happen then is you will have a solid loss. So always calculate your Stop Loss. And this is what matters, even if you use all the money of your account. But you use a small Stop Loss, that’s still fine. You have a good Forex money management because you’re not risking a lot.

stop loss example in the forex money management strategy

So following the money management strictly, is very important. And no matter what happens, don’t fall into emotions. Don’t fall into the greed that after profitable trades you will take bigger risks. Don’t fall into the fear that if you see a few losses, you will blow your account and you close for no reason trades. You need to accept that there will be losing trades.

Beware of scammers

The moment you accept that is the moment you will understand how everything works. And many beginners always aim to find a strategy that has no losses. I understand that because many of the brokers promise that. That’s a lot of scammers, YouTubers, people who will drive you to affiliate links for some scam companies.

They will promise you Robots without any losses and it’s like accepted. The general mass of beginners thinks that there is such a thing. But the fact is, there is no such thing, guys. There will be always a loss in your strategy. There will be a week, maybe a month even without doing any profits.

But next month will be OK. Next 2, 3 will be all right and you will be on the profitable side, if you use your strategy strictly and if you have good Forex money management. Don’t look for a strategy that will bring you no losses.

Good Forex Money Management

I’m telling you this because I have been through that. And the only solution for having no losses is the never losing formula that I have calculated for the Cryptos where I take hedging trades and I open trades against the initial trade to cover the losses. It’s mathematics that I’ve been using. And then every losing trade just exits with 0 loss.

That’s the maximum you can achieve out there, nothing more. So be realistic, don’t fall into emotions. Follow your strategy strictly and precise Forex money management that will feel comfortable for you. So anything where you’re not risking more than 2% to 5% of your account, is good Forex money management.

And anything that you are not blowing your account in a few trades still works fine. Let me know if you have any questions. Share with me in the comments below what are your thoughts about the Forex money 

What you’re using at the moment, so we can discuss it and see if that is the right one for you or you can improve it more. And of course, if you have liked the video, give it a thumbs-up.

I will see you in another lecture, guys. Take care.


forex trading basics

Forex Trading Basics

Forex Trading Basics – Understanding Currency Trading

Hello everyone. As you already know, in our blog we share our experience, trading strategies, and many Forex trading basics tips.

In this lecture, I will cover some of the basic Forex terminologies. Moreover, I will share some tips that will help you to get started with Forex trading if you are a complete beginner.

These Forex basics tips might be very useful to some of you as this way you won’t repeat the common mistakes that most beginner traders do.

Forex Basics: Choosing a Broker

So the first step you take, even before you start trading, is to choose a broker.

For the beginners who aren’t familiar with the basics of Forex trading, the brokers are the companies that provide access to the trading platforms.

We use them to participate in the market. How usually does it go? You choose a broker and fund your trading account.

You open an account, you fund it, for example with $1,000. And then you use this amount of money to trade, to buy different assets, to sell, and so on.

Scam Brokers

One of the major problems in the trading industry at the moment is the scam brokers.

As you may know, I’m originally from Bulgaria.  And unfortunately, Bulgaria is the spot where there are hundreds of scam brokers located. They don’t work just with Bulgarian clients. Actually, they don’t accept Bulgarian clients as well, at all. But Bulgaria is the place where they found it easiest in Europe to locate their offices.

There are hundreds of scam brokers. And it’s very hard for beginners to recognize when a broker is a scam until they lose their money.

What these brokers do usually is to find the so-called leads. These are the contacts they gather, usually from online ads. It could be a fancy YouTube video where traders are showing off with jet planes and expensive cars. They tell you that you can earn the same money very quickly.

brokers making phone calls
Scam brokers will ask you to deposit even through the phone

And you just register, you leave your email, phone, and immediately you will receive a call from the experienced trader who will sell you anything very well. And they will ask you to deposit even through the phone, to give your credit card details over the phone to fund your account, and unfortunately, you will never see your money again.

There are thousands of people scammed daily.

Go For a Regulated Broker

Forex trading basics Rule #1 – go for a regulated broker.

We had so many people in the Academy coming after they were scammed, but unfortunately, we cannot help with anything.

Don’t ask us for that. There are some institutions that help scammed people from brokers, not sure. At the same time, there are scam companies that are helping you to get rid of the scam and to get your money back. So they will make more money from you promising they will give back your money from some scam broker.

It’s a really bad practice, and I hope you’re reading this Forex trading basics lecture before you experience such a scam broker.

Trusted Brokers

To make it easier for our students, we have created a trusted brokers page. If you visit our website and you click on the Brokers section, you will see trusted brokers that I’ve been using personally.

We are testing different brokers all the time. And we are looking for the regulations, this is very important.

So, for example, in Europe, it’s a very strong regulation to have FCA, which is in the UK actually, the Financial Conduct Authority. In addition, we have CYSEC in Cyprus, and there are different regulators around the world.

There are different regulators in the United States, there are different regulators in Asia, in Africa. And actually, the scam brokers usually do not mess with the US. This is the only country they avoid for some reason.

Understanding Forex Trading Live Account & Demo Account

So you choose a regulated broker, this is the number one thing.

And then you have 2 options. To open a Demo account, or you can open a live account. The Demo account is a virtual account and if you’re a beginner, I would suggest you go for it to get familiar with Forex trading basics. Moreover, there, you have no limitation with the starting amount.

With most of the brokers, you can open a Demo account with $1,000, with $15,000, with $50, $100,000, anything. I would suggest you choose an amount that will be similar to the amount you would be investing or when you open a live account. If you are planning to open a live account with $1,000, then go for a Demo account with $1,000.

This way, you will see realistically what are the risks, how much you can achieve. And, for example, many people want to start trading with $200 which is absolutely fine. If you can afford that much, of course, you will be starting with that much.

But don’t expect from $200 to make $1,000 at the end of the month. This will be unrealistic to have 500% of a profit. I don’t say it’s not possible, I say it’s not realistic to have it as a constant result.

So start with a small amount that you feel comfortable with and you are not risking a lot. Basically, this should be an amount of money that you are capable of losing.

And before you open the account, keep in mind to choose good leverage or appropriate leverage for your trading.

Forex Basics: Leverage in Trading

Now, what is the leverage?

This is the amount of money that the brokers will give you. To trade with as an extra. Or if I will try to explain it in simple words, this is the money that the broker will borrow to you.

For example, if you use leverage 1 to 100, this means that if you fund an account with $1,000, you will be able to trade with $100,000.

tag cloud accenting on leverage

And if you put all of your money into a single trade, of course, you can do a huge profit. But at the same time, you can blow your account immediately.

So this is where money management is crucial, and you should never trade with all of your money. Especially if you are not familiar with Forex basics and you are trading with huge leverage.

Leverage Restrictions

And for the beginners who are still getting a better understanding of Forex trading, the leverage, the money the broker borrows you is not a loan. You’re not supposed to give that money back to the broker.

This is just a financial practice and it’s not only with the Forex trading leverages, it’s used in many different fields. But with the Forex trading, it works that way. And, for example, in 2018, in Europe, we accepted the ESMA restrictions where now in Europe, we are limited with the leverage.

For example, with Cryptocurrencies, we have a maximum of 1 to 2 leverage. This means that if I have $10,000 in the trading account, the maximum I can trade with is $20,000 which is a very huge limitation compared to what I was used to and many of our traders in Europe. But that’s it.

These are the regulations and obviously, we have to follow them. And in different countries it’s different. And, of course, if you see leverage 1 to 2000, for example, I have seen such brokers, pay attention that this could be a scam broker.

Basic Forex Trading Strategies

Now, the next thing when you open an account and you choose your broker, you open an account, you set up, you install the platform, is to have a trading strategy.

Now, there are so many strategies. The first thing is it’s important to use a strategy. You cannot just buy and sell randomly by looking at the chart especially if you don’t have experience. You will end up losing money.

From where to get a strategy? I can talk a lot about that.

man holding trading strategies sign
Many people sell unproven trading strategies

Definitely, YouTube is a fantastic place from where you can find free video tutorials on Forex trading and get some free strategies. And personally, I have uploaded many free videos with strategies on YouTube. Moreover, we have a separate category with articles about trading strategies in our blog.

Forex Basics Courses in the Academy

Why do we do that?

We do a lot of things in the Academy. We do paid courses, we have free courses. And usually, with the paid courses, we upload some of the videos as free lectures on YouTube so the students and the traders can see what this course is about or what we cover, what type of strategies.

And, for example, I have a few courses where I show 5 strategies. I have one course for Forex, I have one for crypto where I show 5 strategies, how to be executed manually and how to trade them automatically.

Forex trading basics education

So what I would normally do, I will just upload one of the strategies free on YouTube so everyone who wants to use it, it’s OK to use it. And at the same time, if you like it, then you might be interested to buy the complete course and access the other 4 strategies. This is how personally we do it.

Now, most of the traders that are profitable are not likely to share their strategies for free as I do. That’s a personal choice. You cannot blame them as well at the same time, because they spend a lot of time creating the strategies, testing them, and there is this kind of, you know, a selfish approach that the traders don’t want to share their strategies. Or they may charge you a lot of money to give you their strategies. 

YouTube Video Tutorials on Forex Trading

So YouTube is a place where you can find great video tutorials on Forex trading and I think great strategies. But, of course, most of them are for promotional purposes. And three, I would not suggest you go for strategies that are from the broker.

Most of the brokers have education on their websites. They will say this is what you need to do.

The regulated brokers don’t give promises. They just walk you through some basic education that is not enough. If the broker gives you promises, again, that’s a sign that this is a scam broker.

But if you see the Forex basics education of the brokers and you test it and you go for it on your live account or even a Demo account, you will see that 99% of the time, you will be losing.

The Market Maker Broker

The brokers do not want you to make profits, keep that in mind. It doesn’t matter if it is a scam or a regulated broker. They don’t want the clients to make money and especially if they are market makers.

So what is the market maker broker?

This is where all the funds and the transactions stay within the broker.

So I open an account with broker A, for example, if that broker is not a market maker, what they will do, they will transfer all the positions to a bigger broker.

Then some of the brokers are just transferring some of the positions to other brokers and they usually benefit from the spread. And for the beginners, the spread is the difference between the Buy and the Sell price or the Bid and the Ask price. When we buy an asset, we buy it on the Ask price, when we sell, we sell it on the Bid price.

Or if you buy EURUSD, you will be paying a little bit more expensive price from the 2 prices that you see and when you close the position, you are closing it at the lowest price. This is the spread. This is where the broker benefits. But if the broker is a market maker, they will be happy if you lose your money. Because the money will stay with them.

Do not go for education from the brokers

So I would strongly suggest not to go for the education from the brokers. You can read it as a resource, you know, just to learn the Forex basics terminologies, I’m explaining some of them in this video.

But if you want really a profitable strategy, then you should be taking it more seriously.

It should be a trusted resource and usually, what is considered as a trusted resource is if the trader is actually showing live trading. This is what I do in most of my courses or I can say all of my courses.

I demonstrate trading with the strategies, I share my screen, and I show realistic results, I always show losses as well because, with every strategy, there are losses, there are profits.

There is no perfect strategy

And I want everyone who takes a course of mine or a strategy or a Robot to keep in mind that there are losses and I just show it so the people will decide. Are they willing to take the risk to have losses? Or are they going to look for a strategy that will have no losses?

There are no strategies, guys, that will have no losses. Every strategy at one moment will bring you losses. There is no perfect strategy that will bring you only profits, keep that in mind.

The Never Losing Formula

The best that I show, for example, is the never losing formula which I called for the cryptos and it was popular much, it’s popular in the Forex market for many years.

But I just recalculated the formula for the cryptocurrencies so when you’re buying and you go on a loss, there is an option to hatch, to sell opposite with a bigger lot, and then if the price goes again, then we buy again and sell again and it’s a range in which we buy and sell until the price breaks and we exit always on a profit.

That’s the idea of the formula. The course is called Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Trading Robot Never Losing Formula if you want to check it out.

I show many examples I have updated recently because the course was launched back in 2017-18 when everybody was crazy about Bitcoin and I showed a system from where you can avoid the losses. And many of the traders ask me if this is still working. Yes, it is.

Many of the students are still using it. I get daily reports about that system because it’s a lot of people taking it and I’m still using it as well when I’m in front of the computer. And I have recorded fresh examples as well.

Forex Trading Basics: The Signals

So, about the signals, the paid signals, this is what is very popular, I would suggest you stay away from signals. A few of the providers are realistic and these are usually the groups where professional traders stay between the signals and they provide signals.

Most of the people and most of the websites that are offering Forex signals are not scams, not all of them. But usually, what they do, they’re looking for monthly subscriptions. You subscribe and they give you some signals.

Usually, they use Expert Advisors, Robots that are not very profitable or they are profitable one month and the next they will be losing. And then you just test it for a few weeks, months, and then you quit.

And new people will come, new people will subscribe, and this is how they make money. From the volume of people subscribing to their signals and not from the trading itself.

And one thing to keep in mind, if you’re using signals, you will not learn anything because they will just send you an email, a pop-up on the phone or depends how they are doing it, what they’re using, and you will see buy EURUSD at $118.50, Stop Loss $118.30, Take Profit $118.90, for example. I’m just picking some numbers right now.

You don’t know why is that, what’s the reason, what’s the strategy behind it, what they have in mind. And at the end of the day, you will spend a few hundred dollars, maybe thousands, and you will not have sustainable results.

So better look for free strategies and video tutorials on Forex trading over YouTube. There are paid courses, of course, there are paid systems, Robots.

Internet Reviews

Nowadays, over the internet, there are so many reviews. If someone is a scammer, you will find immediately reviews about it.

Pay attention to the Robots and the providers of the systems to be trusted, to have good reviews.

And you will know if this is trusted or not. Just make research before you buy any trading system, strategy, or Robot.

man leaving a review

Nowadays, it’s very easy to find out which are the scammers. The brokers, the traders, the people who are teaching, there is always a review if they do any bad practices.

The Bottom Line

These are the very important tips when you are starting and if you have any questions about it, let me know in the comments below. I’d be happy to answer. I will see you in another lecture.

Have a great day and enjoy trading.


MetaTrader 4 Tutorial for Beginners – Getting Started in Forex Trading

In this MetaTrader 4 tutorial, we will show you more about the MetaTrader platform, especially if you are a beginner trader. Moreover, we will give you some tips that you need to know before you trading with Expert Advisors.

This is how the MetaTrader platform looks like after you install it.

MetaTrader tutorial - The platform
The MetaTrader platform

I have selected MetaTrader 4 for the purpose of this course and for most of my courses because it is the most common platform for trading. It allows algorithmic trading, which is very important, and it is free. The brokers pay the MetaQuotes Company and the brokers provide the platform to us for free.

We don’t pay any monthly fees, charges, and so on. What we pay the brokers is the spread. This is the difference between the Bid and the Ask price.

Bid and Ask price MetaTrader tutorial
The Bid and Ask price

For the beginner traders, when we buy an asset, we buy it on the Ask price or this is the more expensive price. And when we sell the asset, we sell it on the Bid price, which is the cheaper price.

For example, if I buy one trading lot at the moment at the price of 1.1860 and the price rises to 1.1960, this will be 100 pips of a profit. If I close the position at that moment, I will be closing it on the Bid price. Therefore, the broker will benefit from the difference between the Buy and the Sell prices. This is very normal and it is important to know when you are trading with Expert Advisors.

The Market Watch

The other cost that we pay the brokers is the swap. The swap comes if we hold our position overnight. If I buy EURUSD today, for example, I hold the position overnight, and I close the trade tomorrow, I will be charged a swap. This is the fee that the broker takes if it transfers the trade to the next day.

It is the same thing if you sell, but some brokers will give you actually a positive swap. In other words, if they hold your position overnight, you may benefit from that.

Let’s see, how much is the swap, for example, for EURUSD. If I right-click over the Market Watch, over the EURUSD and I click on Specification,

Right-click over the asset and click on Specification

you will see below that I have some details about the asset.

Asset contract specification
The asset contract specification

I have a Swap long negative and I have a Swap short positive. This means that if I keep my short trade overnight, I will have some positive swap out of that.

In this MetaTrader 4 tutorial for beginners, you will see a MetaTrader 4 Tutorial PDF attached with some basic terminology about Forex trading which will help you learn all of these terms faster.

In the Market Watch, we see all of the assets that the broker offers you. However, if you don’t see too many, right-click anywhere on the Market Watch and check Show All.

MetaTrader Market Watch tutorial
Right-click over the Market Watch and select Show All

This will display more assets that are provided by the broker. Of course, it depends on the broker that you are using and the type of account you’re using.

Risk Diversification

This broker, for example, offers more assets on its real account, which you will see later in the course. In this course, I will focus on the GBPUSD, which I believe you will be able to find with all of the brokers.

Actually, the GBPUSD is the third most traded currency pair, the first being EURUSD. The second is USDJPY, and the third spot is GBPUSD.

However, in most of our courses, we include different strategies for different assets. In other words, if you have already many of our courses, you will have Expert Advisors for EURUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, and EURGBP.

You will have a great diversification of your risk by trading different assets.

For this course, I will include different strategies for the GBP so you will not rely on one single strategy or one single Expert Advisor. And still, this way, you will have an excellent risk diversification which you will see a little bit later in the course.

If you want to trade any of the assets, all you need to do is to right-click over it in the Market Watch and go to New Order.

Placing a New order
Right-click over the asset and click New Order

This is where you can execute an order, you can set the volume, how much you want to trade, the Stop Loss and the Take Profit.

MetaTrader tutorial order interface
The order

MetaTrader 4 Tutorial: The Navigator

If you want to execute the market price at the moment you can just sell or buy. Or you can use a pending order. In other words, you can select what type of pending order you want to do and select the price at which you want to buy or to sell.

I’m not doing manual trading and I won’t be executing trades manually. You will see how I do it all with Expert Advisors.

In the Navigator, you will see that we have the Accounts. In addition, this is where you will see your account that you opened with the broker, if you have a Demo or if you have a live account.

Then we have different indicators that you can use for your strategies.

The Navigator in MetaTrader
The Navigator

After that, we have the Expert Advisors, which I will show you how to put on your MetaTrader just in the next lectures. Below we have some scripts that are useful for different purposes when you’re using MetaTrader but I am not going into details about that in this tutorial.

The Demo account

Below the Navigator, we have the trading terminal where you will see the open trades and the closed trades. Moreover, we will have the account history where we will see all trades that open and closed.

I have opened a Demo account of 50000 USD, this is virtual money. So if you open a Demo Account and you lose, regardless of whether you are doing manual trading or with Expert Advisors, don’t worry – this is virtual money. In other words, you won’t owe anything to the broker. You can always restart your account and practice. This is the best thing.

To sum up, when you have a Demo account that you are actually trading, you have access to the market and you can practice without losing anything.

Don’t hurry to risk real money until you are confident with the system and until you feel satisfied with the strategies, with the Robots that you’re using. Not just from this course, but any other strategies that you learn.

Make sure to practice and make sure to master it before risking real money on the market.

In the middle of the screen, you see the charts and you can modify those. I can right-click and select Tile Windows. This will split the window into 4 charts, and I can close them if I want and leave just one. As I’ve said in this course, I will be trading the GBPUSD.

Customize the Candlesticks in MetaTrader 4

For the Expert Advisors, it really doesn’t matter if you have indicators over the chart or not. Therefore, what I like to do is just to remove the indicators from the chart, and as well I remove the grid behind. So I can right-click over the chart, go to Properties,

MetaTrader 4 Properties
Right-click over the chart and select Properties

and from Common I can uncheck Show grid as well.

Common settings
Common settings

I can change the colors of the candlesticks or I can leave them the way they are.

MetaTrader 4 color settings
Color settings

It doesn’t really matter for algorithmic trading.

One more time in this MetaTrader 4 tutorial for beginners, I will go to Indicator’s List because I didn’t remove the Moving Average.

The last thing, I will uncheck One-Click trading because I don’t need it. This is the default chart and I can actually save it as a template. I will right-click over the chart, go to Templates, Save Template,

Working with templates on MetaTrader 4
Right-click over the chart, go to Templates, select Save Template

and I will save it as Empty template.

Save a template on MetaTrader 4
I save it as Empty template

This way, I know that whenever I want to have an empty template, I can easily do that.

The 4 Candlestick Values

You can modify your MetaTrader trading platform any way that you want. For instance, you can switch to a bar chart or to a line chart, which is the very same thing.

Switch to bar chart or line chart in MetaTrader 4
You can switch to bar chart or line chart

But with candlesticks, we have a more visual representation of the price by having the candlesticks colored according to whether they were bullish or whether they were bearish.

The candlesticks in MetaTrader 4
The candlesticks

In other words, if they were positive or if they were negative. And if I put my mouse on the closing of any of the candlesticks, you will see that I have 4 values: High, Low, Close, and Volume.

The candlestick values
The candlestick values

These 4 values are for the historical data which we are using in algorithmic trading to create Expert Advisors and to backtest Expert Advisors.

And the current price for GBPUSD is 1.3126 and all the rest that you see before that is called historical data.

GBPUSD price in MetaTrader
Current GBPUSD price

In the next section, I will show you how we use this historical data to create strategies and Expert Advisors and to see how they performed until the moment. And along the course, I will show you more about the MetaTrader platform, so you will feel comfortable with it.

By the end of the course, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to test Expert Advisors and to see some profits into your account.

Thanks for reading this MetaTrader tutorial for beginners. See you in the next lecture.

Have a great day.

How to Backtest EA

How to Backtest EA on MetaTrader

How to backtest EA

In this article, I will show you how to backtest EA online on MetaTrader or in other words, how to see the performance of the Expert Advisor. As I showed in the previous lecture, the Expert Advisor is a trading strategy that is automated.

So in this account, I have now 13 Expert Advisors. I’ve been trading with 12 of them. And I have added one more, which I have displayed over the chart, placing the indicators. But as I have concluded, it is really hard to follow the Indicators manually. We need to spend a lot of time in front of the screen. So the best solution is to trade with Expert Advisor.

Now, when you get an Expert Advisor, no matter where you get it, whether you buy it from the market, whether you create it by yourself using strategy builders, or you code it, or you take it from our course, you have backtest EA. This way you will be able to see how this strategy performed with your broker.

Backtest EA on Different Brokers

Now, we test the Expert Advisors on a few brokers. Obviously, we can’t test them with all of the brokers. There are thousands of brokers around and that is why the best thing you can do when you have an Expert Advisor is to perform backtest EA on your broker.

And if you do actually a backtest on a few brokers, you will see how different the results are.

In our courses we have demonstrated many times that if we trade with the same Expert Advisors on different brokers, we get totally different results.

It is because the spread is different on the brokers, the commission, the swap, the prices. Usually, the brokers have different liquidity providers, which simply means that they receive different prices and usually it’s a very small difference.

But when trading with Expert Advisors, we are very accurate in executing the trades and we can see that difference.

Now, how to backtest EA on MetaTrader?

First, I will need to attach the Expert Advisor over the chart so I can double-click on it, or I can drag and drop it over the chart and I will see the small input menu.

The input menu

And I don’t want to trade with the Expert Advisor right now. I just want to show you how to backtest EA online. But anyway, I will attach it over the chart.

Let’s say I will be trading with 1 complete lot and I click on OK. We see a smiley face, which means the Expert Advisor is attached over the chart.

The smiley face

EA Backtesting with MetaTrader Strategy Tester

You see where your trades opened and closed.

Now, what I need to do is right-click over the chart and go to Expert Advisors and select Strategy Tester.

Backtest EA with MetaTrader Strategy Tester
Go to Expert Advisors, then Strategy Tester

A new window will pop up below the terminal. And there we have the setup for EA backtesting on MT4. Now, what’s very important with the Expert Advisors that are created with EA Studio is to use as Model, “Open prices only”, and usually all the rest is set automatically.

Use Open prices only as Model

You can see I have the symbol EURUSD and I have a period of M15. It’s up to you if you want to backtest EA on the current spread or you would like to put a little bit higher as 10, which I usually do, and then we can select the date. Let’s backtest this Expert Advisor for the last 2 years.

So we are in September 2020. I will just go back a little bit to September 2018 so I can backtest EA for 2 years. And then instead of today, I will select the 1st of September 2020. So we have exactly 2 years to backtest EA online. Now, below we have the Visual mode.

Backtest EA Strategy Tester Visual Mode
Strategy Tester Visual mode

So if you keep it checked, you will see the actual EA backtest on the chart. Let’s see how that looks. I really like it, by the way, because it gives you a visual presentation of where the trades were opened and closed. Before I click the start button, you can see there are Expert properties, from where you can change the parameters for the backtest.

Expert properties for backtesting EA on MT4
Expert properties

We will use 1 complete lot to backtest EA

As we said, let’s make backtest EA online with 1 complete lot.

Lots used to backtest EA
We will use 1 complete lot to backtest EA

I click on OK, and I click on Start and the chart starts to move. This is since the 1st of September 2018 and the EA backtest in MetaTrader starts after the first 100 bars, so we will see the first trades opening in a while, or if you want to see it faster, you have the Visual mode from where you can increase a little bit the speed.

What I was saying is that some strategies are more active and they open trades all the time. But that’s not always the best case because we pay more spread to the broker.

Some traders prefer to trade with active strategies. Others prefer to trade with strategies, where the trades happen rarely or we have more confirmations. This strategy is just a normal one, which has 2 entry conditions, as I showed, and 1 exit condition, Stop Loss and Take Profit. I will increase it to the maximum.

It goes fast and the EA backtest is complete. In the end, it shows the indicators that the EA backtest uses. This is exactly the Bollinger Bands, the Escalator Oscillator. And as well we have the 2 Moving Averages, which in this case are displayed with the same color.

EA backtest on MetaTrader platform
The EA backtest

Over-optimized strategies

Now, below we have a few tabs. One is the Results where we can see all the trades that happened from September 2018 until September 2020. The final balance is at 15 203, which means it’s about 50% of a profit, or that would be $5203.99.

And if I go to the Graph, you’ll see the equity line of that strategy.

EA backtest Equity line
Equity line of that strategy

It started at 10 000 and had a couple of drawdowns and stagnations. It reached to 16 555 and it ended at about 15 200. So that’s quite a normal strategy, again I say, an Expert Advisor with profitable periods and losing periods.

And every single strategy has losing phases, losing periods, or consecutive losses.

In other words, we can say that during this time, for example, the strategy was just losing. The market conditions were not appropriate for the strategy. So it did more losses instead of profits. But overall, the strategy is profitable. In the long term, that is a profitable strategy.

And really try not to look for the strategies that have a perfect EA backtest online. These are usually the strategies that the people sell on the market and they are just over-optimized, or in other words, their parameters were fit perfectly for the EA backtest to show you great results. And usually, this kind of Expert Advisors blow the accounts of the traders.

Why do we trade many Expert Advisors?

So, one more time to summarize it, every strategy has losing periods and profitable periods, and this is why we trade many Expert Advisors simultaneously. So when one of them is in a losing phase, the others will compensate for it.

This article is based on a free lecture from the MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading course + Weekly Robots course. In the next lecture, I will talk more about trading many Expert Advisors. What are the benefits? And you will see the difference when we are trading with 1 Expert Advisor or when we are trading with many Expert Advisors, you will see how different the backtest is.

So don’t hesitate to make a backtest online for any of the Expert Advisors or to compare a few brokers and see which one will give you a better EA backtest. Because this way, you will know which broker gives more profits.

Thank you for reading the lecture. If you have found it beneficial, leave a comment below and if you want to get more of our free videos, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

getting started Forex trading

Getting Started Forex Trading in 10 MIN

Getting started Forex trading for beginners: learn what is most important to know before you risk real money.

Hello, everyone. In this blog post, I will introduce the very beginner traders to the first steps that you need to take before you start trading on the Forex market. And as you know already, the Forex market could be risky so it is very important to start Forex trading properly.

I will separate the getting started Forex Trading in a few steps so it will be easier. The first step that you need to take is to find a regulated broker that you will be using for your trading. The Forex brokers are huge companies that offer trading platforms. They give us access to the market.

We can open a Demo account, which is virtual, so we can practice trading or test Expert Advisors. Or we can open a Live trading account, which means a real trading account, which we need to fund with money, so we can start trading.

You can look for a Forex broker over the Internet. You will find hundreds or even thousands of websites. But be very careful because obviously there are many scam brokers around that offer, not just bad trading conditions, but most likely you will never see your money again if you fund an account with a scam broker.

Getting started Forex trading with a regulated broker is a must!

So to make it easier for my students,  I will give you more information about the Forex regulations.

Getting started Forex trading
The attached Forex regulations PDF

So each broker must have a regulation. Anyway, there is a huge risk that this is a scam broker.

So when you are looking for a broker to look for the brokers that have regulations. We have the Commodities Futures Trade Commission in the US.

The Commodities Futures Trade Commission

We have the NFA again in the United States.

The National Futures Association

FCA is a very strong regulator in the UK.

Getting started Forex trading
The Financial Conduct Authority

We have MIFID as well.


So there are many regulators around. But to make it simple, just look for the brokers that are regulated with some of these regulations that I have described.

And I usually avoid recommending brokers. That’s a personal choice. It’s up to you. But to make it easier for our students and for the people who have a hard time finding a broker, we have created the brokers page on our website where you will learn more about the regulations, how important the low costs are, the reviews.

gettings started forex trading with online courses
Our Brokers page

We test the brokers before listing them on our website

So always look for honest reviews from different traders, forums, blogs, so you can have a better understanding and idea about the broker that you are planning to use. And below, we have listed some brokers that we have been using so far.

The brokers we use

I asked my team to write honest and long reviews for each of the brokers with some PROs and CONs. So we just make it easier for our traders and students to select the broker that fits them the best. And, of course, we are improving this page all the time.

So by the time you are reading this post, if it is after a few months or after a year or two, it might look different with other brokers or more brokers. But, of course, before listing any of the brokers hon the page, we do our best to test them.

So we make sure that our students are using regulated and suitable brokers for algorithmic trading. Below, you can find some more tips when choosing a broker that will be helpful to you if you are doing it for the first time.

More tips

And keep in mind that I use many brokers but if you are just starting Forex trading then one broker would be just fine.

Getting started Forex trading with a Demo account

But, one more time, don’t take it as a recommendation. It’s up to you which trading broker you will be using. Now, let me show you quickly how you can open a Demo account with a broker, which is very similar to most of the brokers.

I will click on create a Demo account,

Click on Create Demo account

and you see that I have the blank where I will need to enter some personal details.

Getting started Forex Trading
Fill the blanks

My name, e-mail, country, phone number. I guess here I will need to remove the code because it’s already selected after my country was selected, then I would like to have my account currency in Dollars.

And what is your trading experience? Then you need to submit and confirm that you agree with their terms and conditions and then you just create your account. Pretty much that’s it. And after that, I have the confirmation that the account was created and it says that I need to check my e-mail.

The confirmation

Below you will see how the getting started Forex trading Demo account e-mail looks like.

The confirmation e-mail

And it’s very similar to most of the Forex brokers. So I have the login information and then I have the password and then I have the server of the broker and below I have the links from where I can download the trading platform.

Is it possible to have two Demo accounts at the same time?

So I will click on Download MT4 for desktop. And if I click on the EXE.file, you will see that a small menu pops up and the installation is very quick.

A small menu pops up when I click the EXE. file

And I will click on Settings to give you a few tips if you are installing a few Meta Trader platforms.

So to make it clear from the beginning, if you want to test many Expert Advisors on a Demo account and to put the top Expert Advisors or the best-performing ones on your live account, you will need to have 2 different Meta Trader platforms installed.

You cannot switch from Demo to Live account on one and the same platform because if you are on Demo and you switch to your live account, you will disable your Demo account and vice-versa. If you are on your live account and you switch to Demo, you will disable the Expert Advisors on your live account.

This is a common mistake that beginner traders do. So I wanted to make it clear from the beginning while I’m installing the trading platform and if I click on Settings, I have the option to choose the installation folder.

Make sure to install two different MetaTrader platforms.

For example, I can write down ATFX GM MT4 Demo account. And if you want to install another platform for your live account or for a second Demo account from the same broker, just use the same EXE.file and change the installation folder.

Because if you use the same installation folder, you will just overwrite the platform.

Getting started Forex trading with MetaTrader
The setup settings

And then you click on next and it takes just a couple of seconds to see the new platform installed on my computer. And here it is. I click on Finish and you will see the new platform opening in a second.

It usually brings you automatically to the MQL5 website, which is the official website for Meta Trader. Meta Trader platform was developed by the MetaQuote company and the brokers pay the MetaQuote company for providing the Meta Trader platform to us the traders because we are clients to the brokers.

And by the way, if you are trying to download Meta Trader 4 from the official website, it will download Meta Trader 5 for you. There are 2 versions – Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5. The company is trying to push all the traders towards Meta Trader 5, but Meta Trader 4 is still the more preferable platform and most of the traders are still using it.

The MetaTrader platform is perfect to get started with Forex Trading.

I still use Meta Trader 4, so here it is a brand new platform installed and all I need to do now is to log into the account that I have just opened.

The Meta Trader platform

So I will need to go to File, and click on Login to trade account.

I go to File and select Login to Trade Account

So right here I will just paste the login details and the passwords and the server.

Getting started Forex Trading
I paste the login details and the passwords and the server

It is automatically fulfilled and I click on login and in the bottom right-hand corner you will see that I am already connected to the server of the broker.

I’m connected to the server of the broker

OK, and on the left side you will see that all the quotes or this is the market watch where we see the assets, the prices start to move.

The Market Watch

They change from red to blue, which means that I am simply connected to the server of the broker. This is how easy it is to open an account with a trading broker, a very similar process with most of the brokers. Now you are ready to get started Forex trading in a virtual environment which is the right way to go.

If you want to learn more about MetaTrader have a look at that video:


Will see you right in the next lecture.

forex major pairs

Forex Major Pairs: Learn what the Traders Trade

Forex major pairs are what the big guys trade

Hello everyone, today’s topic that I have selected to talk about is the Forex major pairs. And quite often we receive questions in the forum and in the email, and many of the students are asking which are the currency pairs that I trade. And as you have noticed in most of my courses, I trade with the major Forex pairs.

So which are the major Forex pairs? Four – EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, and USDCHF.

Forex major pairs
The major Forex pairs

These are the very major currency pairs even if some traders say that Aussie (AUDUSD), NZDUSD, and USDCAD are major. Now, these 3 – the AUDUSD, NZDUSD, and USDCAD, are known as commodity currency pairs.

The commodity currency pairs

Why? Because the economies of these countries are very dependent on what they export and these are different commodities that I’m not going to talk about in this video. But the 4, EURUSD is obviously the most traded currency pair, above 20% of all daily transactions on the Forex market are for the EURUSD.

And as I have mentioned in some of my courses, the Forex market does above 5 billion daily transactions which means that more than 1 billion is just for the EURUSD. The Second among the Forex Major Pairs is the USDJPY which is accepted by the traders as a safe haven currency pair, I have also mentioned that in some of my courses.

JPY is considered a safe haven currency 

For the beginners, this means that when there is some uncertainty on the market, a crisis, or when there are wars, the investors put their money into JPY. They buy more JPY which makes USDJPY obviously fall but the JPY as a currency is considered to be the safe haven.

Forex major pairs
Investors buy more JPY

And number 4 in the major Forex pairs is the USDCHF.

I’m not sure if you know but the Swiss Franc was stuck to the EUR like the Bulgarian Lev right now, we have 1.96 as a constant rate. So for 1 EUR, we pay 1.96 of Bulgarian Levs, and this is every day for many years now. So why do traders trade the Forex major pairs? Why do I trade them as well?

The spread is what makes the Forex major pairs attractive

When there is a lot of volume in one currency pair, it means that there is less spread. The spread is the difference between the Bid and the Ask price, this is what the brokers benefit and this is what we pay when we are buying and selling currencies on the Forex market.

The more volatility there is on a currency pair, the lower spread we pay. On the other side, the currency pairs that are not within the Forex major pairs are called the exotic currency pairs and they have a bigger spread.

For the traders, it is more expensive to trade those. Especially when I trade with Expert Advisors, it is essentially important to trade with a small spread. And as you know, I share a lot of my Expert Advisors in the courses and you can’t believe how different are the results the traders are getting.

Some traders report to me great results and others, for the same period of time, report losses to me, trading the very same Expert Advisors. This is because these guys that are losing are trading with brokers that offer high spread.

The slippage is not so likely with the Forex major pairs

So trading the major Forex pairs is very important because we pay a small spread, but you need to look for the broker that will offer you the small spread. And another important thing, the slippage – the more volume we have on the major currency pairs, the less chance we have for slippage.

An illustration of the slippage

Not really a nice feeling especially if you were in the right direction. So as a conclusion, you really don’t need to trade anything different from EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY.

And as I show in my courses, I combine, for example, EURJPY or GBPJPY to have equal exposure in my portfolio because I trade with many Expert Advisors.

I create equal exposure in my portfolio

But don’t really go for exotic currency pairs where you might pay a lot of spread and you might have problems with the slippage. Stick to the Forex major pairs and you will be doing just fine.

Many professional traders are trading just EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY, or even just EURUSD. I know many professional algo traders that trade just EURUSD with many Expert Advisors using EA Studio.

They use different strategies so still, they have a nice risk diversification.

Thank you, guys, for reading. If you have any questions about the Forex major pairs, please, let me know.

Which is the Best Forex Broker in 2021

How to choose the Best Forex broker?

In this blog post, we are going to be discussing brokers. We will be opening Demo accounts with 4 regulated brokers and I’ll show you step by step how to do this.

I’ll also share with you some of the pros and cons that I have found while trading with them and we’ll discuss some of the important things to look out for like commission, swaps, and spreads.

To keep our students updated with the best Forex brokers that we use in the Academy, we have prepared the Brokers Page, where we have listed the brokers we use at the moment.

If you are a United States resident, please keep in mind that most brokers implement the FIFO rule, which is the first in first out.

And basically, what that means is that you cannot hedge and you cannot have multiple buy and sell positions open at the same time. You would need to close one before opening another.

A few of the best Forex brokers that we use

All the content below and te videos are part of the Forex Trading for Beginners course + 40 Expert Advisors

We are going to look at IG as a broker. One of the pros with IG is that they are one of the few brokers that accept US clients when it comes to CFD and Stock trading. They were established in 1974. Some of the other pros are that they have a very low spread on most of their currencies and they don’t charge a commission on a lot of their currency pairs as well.

Creating MT4 Demo account

Some of the drawbacks that I found is that when you open a Demo account, you have a set amount of 10 000 U.S. Dollars and a set leverage of 1:200. You cannot change that. That is what you have when you open a Demo account. And their support isn’t as good as some of the other brokers that I’ve used.

I have called them once or twice trying to get through to one of their support people but I wasn’t able to get through. And when I tried their live support, their live chat support, it didn’t work. So when I am talking about te best Forex broker I want to give you the CONs with the brokers as well.

So how do we go about opening a Demo account with IG?

The first thing we will do is going to their website, which is Once we put that in, it will redirect us to the local country website. From there, we’re going to go to Trading platforms then MetaTrader4.

best forex broker
The IG website

We click on Create MT4 Demo account, click on it again, and then we fill in our details.

Click Create MT4 demo account

And then you can select if you’d like to receive information from them by email. I’m going to click on No and then we click on Sign Up for your Demo.

Installing MT4 Demo account

You’ll get to a confirmation page saying that you’ve successfully signed up for the MT4 Demo and they will send you an email with instructions on how to install and set up an account.

The confirmation page

Then we receive an email from them.

So are IG the best Forex broker? I will leave it to you to decide after you read the whole post.

It is a little bit different from some of the other brokers that we’ve signed up with. In this case, we don’t get an account number and a password straight away. What we need to do is to first just run through these steps that are in the email.

So the first thing we need to do is to download and install the MT4 platform.

best forex broker to use
Step 1

Once we’ve done that, we will create an account within Meta Trader 4. We’re going to click on Download and install MT4, it comes up with the file and we’re just going to click on Save File and then that gets saved into our default downloads directory.

Click Save File

From there we launch the program and we run through the steps of installing the Meta Trader 4 platform. So the first thing we do is click on Settings. I’m going to change the default install directory and I’m going to put it in my route. I’m going to call it IG_MT4_Demo1.

We will go with IG Demo: the best Forex broker is the one that offers Demo account

You can put it anywhere you want and call it anything that you like. This is just the system that I use. When I look in my folders, I know exactly which platform I am looking at and what I am using it for. I’m going to unselect Open MQL5 community website and we’re going to click Next, and that’s it.

The settings

And I would just wait for it to install.

Once it’s finished, we’re going to click on Finish and the platform will launch. So once the platform launches, you’ll see that you have two services that you can choose from. We’re going to obviously go with IG Demo and we’re going to click next.

The program launches

We don’t have an account, as I said earlier.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to select new Demo account and we’re going to click Next.

Select New Demo account

We’re going to put in our details here as seen below. Mine already is auto-filled. And then you’re going to have to click on I agree to subscribe to your newsletters and then you click Next.

Fill out your details

Very quickly, you get your login details. So your login number and your login password, and then we click Finish.

Login details

Now, what you see is underneath here we have a balance of 10 000 US dollars and our leverage is 1220.

The balance and leverage

In order to see what our fees and commissions are going to be, what we are going to do is in the Market Watch window, we’re going to right-click on Ask. We’re going to select Spread. When looking for the best Forex broker you need to keep an eye on the spreads.

Right-click on Ask and select Spread

Historical data

Then, as you’ll see below, there’s another column that has appeared here on the right and with the EURUSD, which is the one that we’re going to be using for this course, it is a spread of 9.

A new column appears

It’s floating. So it will change slightly, but it kind of goes between about 6 and 9 points. That is a good spread for any of my best Forex brokers.

In order to see what the commission is, all we’re going to do is to click on either the Buy or the Sell in the OneClick Trading.

Click on either Buy or Sell

We click once and then we just click on Buy.

best forex broker orders
Select Buy

Then we can look in the terminal window.

And then what you see is underneath here, we have executed an order, full 1 lot and the commission is 0.

The Terminal

So then what we know that our spread is around 9 and our commission is 0. We’ll just close this order for now. And that’s it, guys.

Now we have a working Demo account with IG and we can start to pull historical data, export that historical data into EA Studio, generate our strategies, generate our Expert Advisors, and then put them back into the platform to start to test them.

JFD broker

We will now look at JFD as a broker. I’m going to run through some of the PROs and CONs that I have found while using them as my best Forex broker. And I’m going to show you how to open a Demo account. So one of the advantages of using JFD Bank is that they’re a very well known broker. They’ve been around for a long time.

They offer many different types of platforms and it’s very easy to open a Demo account. Some of the drawbacks or the CONs that I found is that once you’ve opened a Demo account, you cannot log in and change your balance. So if your EAs or your trades go against you, you cannot add additional funds to your account.

In other words, you don’t get a profile when you open a Demo account and the leverages are set. You cannot change your leverage. Having said that, it is still definitely one of my favorite brokers and one that I use probably 80% of the time that I trade.

So in order to open a Demo account, the first thing we’re going to do to go to their website, which is, and click on Try Free Demo.

best forex broker JFD
JFD platform

So what we’re going to do is to select the Demo trading account at the top of the account. We’re going to change this to Meta Trader 4 (MT4).

Opening the account

You should have the same amount across all brokers being tested

Then all you need to do is put in your details, which is very quick and very easy. Country of residence, I’m in South Africa. Account currency- I always use USD.

But generally speaking, USD is the most popular and it’s the one that I prefer to deposit an amount. Now here, you can choose the amount, but you cannot put in any amount that you want. You have to select one of these that is pre-programmed.

So it runs from $500 and it changes in increments or increases in increments all the way to $5 000 000. I’m going to put it at 10 000 because that’s the same amount that I always start with. And when we are generating and testing our EAs and later analyzing them, you’ll see why it is quite important to have the same amount across all the brokers that you are testing.

So I select 10 000, you’re going to click on I hereby agree to the company’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. And then if you want to receive news and latest newsletters and updates, etc, you can select this. I’m not going to for now. So I’ve done all that and we press register.

Fill out your details

Then it’ll bring you to this page where it says welcome and the next steps that you need to take. And it tells you that you will shortly be receiving an email with an activation link. So we’re going to get the first email.

Welcome page

We’re going to click on the activation link and then we’ll get a second email with our account details. So here’s the first email. As you can see, it says, Dear Mr. Vardy, thank you for registering a Demo account with JFD. To complete the registration process, please click on the activation link below.

This will verify that you have carried out the registration yourself. So all you do is just click on the activation link,

Click on the activation link

and then it brings you to this page and it says, Thank you for registering. You have successfully completed the registration process and will shortly be receiving a second email with information regarding what happened next.

Registration successful

So all we do now is sit and we wait for the second email. When that comes, we’ll have all of the information that we need in order to open a Demo account. Here’s the second email. As you can see, it just says welcome to JFD, and thank you for selecting us as a broker.

The leverages are set with JFD

There’s a bit of information there. Then the first thing you can do is you can download the Meta Trader 4 platform from JFD and once it’s downloaded and installed, we are going to use these details here to login.

The 2nd email

That’s about it, it’s that easy to open a Demo account with JFD which makes it one of my best Forex broker.

There are just one or two things that I want to mention when it comes to JFD. The first is leverage. Now, with some brokers, you can actually select the leverage that you want to trade with, whether it be on a Demo or a Live account.

But with JFD, the leverages are set. So if you want to see what they are, it’s really very easy. Just get down to the bottom of the website of the home page. You’re going to go to Account Specifications at the bottom.

Account Specifications

We’re going to select Forex and Meta Trader 4.

What you can see below is that there’s a table and there’s a few pages with all the various financial instruments or assets.

Tabular information

So, for example, with the AUDCAD, there’s 5% and then in brackets is 2%.

Understanding the leverage will help you to find your best Forex broker.

Basically, what that means is if you’re an EU resident or if you’re a European citizen, you’re going to look at the number that is not in brackets. If you live outside of the European Union or you’re not a European citizen, you’re going to look at the number that’s in brackets.

Now, to understand the leverage, basically, all you need to do is just take 100 and divide it by this number. So in this example, it is 5% and 100 divided by 5 is 20. So your leverage will be 1:20. However, again, if you’re not a European citizen, your leverage or your margin is 2%. 100 divided by 2 is 50.

So your leverage will be 1:50. It does change according to the asset. So, for example, CHFJPY, if you’re a European citizen, it’s 3.33%. So your leverage will be 1:33. But if you’re a non-EU resident, it is 1%. 100 divided by 1 is 100.

So your leverage is going to be 1:100. It is quite important to understand, it is quite important to know. As I said, on some of the other brokers you can choose the leverage across any of the assets. On JFD you’re stuck with the leverage that you are given.

You can create as many Demo accounts as you possibly wish. The best Forex broker is that one that gives you no limitations

The other thing is you can open as many Demo accounts as you want to. There are no limits on that. You can open a whole bunch of Demo accounts and then trade different assets or different groups of EAs on them to test. And there is no time limit, which is also fantastic.

So you can put your EAs on a Demo account and you can run it for months or even years and just monitor the performance of your EAs. Also, it’s very cool with JFD Bank is we’ll just look at one of their platforms. So as you can see, this is one of my Demo platforms and this is the EURUSD.

Now, if we go to the top, at the Market Watch, you’ll see that our spread is very small. It’s between 3 and like 5 points.

best Forex brokers spreads
My EURUSD Demo platform

And that’s really good. However, you are going to pay a commission and that is $6 per lot because we’re only trading 0.1 lot.

Our commission is 60 cents. That’s US cents. So it will change according to the lot size, and it is proportionate to the lot size that you trade. But you can always just take 1 lot, which will be $6 and just divide it by whatever your lot size is just to understand what the commission is.

DukaScopy: One of the best Forex brokers around

I will now show you how to open a Demo account with DukaScopy and I’m going to share with you some of the advantages and disadvantages that I have found while using them as my broker. DukaScopy, like JFD, is also a very well known broker, it’s been around for a long time.

They’re based in Switzerland and they offer different types of trading on different assets across different platforms. The advantages of DukaScopy is that they have nice tight spreads, very easy to open a Demo account, although when you open a Demo account it is for 14 days.

If you email their support team and request an extension, they will extend that indefinitely for you. And the other great thing about DukaScopy is that the historical data on our website, on the Historical Data App, we get from DukaScopy. So it pulls it directly from DukaScopy.

If you need live support, the Dukascopy might be your best Forex broker

So a huge amount of historical data is available to you. Let’s begin to open a Demo account. Very simple. All you do is you go to, and then you go to the tab here – Open Demo FX Account and you click on that.

Opening a Demo account

And again, all we do is we just fill in our details. Here we’re going to choose MT4, we unselect JForex. We are not going to use the default Demo account settings.

So we are going to unselect that. And for the purposes of this demonstration, I’m going to unselect subscribe to Dukascopy Forex Overview, and then we go to the next step.

Fill out your details

Like with JFD, we’re going to select our currency as USD and our balance of 10 000.

Click Get Demo Account

Simply, creating a Demo account brings us to this page here. Success. Thank you for registering Demo account.

Registration successful

Then they will email you your account details. Below you will see the email that we got from DukasCopy. It has our login details. Our account number and the password and the server that we’re going to be connecting to where we install Meta Trader4.

The Historical Data App uses the data from Dukascopy

Having reliable Historical data makes Dukascopy one of my best Forex bbroker.

And there’s a link to download Meta Trader 4. Very easy. We’re going to click on the link. We download Meta Trader and then we log in using these details that we have received from them.

best forex broker
The login data

That’s about it. That’s how quick and easy it is to open a demo account with DukaScopy, please keep a few things in mind. The first thing is that the leverage that you will get on a Demo account will be 1:100 that’s it. You cannot change that.

You can email the support and ask them to change it. But as a default, you get 1:100. And the other thing you need to be aware of is on the platform. Again, a very nice tight spread, ranging between 3 and 4 points. Commission slightly higher than JFD. On JFD, it was $6 per lot.

That’s about it when it comes to DukaScopy. Like I said, very quick and very easy. And we have a huge amount of historical data that we can get from them. But we get it from the Historical Data App on the website.


Finally, we’re going to be looking at FXTM, I’m going to share with you some of the pros and cons that I’ve come across while trading with them. I’m going to show you how to open a Demo account. So the pros when it comes to FXTM, is that I have one of the best websites that I’ve ever used when it comes to opening Demo accounts or making any changes that you want on your Demo account as well as live.

Very easy to register and open a Demo account. And once you have registered, you can open up multiple Demo accounts and you can make changes to those Demo accounts, so you can change your leverage. You can add funds, you can delete accounts, you can create new accounts, different types of accounts and just a great website to work with.

Some of the cons is that the historical data isn’t as big as some of the other brokers, although it is more than enough to generate strategies using EA Studio.

And the spreads are a little bit higher than some of the other brokers, but they don’t charge a commission on many of their assets that you trade.

So all in all, I would say they are a good broker. However, as with all of the others, please do not take this as a recommendation. My advice to you, as always, is to try it out for yourself. And if you are happy, continue.

Opening an account with one of the best Forex brokers out there.

So let’s open a Demo account. How we do that is very easy. We go to their website, which is From there we’re going to click on Open Account at the top.

FXTM website

We have to fill in some of our details. So let’s quickly run through this. We’ll just put in our details.

Phone number, email address, it is important to have all of this correct because you will be receiving PIN numbers from them that you’ll need to activate your account, quickly, generate a password, and that’s it. Then we click Send Pin.

Fill out your details

Now, we just wait a few seconds. We wait for the SMS to come or the text to come through our PIN number. Just put the PIN number in that we received and click on Register now. Easy as that.

It says you are registered, now here it asks you to fill in a whole lot of details. You don’t have to do this right away. So we’ll just close that. Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure.

Registration successful

So then we come to their website. As I said, really easy website to navigate.

Account leverage

The first thing we do is on the left in the navigation pane, we are going to click on the arrow next to my accounts, and then we’re going to say open new account.

Open New Account

And as seen below, you can choose different types of account that you want.

We’re going to open a demo account. So we’re going to go to the last one and we’re going to select that.

Select Demo account

And then what we’re going to do here is to select the top of the account. For the purposes of this lecture, we’re going to go with a standard MT4 account.

Account currency, we’re going to keep at USD. Account leverage, I wouldn’t recommend having it anything higher than 1:100, maximum 1:200 when you are a beginner trader, because while having higher leverage when you’re having good trades will increase your profits, when you have losses, it will increase the losses proportionately.

So we’re going to go with 1:100. We’ll just create a password. That’s easy initial balance. We’re going to start with 10 000. And then we click on Open account.

Open account

Within seconds, we have a Demo account open. Relative that is, it’ll give you all of your details, your account number, your trading password, the type of account, and the server that you need to connect to when you install Meta Trader 4 which we will run through in a later lecture.

Start trading on a Demo account

You also have a link here to download the platform. You will need the platform. So what we’ll do is to click on that.

Click on the link

We’re going to select Meta Trader 4 Trading Terminal for PC and we click on Download, Save the File and then it’ll go into our download location.

Meta Trader 4 Trading Terminal for PC

Now, going back to our Demo account, we are going to Accounts, Accounts overview, and there is our Demo account at the bottom here.

best forex broker
The Demo account

So like I was saying from here, it’s very easy to change things in your accounts. So if you click on the arrow on the right, you have a whole bunch of options.

Change leverage, change trading password, your account details, launch the web trader, and delete the account.

Account options

So you can have a look at some of those when you open your Demo account. I’ll just give you a better understanding of the website and some of the options that you have.

It really is that easy to open a Demo account with Forex Time. As mentioned in the beginning, there are pros and cons. As always, my advice to you is open a Demo account if you’re interested, have a look at it to trade with it, generate EAs, test EAs on the platform, compare to some of the other brokers, and then decide if this is the right broker for you or not.

Alright, guys, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next lecture.

What is EA in Forex Trading?

What is EA in Forex trading?

Hello, everyone, today I will be explaining with simple words what is EA in Forex Trading. And I will show you one of my trading accounts where I have different Expert Advisors trading on different assets. If you look at the Navigator, you will see that I have a variety of assets and I have been trading with different Expert Advisors on each chart.

What is EA in Forex trading?
The navigator

I have Expert Advisors and they are all trading at the moment. In this lecture, I would like to talk more about what is EA in Forex trading. For the beginner traders, I will demonstrate how to make a backtest. And simply, you will learn more about these trading Robots.

I guess you already know how to place the Expert Advisor over the chart. And I will place the very same Expert Advisor on a new chart window. It was for EURUSD, so I will right-click over EURUSD and I will select a chart window.

what is EA in Forex trading
I right-click over EURUSD and select Chart Window

And here it is.

The chart window

Now, what I need to do is to go to file, open data folder,

what is EA in Forex trading
Go to File, then Open Data Folder

and then I click MQL4,

what is EA in Forex trading
I click MQL4

and I go to Experts.

I go to Experts

I will drag and drop the Expert Advisor and I will close the folder.

what is EA in Forex trading
I drag and drop the Expert Advisor

I will go to Expert Advisors in the Navigator, I right-click and refresh.

Right-click on Expert Advisors and refresh

The Bollinger Bands

So this is how I will compile this Expert Advisor. It was for EURUSD on M15 and it has the magic number of 51812206. Now, before I drag this Expert Advisor on the trading chart and I show how to make a backtest, I will show you what is the strategy behind this Expert Advisor and these strategies for all Expert Advisors that we use are different.

So they buy on different rules and they sell on different rules. That’s the idea of trading. This is why we traded many Expert Advisors or many trading Robots because we want to buy based on different entry conditions and to close the trades based on different exit conditions.

So, for example, this Expert Advisor uses 2 entry conditions and 1 exit condition. Let me zoom the chart and I will place the Indicators over it. I will go to insert and Indicators. The first Indicator that I will place is the Bollinger Bands.

what is EA in Forex trading
The indicators

For this strategy, we have a period of 35 and we have a deviation of 1.34. I click on OK.

The Bollinger Bands

You will see the indicator displayed on the chart. Here it is.

The Bollinger Bands displayed on the chart

We have 3 lines. And how the Bollinger Bands Indicator works is that when we have volatility on the market, for example, when you see in this period here, the price went down and the Upper Band and the Lower Band went far from the middle line.

what is EA in Forex trading
How the Bollinger Bands display volatility in the market

What is EA in Forex trading with the Accelerator Oscillator inside

When there is no volatility and the price goes just sideways, they come closer together.

So the entry condition that we have with the Bollinger Bands is that we buy with this strategy when we have 1 bar opening above the Lower Band after opening below it. We have 1 bar that opened below the lower Band.

And if the next one opens above the Lower Band, this is our signal to buy. But we have as well confirmation with another Indicator called Accelerator Oscillator. I will just add it from insert Indicators and it’s the first one on the list. It does not have any parameters or levels.

It is displayed below the chart by green and red bars. I click on OK.

The Accelerator Oscillator

You will see them right below the chart.

The red and green bars displayed

And the rule here is that we have the confirmation for the Bollinger Bands to buy if the Accelerator Oscillator crosses the level line downwards.

The confirmation

As you can see it is a lot to follow if we do it manually. When you underestand what is EA in Forex trading you will know that it works much easier.

At the very same time, when we have the signal to buy from the Bollinger Bands, we need to see that the Accelerator Oscillator crosses the level line, which is the 0 line, downward. In this case, with this example right here that I just took randomly, you can see that the Accelerator Oscillator crosses upwards.

The Accelerator Oscillator is if you connect the bars or the ending of the bars, I can say. So in the middle, we have the 0 line. And then if you connect the tops and the bottoms of the green and the red bars, you will have the imaginary line. When it crosses the level line, this is the confirmation.

Let me look for such an example. We have a bar opening above the Lower Band after a bar that opens below the Band.

Or in simple words, this means that the price crosses the Lower Band. And at the same time, the Accelerator Oscillator crossed the 0 line downward, and here there would be an entry. Let me put one vertical line and I will put another line exactly on the opening of that bar.

The Moving Averages

So right here we have the confirmation to buy and this is our entry with this strategy.

The confirmation to buy

The very opposite thing applies if we are selling. We should see a bar that opens above the Upper Band and a bar that opens below the Upper Band, and that would be a sell signal.

What is EA in Forex trading? Its all of that but automatically…let’s keep it going

But at the same time, we will need to see that the Accelerator Oscillator crosses the 0 line upwards, which in this case happened a little bit earlier, 2 bars earlier or 2 candlesticks before the signal from the Bollinger Band. So there is no confirmation.

Now, let’s stick to this example so I will show you what is the exit rule for the strategy and when we enter the trade, this is pretty much half of the work. We need to exit from the trade.

Now, for this strategy, we have a very nice exit condition, which I like a lot, and this is the crossover of the moving averages. If I go to insert indicators and I go to trends, I will see the moving average and I will need to place 2 moving averages. One will be with period of 22.

You can use any color of your choice

I click on OK, and you can see the line with the red color below.

what is EA in Forex trading
The Moving Average displayed by the red line

I will add one more moving average with period of 32, and I will change the color to anything. Let’s make it just some more visual. I will make it blue. I will click on OK, and you see here is the blue line.

The Moving Average displayed by the blue line

Since the blue line is the slower moving average with a bigger period, you can see that it changes its direction later than the red moving average, which has a period of 22. And because their parameters are different, they cross.

The cross is our exit condition. So for the long trade or for the buy, we will exit when the fast moving average, and in this case, it’s the one with a period of 22 or the red one, crosses the slow 32 or the blue one upwards, which comes a little bit later.

If I zoom the chart, you will see that we have our entry and we also have the cross, and the cross is very near to our entry price but the price at this moment is higher.

what is EA in Forex trading
The cross

The cross happened on the candlesticks. On the opening of the next one, we will have our exit.

What is EA in Forex trading:The buy signal

We benefit with this example, about 20 – 19 pips, I think, and something. We enter at the 1.1644, exit is at 1.16638

So about 19 Pips. And something interesting with this strategy is if I zoom out, you will see how the moving averages go. And usually, when the fast moving average crosses the slow moving average, this is a buy signal. But instead of buy, we are taking the profit here because obviously, they will cross when there is an up movement. Anyway, they will not cross. 

And you can see what happens after that. The price goes sideways and then it goes down. So if we enter at that moment and if we don’t take our profit in here, then we might lose. That’s quite interesting with the strategy.

It brings quick profits and as well we have a Stop Loss and Take Profit, which means that when we place the trades in MetaTrader, you can use the one-click trading, which allows you to buy and sell faster when you see the signals, or you can go to Trading, New Order.

Go to Trading, then New Order

Stop Loss and Take Profit

And from here we can enter the price, the different type of order we want to use. If it’s pending, it means that we put the price at which we want to enter and we have the option to put the Stop Loss and the Take Profit. For beginners, the Stop Loss is the level at which we want to stop the loss or in other words, to exit the trade if we are in a loss.

And the Take Profit is the level at which we would like to take our profit or to close the trade if we are on profit.

The order

So, for example, if we enter at 1.1644, we can put a Stop Loss at 1.1625, Take Profit at 1.1680, or anything like that. I’m just giving some numbers randomly.

What is EA in Forex trading if we have so many rules, stop loss and take profit? It is all of that combined into a code.

But for this strategy, we have a Stop Loss of 77 pips and Take Profit of 65 pips. So 77 pips below the entry price is our Stop Loss and 65 pips above the entry price is our Take Profit. Now, I’m not going to put these levels, but what I wanted to show you is 1 regular strategy, I can say, which has 2 entry conditions, 1 exit condition, which is the moving average, but it’s formed by 2 moving averages.

As I’ve said, we have a Take Profit and as well we have a Stop Loss level. We have like 3 Indicators, 4 in this case, the Stop Loss, the Take Profit, and imagine if you have to follow that on 1 chart. You will be able to do it.

Diversify the risk between different strategies

I’m sure you will practice for some time and you will know what you are doing. I am teaching such strategies in my courses, many of the students are applying them. But the hard thing comes when you want to trade many strategies at the same time to get more profits.

You should diversify the risk between different strategies. Because as you know, every strategy has a losing period and a profitable period. You will see that in the next lecture where I will show the backtest of this strategy. But if you are trading just one strategy and you hit on the losing period, that could be a couple of days, a couple of weeks, or even months.

So imagine you are following the trades every day, executing the orders at the exact moment, and you are just losing because you are using this one strategy and it’s in the losing phase. You won’t feel comfortable and you won’t be satisfied with your work.

So the solution is to trade with Expert Advisors because we can trade such strategies automatically. This is what the Expert Advisors are. All of that is executed automatically by the Expert Advisor or in other words, the Expert Advisor is the coded strategy, just what I have described here.



The Expert Advisors are convenient

Especially the strategies that have many Indicators over the chart, like 3, 4, 5 entry rules, 2, 3 exit rules, it becomes really messy. And at one moment, you will not be sure what you are looking at.

It just gets confusing. Most importantly, we cannot follow the strategies manually all the time. Obviously, we need to rest. We need to sleep, eat, spend time with our family, workout, or whatever you do as a hobby.

Or if you have a full-time job, most probably you won’t be able to trade more than a few hours in the day, which means that you will not have the time to follow the charts and the indicators. 

And this way, we have the chance and the opportunity to trade many strategies similar to that one. And we do it for 24 hours from Monday until Friday. No pause, whatever we do, work, sleep, eat. The Expert Advisors are executing these strategies accurately and we don’t spend time in front of the screen.

Thanks for reading and take care.

trading signals

How to Get Free Trading Signals?

Trading signals: Solution or Scam?

Hello everyone, today I will teach you how to use free trading signals because it is very common for the traders to fall into the trap to go to Google and to search “free forex signals.”

trading signals
What most traders search for on Google

The results they get are not really free. Most of the trading signal providers will charge you money or they will ask for your email and they will start spamming you and sending you offers. At least they will be trying to sell you something different. Most of the results are from brokers.

I’ll click randomly on any of the results – FX Profit Signals. The website redirects you to something. What do we have here? Limited places – lifetime promotional offer. I’m not really sure what’s the offer.

The random website I chose redirects you

Start now for free. Learn, trade, and profit with the best trading signals. I just want to show you an example of a signal provider and I want to show you how much they charge for that.

These websites will not let you learn

In this random website that I have landed, we have €69 per month, for 3 months, €149 for trading signals, and for 1 year we have €359. This is for 5 to 7 signals daily.

prices for trading signals
The charges

Look at the promise, 1,000 to 2,000 pips a month.

Interestingly, we see no backtest, no results, at least I don’t find them from the first view. But they don’t look like cheap Forex trading signals. You can go through the websites yourself to look for more free trading signals. But as you saw, on this website it was free but when you go to the premium and so on, you have to pay.

Now, either they will send you just some free trial period which is quite normal or they will send you a couple of free Forex trading signals just to attract you as a client. The thing with all of these websites and with the whole idea to use live trading signals is that you are not going to learn anything.

Even if you pay for a couple of years, at the end of the day, you will have no idea why these guys are sending these signals to you, what is the strategy behind, and why some days you lose and others you profit

You can do the trading signals yourself

When I say live trading signals, they will not be really live because you will always be late. How these trading signal providers work is they will either send you a message push notification, they will send you an email, maybe some chat, Skype, anything but you will always be late.

Let’s say I receive such a signal at the moment that I have to buy EURUSD. I will need to open the platform where I have an account, and I will go to EURUSD and I will do one-click trading and I will buy.

forex trading sisgnals on MetaTrader
I will need to open the platform from where I am

In this case, it took me a couple of seconds because I am in front of the computer and I have the trading platform open.

What if you are in the bathroom? What if you are outside walking? You will stop and you will execute the trade from your phone. What if you are driving? This will be dangerous. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you don’t do Forex trading signals.

Why I don’t do live trading signals?

  • It is expensice
  • It is Never free
  • I can do it by myself and I will teach you how to do it, now!

Whichever trading platform you use, you will gain access to the market

Actually, it could be signals for anything. It could be for the Bitcoin which is quite volatile recently. And just yesterday, I recorded a couple of examples of how I am trading and investing in the Bitcoin and I have my own trading signals from the chart itself.

All of these lines that I have on the chart, they give me signals when to buy and when to sell.

trading signals that work
The lines give me signals when to buy and when to sell

Believe me, it’s really nothing complicated. In this free lecture, I will show you 3 different ways that you can have your own free trading signals so you don’t need to pay subscriptions to anybody and you will end up making some money for yourself as additional income.

Or, of course, if you want to do it more professionally, with the time you will have an idea in which direction to go. So number one is the price action trading and I have some great videos about it. I have a Price Action Trading Course where I show in detail the system.

I will show it to you over the Bitcoin. What we have always is the trend. No matter which trading platform you are going to use – it could be TradingView, it could be Meta Trader, all of these platforms give you access to the market.

The Demo account is where you need to start from

If you don’t know where to start, just download a Meta Trader platform from a regulated broker and open a Demo account. This is a virtual account, no engagement. You will not spend a single dollar but you will have access to the market and I will teach you how to have your own signals.

Going back to the TradingView platform, I have the Bitcoin over the chart and I have lines that are drawn over the chart. For beginner traders, when we have the chart, we can draw different indicators and lines, in order to get the trading signals or in other words, to know when to buy and when to sell.

The strategy to get one of the best trading signals that I will share with you now is very simple. What you need to know about the market is that the price has the tendency to trend. In other words, this means that for some period, the price goes upwards or it goes downwards and this is quite normal.

This happens because the majority of the investors at one moment are willing to buy, and on the other, they are willing to sell. Actually, this is just from the coronavirus in 2020. The market crashed. As well, it reflected the Bitcoin. However, it recovered very nicely after that until the moment.

Failure of the recent high is a great day trading signal

It broke the $10,000 just yesterday and I had some really good trading signals and profits which I have recorded for my Cryptocurrency Investment Trading Course. Now, what are the trading signals that I use to buy Bitcoin in this example?

These are counter trend lines. Price forms these highs and lows.

day trading signals
The price forms the highs and lows

The price always moves this way. It moves up and down, up and down, and forms these tops and these lows. Now, when we are in an uptrend or when the majority of the traders and investors are buying and pushing the price higher, we are looking for a failure of the recent high.

This means that we have a high and then the price goes down, goes up, and fails to take the recent high. This is the failure of the recent high and this gives me the opportunity to draw the line which will give me the signal.

Failure of the recent high

On the side, I have the option to draw a line so I can draw a line anywhere I want.

And for this strategy, I need to start from the top and connect it with the recent lower top or, one more time, we call it the failure of the recent high. This gives me a great entry. And I used it. I bought some cryptocurrency the other day and yesterday I made a great profit out of it because the Bitcoin just continued higher.

I don’t pay a single $ for trading signals

Let’s open one of my trading accounts that I have in Coinbase. If I click on Portfolio, you will see how stable my portfolio goes.

My portfolio portrays stability

And guess what? I don’t pay for trading signals, I do the trading myself with the skills I have and I will share with you some of them.

So yesterday, on the 26th of July, 2020, I withdrew some of the profits. It was €559. And the profits came because I sold Stellar and I sold Chainlink.

trading signals for cryptocurrencies
I sold Stellar and Chainlink

Just because the Bitcoin did a great move up, I have taken the advantage and I took some profits.

These cryptocurrencies I have bought exactly because of these free trading signals that I’m getting from the chart. And the line we see below is called counter trend line because it’s against the trend. We draw it against the trend. And this is how usually people do it. I do it against the trend and I look for these highs to draw it just in the opposite direction.

The counter trend line

It gives me the great trading signal to get on the market or to buy when the investors or the people that are trading are ready to buy again and they break the line.

Free trading signals are useful when you create them for yourself

I have recorded nearly all of them in my Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Course and it’s pretty cool because I really don’t spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Just when I have the possibility to draw it, I draw it and then I do nothing, and then I just wait for the price to reach it.

The cool thing here with TradingView is that you have the option to create alert. So, for example, if I’m waiting for the Bitcoin to pass the 10,000, To cross the 10,000 crossing up, I can set it as a value as 10,000. And you will see what options I have – to show pop-up, send email.

So I will get the notification and I will know that the Bitcoin passed the 10,000 and I will get on the computer to buy. Or if I’m at that moment, I know that I want to see the Bitcoin crossing the 9,630 and this is what I had actually as an alert.

And when the price crossed it, I bought immediately and I took some profits. This is a really nice strategy that you can use to trade within the direction of the trend and to get free trading signals from the price itself. We call it price action. I describe this strategy in detail in my Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Course.

Meta Trader platform

The other way that you can get free Forex trading signals is from the Meta Trader platform. The good thing with this platform is that you can trade automatically with Robots or you can trade manually. I will get to the Robots in a minute. Now, what you see on the chart below are indicators.

All of these indicators give us signals as well.

trading signals daily
These indicators give us signals as well

If you are seeing this for the first time, it might look like rocket science but it’s not guys. It’s very easy. I will select the currency pair and on the left side, you can see how many assets I have the chance to choose from.

I have a vast variety of assets to choose from

If you want to trade on the Meta Trader platform, you need to select a trading broker. Make sure to select a reliable trading broker. And on our website at EA Forex Academy, we added the Brokers page recently which will be extremely helpful for you if you’re choosing a broker for the first time.

You can learn what is important when you choose a broker and we have listed some of the trusted brokers that we use.

Our Brokers page

We don’t recommend any of them, we just want to make the choice of the beginner traders easier. And we have ratings as well as reviews for each one in detail and you can choose easier which broker to use.

Choosing a Forex broker is essential

There are more tips when choosing a Forex broker. Make sure to check out the page, it’s on the main bar on our website. All of these brokers offer the Meta Trader trading platform. The good thing about it is that it is a free trading platform and it’s the most common one. And guess what? It’s easy to use.

After you select the broker and you install the Meta Trader platform, you have the option to select which symbols you want to trade. Let’s say you want to trade EURUSD. Right-click over it and go to Chart Window.

live trading signals
Right-click over the symbol and go to Chart Window

By default, you will see some indicators over the chart.

I would suggest you remove those because they are just a template from the broker. I will show you some free trading signals using indicators and you will see that it’s really nothing complicated. Below you can see the candlesticks that I showed in TradingView.

The candlesticks

I will switch to M15, which means that each candlestick will be 15 minute period and I will insert some indicators. I will go to trend indicators because as I said, following the trend is very important and I will go to Moving Average.

Moving Average

The different Moving Average methods

There are different Moving Average methods – there is the Exponential, Simple, Smoothed, Weighted. I would stick to Exponential, period of 9 is just fine, and I will click on OK.

What happens is that a line appears over the chart. And Moving Average means that it averages the price of a recent number of bars. In this case, I have selected to use a period of 9. There are dozens of strategies with a single Moving Average indicator and you can use many of these strategies to get free Forex trading signals for yourself.

For example, every time when a candlestick opens or starts above the Moving Average, you buy. If the price is below the Moving Average and it crosses the Moving Average you can buy. If it crosses down again, you can sell it and you will benefit this difference or this distance.

In this case, it’s from 117.06 until 117.36 which is 30 pips of a distance. After that, again the price goes up. After we have a candlestick opening above the Moving Average we can buy, and then when it goes down we can sell. This is quite interesting and quite an easy strategy but it works just when the price is going in one direction.

Difference between fast and slow Moving Average

It really doesn’t work when we are in a sideways market. Only when the price is just going up and down.

In order to avoid wrong trading signals, what you can add is another Moving Average. I will use again Exponential Moving Average but this time I will use period of 21. Let’s change the color to purple so we know which one is the slow Moving Average and we know which one is the fast Moving Average.

Why do we call them fast and slow? Simply, because when we have a smaller period, the Moving Average changes faster together with the price. So if the price changes, the Moving Average changes as well downwards. And it takes a little bit longer for the slower Moving Average to change. However, when these 2 lines cross we have one of the best trading signals.

best trading signals
The fast and slow Moving Average

If you are in front of the computer at this time, they will be live trading signals and you will be able to execute them right away. So the signal to buy would be when the fast Moving Average or the 9 Moving Average crosses the 21 Moving Average upwards.

Free trading signals: no need to pay for the same thing from someone

On the next bar opening, you can take the trade. They cross again much higher and that would bring you a nice profit of between 116.08 until 116.94, nearly 900 pips. Or if I have to be precise, 86 if I’m not wrong with my calculations. Sorry if I am.

I just want to show you the strategy. We have a new cross and another great move upwards and they still didn’t cross. At the current moment, they didn’t touch each other. So having just 2 Moving Averages over the chart will give you great free trading signals.

And whenever you see the cross, you can take advantage of it. However, it is a great idea if you combine it with the bigger trend. What that means is that if you are trading on a smaller timeframe, and I want to go back to the same examples that I showed before, the red Moving Average crosses the purple one downwards.

But what if you sit in front of the computer at that moment and they cross downwards? Are you going to sell? Yes, because they cross on the opposite direction so you will need to sell. But the price goes up and you will be losing.

Use the daily chart to know what the trend is

You will close the trade when they cross again so we will have this loss here which is not a huge one I believe. It’s about 10 to 15 pips. So it’s from 95 up to 06, yes, about 11 pips. But it’s a loss. What I said already is that we want to trade with the bigger trend because the market has a tendency to trend.

And if I switch to daily chart, you will see that at the current moment we are in an uptrend.

We are in an uptrend

The Moving Averages crossed for EURUSD a while ago. It was on the 19th of May, 2020 and since this time the price goes up. And the price went sideways for a little bit at the beginning of this month and in the end of June.

But now it’s going upwards again and the EUR is much stronger than the USD at the moment, but we are in an uptrend. So always check what is the trend on the daily chart. And you can use again the Moving Averages to see if you have to buy or if you have to sell on the smaller timeframes like M15.

And then use what I show you to buy when the Moving Averages cross. If you sit at that moment and you see the Moving Averages cross downwards, are you going to sell? No, because the major trend on daily shows that the price is going up.

The Expert Advisors will give you free daily Forex trading signals

The red Moving Average is above the purple one. Or the fast Moving Average is above the slow Moving Average. And, of course, you will miss many of these trading signals because you cannot stay in front of the computer all the time.

But guess what? There are Expert Advisors. These are Trading Robots that trade all of these trading signals automatically. Meaning that we don’t need to stay in front of the computer to follow the trend or to follow when the Moving Averages will cross. And that’s really a simple strategy, a very nice one by the way.

You can follow it manually. But obviously, it’s much better if you can do it with Expert Advisors. It’s really not hard. At EA Forex Academy, we’re specialized in Expert Advisors. We teach the traders how to use Expert Advisors or Trading Robots even if they don’t have any previous trading experience.

So the Expert Advisors, in simple words, are programs or codes that we attach over the chart. I have one here for EURJPY which is another very simple strategy that I will demonstrate in a second. But when the signals happen, this Robot that is attached over the chart will execute the trade and I don’t do anything.

Learn how we create Robots on our website at the software section

I’m just watching it trading. Now, let me show you what is the strategy that I have with this Trading Robot for EURJPY. I have 2 indicators – one is the Accelerator Oscillator and the other one is the ATR or Average True Range.

The 2 indicators

Probably you are wondering where I get these strategies.

I don’t come up with them by looking at the chart and imagining what will happen or going back over the chart to see what value of the indicators would bring me profit and when I should buy in the future. No. I use software for that. We are in the 21st century and these things are not done by humans anymore.

For example, on our website we have 2 software that we use – one is EA Studio, the other one is Forex Strategy Builder. You can find both of them in the software section.

Forex Academy website software section

And there are free courses for each one which will teach you how to use them.

It’s really easy and if you follow the steps you will be able to create strategies and trading signals by yourself as well. Now, the strategy that I have created with EA Studio software uses this Awesome Oscillator as I’ve said, and Average True Range. In other words, the profits that this strategy did.

Every trading strategy will lose sometime and you will always get wrong trading signals. That is normal!

As well, on the indicator chart, I have a great overview of where all trades happened with the strategy, where was the buy trading signal, and where the target was reached. Then what I have, sell signal, the target was reached.

free trading signals
Indicator chart

And, of course, with every trading strategy, there are losses but it is important to have more profits than losses at the end of the day. And to have a good trading signal statistic, you need such software and you need Expert Advisors. Everything else is just a promise from websites that are selling Forex trading signals. Just a promise.

So now let’s see what are the rules for this trading strategy if you want to use it as free Forex trading signals for yourself. It uses the Awesome Oscillator which is an indicator without any levels, it has just 0 line. And the rule is – Awesome Oscillator crosses the level line downwards.

So the bars, when they cross the 0 line downwards we have the buy signal. But in this case, previously we have the cross upwards so it is a sell trading signal. And previously I will show you a buy signal, here it is. It crosses downwards and it’s a buy signal.

The Stop Loss and Take Profit

And we have another one, the Awesome Oscillator crosses downwards and again we have a buy signal. Now, when do we take the profit or when do we close the trade? We do it when the Average True Range indicator crosses the level line downward.

The level line is 0.0763 and the period is 50. How do I know these values? I know it from the software. And the other times when we’re taking the profit is when the strategy reaches its Stop Loss and it’s Take Profit.

That means that we put levels where we want to close the trade if the exit condition is not met until that moment. Stop Loss of 67 and Take Profit of 91. I go back now to the Meta Trader and I will show you some examples.

We have too many signals because the Accelerator Oscillator crosses the 0 line many times. When it crosses downwards, we buy. When it crosses upwards, we sell. And we need to put the Stop Loss and the Take Profit which is very easy.

The backtest is very important

If you right-click over the chart and you go to trading, and you select new order, you put the type of order you want to have, you select the price or it could be at the moment buy and sell, and you have the option to put the Stop Loss and the Take Profit. All of that, one more time, we don’t do it manually.

We do it with the Expert Advisors. And they are scanning the market for signals. So anytime when there is a signal, the Expert Advisor will open the trade. And the cool thing with the Expert Advisors or the Robots is that we have the backtest.

With simple words, we can see how the free trading signals did in the past before even using them.

I right-click and go to Expert Advisors, I go to Strategy Tester and let’s test it from the beginning of this year until today.

Strategy Tester

I will click on Start and let’s see what will be the graph. This is a profitable strategy. I can go even for a longer period, let’s go from the beginning of 2019. I will click on Start and I will go to the graph and you can see it below.

The graph

It had many trades. This is 349 trades or 349 above 350 trading signals that formed a positive equity line. Or the overall performance of this strategy is profitable. Even if I go back to 2017, I click on Start, I will go to the graph and it is still going upwards.

Take time to look at the software we use to get trading signals and EAs

It did more than $3,000 of a profit if I’m trading just with 0.1 lot. So all of these strategies that I demonstrated, you can use for yourself to get free Forex trading signals. And especially when you use Expert Advisors and Robots, these are the real live trading signals because you are never late.

When the signal is there, the Expert Advisor will open immediately the trade. When the exit is there, it will close the trade. You will never be late and you don’t have to worry about anything. So give it a try, see how it works. And I would suggest you check the software that we use on the website.

If you are a complete beginner, it’s a good idea to check EA Studio. It’s a little bit easier. I have a free course at the beginning explaining how to use it. There are 15 days free trial which you can use and during this time you will be able to generate many strategies and to test them and to trade with them as long as you want. There is no engagement. This is really the top product on the market.

Do not hesitate to try getting your own trading signals

The easiest way you can go is to use the EA studio. It’s not our software from Forex Academy, it was developed by the Forex Software Company. But we have integrated it on the website so it will be easier for all of my colleagues and traders to use it and to improve constantly their trading.

Thank you guys for reading this lecture about how to create free trading signals for yourself. If you have any questions drop them in the comments below or in our trading Forum.