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Scalping Trading Strategy for Dow Jones

Scalping Trading Strategy for Dow Jones

Trading stocks and indexes can be tricky, especially during times of rising interest rates and market crashes. That’s why many traders are looking for trading strategies that work despite the market conditions, such as scalping trading strategies for Dow Jones and SP. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a scalping trading strategy for Dow Jones that you can use to enter and exit the market quickly and profitably.

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Tesla Stock Trading Strategy

Tesla have been on the news a lot in the last couple of years and in this lecture, I will show you a trading strategy for their stocks. It doesn’t really matter for the strategy where are the prices because we will be trading down on the M15 chart, so we will hold the trades for a few days maximum. Once you get used to the strategy, you will see very clearly where are the entries and the exits.

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