learn to trade with the trend

Learn to Trade – Identify the Trend and Have a Strategy

Today I will talk about how important it is to learn to trade before you risk real money on the market. In the Academy, we’ve noticed that more than 95% of the people that come and buy our courses have lost money and after that, they realize they need to learn to trade.

Take time to learn to trade

Trading is like everything else. Riding a bicycle, driving a car, you need to learn to do it before you start doing it. Unfortunately, most people jump into trading without any idea. Just what they heard on the news, or maybe some friend told them that the Bitcoin is rising and they want to buy Bitcoins whether or not it’s the wrong moment, wrong money management, so many things can go wrong. You really need to know what you’re doing.

You need to learn to trade. Don’t hurry to risk money because this is money that you worked hard for I believe. Spend time to take online courses like what we have in the Academy or read books.

On YouTube, there are also many free videos that you can learn from.

There are lots of YouTube videos to learn about Forex trading

And in this lecture, I just wanted to let you know how important it is to learn to trade before you risk real money. It’s the number 1 thing you need to do. Don’t skip it. You will never regret it if you learn to trade before risking any real money.

Learn to trade – professional trading education is a must before participating in the markets

Now, I will show you what means the trends with Bitcoin, how we identify it, and why we are looking at the current moment actually only to buy the Bitcoin because simply it’s going up. Many students turn to the academy because they want to learn to trade. And we do our best to provide professional education before the student starts trading with real money.

If I go to the daily chart in MetaTrader you can see that it reached record highs and we actually had one very good example that I wanted to show you. You can see it in the course Bitcoin trading robot course – Cryptocurrency never losing formula.

learn to trade with the huge trend
Daily chart for the Bitcoin

What means trend and how we identify it

In simple words, this is a Dow theory. It was created a century ago and it’s common until the moment and it’s very useful. We use it a lot in the Trading Academy and it’s useful as for the Forex, as for the cryptocurrencies. It was created initially for the stocks, a long time before there was internet even. But these theories and indicators, most of those things were created long, long time ago when everyone wanted to learn to trade. And the basics of trading were laid down.

But some of those are applicable to nowadays and of course by having the Expert Advisors, the automated strategies, it’s easy to combine them to trade fully automatic or semi automatically, just what we are doing in this course.

The trend for Bitcoin is very strong up

And how we identify by Dow theory. We have that we are in an uptrend when we are having series of higher highs and higher lows. Actually, I have explained this already in one of my other courses Bitcoin trading-the never losing formula. And pretty much I will just go over it one more time here for the new. For those who don’t have the previous course and want to learn to trade with this system.

But anyway, you can go over it just to make sure you’re not missing anything. Basically we are having series of higher highs and higher lows. Let me put it this triangle over here. This is one high here, actually we have another high, let me just take another triangle. You can see here was another high.

Simply the price formed kind of top, kind of high over here. Another one over here and then we have another one over here. I will put it as well over there. You can see one here, once was formed here and then there were new highs here.

higher highs
Higher highs with the Bitcoin

All of these, guys, these highs forming series of higher highs. Meaning that one is higher than the next one. And this one that I will show you just right now is higher than the previous one.

It is a series of higher highs and we have two more highs.

You can see one here and then we have another one at the end. And just today and the previous days, actually yesterday on Monday the price formed this huge gap as you can see here. Which normally identifies really strong movement that is coming up. But that’s a little bit more about the gaps. I’m not going to talk about that now.

Here we can say that we have a high even not finished because it can be much higher. I don’t know where it will go, nobody knows. Bitcoin is just surprising us daily and that’s why we are focusing on it. And that’s why we are trading on it. What we have as well is we have series of higher lows. In order to learn to trade, you need to learn to identify those.

Let me put another triangles here. I’m not going to show all of those but you can easily see-we have one here. Don’t pay attention, guys, to the form of the triangle that I’m having. I’m just putting in randomly doesn’t really matter. I just want to focus your attention on the highest highs and the highest lows.

So, one more time I will pick the shape of a triangle and I will place it over here.

You see the series of higher highs and then we have series higher lows.

This identifies that we are in an uptrend and since we are on uptrend, we are looking only to buy the Bitcoin. And we will use the strategy that I will show you in the Bitcoin robot trading course. The Expert Advisor actually that you will receive in this course in order to open for us the trade automatically.

That’s quite a difference from my previous course where we are using counter trend lines in order to enter. And you need to spend a lot of time in front of the computer and actually to follow it. It’s pretty nice strategy I’m still using it of course and combine with the never losing system works great. And I always suggest that method to as a way to learn to trade. Because it gives the best entries on the market.

The idea here is that with this course I want to do it semi automatically. I want to show you how it could be done and it’s very easy. Because the Expert Advisor will open the trade for us, and then we will handle it, and then we will manage the trades. And opening trades with EAs is the easiest way to learn to trade. Because we see how it needs to be done

We don’t need to stay in front of the computer to look when to enter. The Expert Advisor will do this for us. I will explain you exactly what is behind the Expert Advisor, what is strategy there. And combine with this nice trend at the moment that we are having. It’s a really great opportunity. I just recorded a couple of hours ago this nice, nice example here, where I had another $210 as a profit, very easily.

You can watch the trend on daily or on a weekly.

learn to trade n weekly
The weekly chart confirms the trend

Of course  you will see one huge top here, another one here, one bottom here. And this one can be considered as one huge top. You can basically do it like that. It’s this one is another top and then you have, let me try to move it.

This is another top and this is another top. Here we have one bottom, second bottom and actually there is no another one. You can see the recent weeks, guys, this recent month period how volatile is a Bitcoin, a great time to learn to trade.

You can see the candles and the bars are just huge compared to all these weeks. Because these bars over here are another week. But during this time actually Bitcoin was not so volatile.

The volatility actually made me create this course, guys, for the Bitcoin.

Because it’s a great opportunity there in the market, we need to take it, and it is easy to learn to trade with it. Very simple when there are easy money to take don’t hesitate to take them and to trade.

And a lot of people are saying that this is a balloon that will crash, it will go down, I don’t care if it does. Well done! I will sell it and I will show you how we are selling it. If at the next moment it’s not very interesting anymore I will record courses for the thing that is interesting.

For the thing that actually is volatile because there is always something on the market to be traded and there is always something on the market that you can make profits of even when you learn to trade. At the current moment this is the Bitcoin, we are doing it and I’m sure you can do it as well.

Make sure you learn to trade it and if you have any questions, guys, never hesitate to ask in the Forum

The opposite thing, just quickly at the end if the price reverse and it forms a series of lower highs and lower lows we will be looking than to sell the Bitcoin because this would be a downtrend. We are having this thing over here quite quickly, you can see two series of lower highs and lower lows. But let me just find the good downtrend that we had with a Bitcoin. I will need to zoom out a little bit to make it faster.

there is the down trend
How a down trend looks.

What’s the right here, you can see this high was lower than this one. Then we had another lower low, another lower high formed, another lower low formed and so on and so on. If there is another period like that of the Bitcoin it`s a great opportunity to sell it. Because you can see it lost more than 50% of this value during this time in September 2014.

If it happens again, guys, there is a strategy, very same strategy you just need to change the Expert Advisor to sell instead of to buy and there you can go even on the short side, on the selling side and that’s the beauty by using Meta Trader, by using Expert Advisor, and by using this kind of brokers where you can buy and sell and you’re actually trading on the value of the asset. This is the proper way to learn to trade on the markets.

We continue the article with the setup for the system from the Manual trading course and what exactly you need to learn to trade with it.

In order to show you how exactly we execute the trades and what exactly we do I will show you one example now with the previous counter trend line that we had and it was from this top over here. This way it will be easier for you to learn to trade it.

Make sure it is exactly on the top and I’m going down to H1 when I’m executing the trades and placing the buy stops. So, one more time when you’re on the H1 make sure you have placed exactly the counter trend line. You need to go back a little bit in time and start. You can see what is the difference. Because on a daily you cannot put it precisely and when you go to H1 make sure you do it precisely. And this was the recent top that I will be using over here.

Let’s see which one is higher. So, the high of the negative bar is 4674 and this one is with 4674.98. So, 78.98 very close, I need to put it on the higher one. This was by recent high. And I will show you what was the execution of this trade exactly. At this moment I have the important levels, I don’t have any important level here and what I have is the price getting close to my counter trend line.

Here is the entry.

learn to trade at the right moment
The entry is very visual. Clear chart.

Every day I placing a buy stop above the counter trend line. Because I don’t know at which moment this volatility will come. When I see the price getting close to the counter trend line I put a buy stop and with the time I just move it lower, lower but keeping it above the counter trend line. My entry was 4010, let me put it exactly. And I will put it actually with the green color, so you will know that this is my buy stop at this moment.

Right here I believe it was nearly on these bars right here I have placed my buy stop, I have dragged lower to 4010 and simply with this buy stop I have placed my Take Profit at the level of 4220, so it’s right over here. I’ll put it exactly as a number, so you will know exactly where is it. This is the simple system, guys.

When the price is getting close to your counter trend line and there is no any important support or resistance level over there every day I am placing a buy stop and I’m actually dragging it lower until the moment the volatility comes because I don’t know when this will happen and I cannot stay in front of the screen to wait for it, and most probably I will miss it. That’s why I’m using the buy stop. And in order to learn to trade, it is reconcilable for you to use them too.

And for the new traders what is a buy stop?

buy stop menu option
Buy stop menu

I will show it very quickly when you click right button on the trading there is a new order. This is the type of the order:

  • it could be the market execution. Market execution is if you want to enter in the market at the moment;
  • it could be a pending order. Pending order is if you want to place a buy limit, sell limit, buy stop and sell stop.

Simply, in this system we are going to use a buy stop.

This actually means that you need to place a higher price than the current one. At least I need to enter here 4200 you select the volume, stop loss, we don`t use in this system and the Take Profit we have at $210 higher. It would be $4410.

For example if I choose to place it above 4470, above my counter trend line currently and above my important resistance level I will place my Take Profit at the level of 4680, $210 higher.

Probably, you are wondering why there is no stop loss,and this is normal because many mentors will tell you to learn to trade with a SL. And probably you wonder  what would have happened if I entered here and the price go negative? 

And this is the thing that I will show you in the course, guys.

In the course I will change your trading, you will see a formula mathematically proved that you don’t need to use the stop loss but you will use only a Take Profit. And I will prove it to you with a formula with pure mathematical calculations that you will end up always on the profit or worst case scenario you will end up on break even.

It will change your trading forever! Learn to trade it!

And I will show you something that will totally change your trading, totally will change your thinking about the markets and you will understand how actually the big institutions and big players are trading without the stop loss, and how they end up always on profit or worst case scenario again I repeat break even.

This means that you will be either on 0, either on a small profit or you will be at $200 of profit of 1 lot. And of course if you are trading with 0.1 this would be $20, so it depends on your capital and if you are trading of course with 10 lots then you should be ending with $2000 of profit.

If you want to enroll into the courses you can find them in the section Cryptocurrency trading on our website.

Thank you for reading! You can expect our new article very soon. If you have questions please write in our Forum.

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