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Strategy Report

Report Toolbar

When you load an Expert Advisor in the Editor section, the best way to get a deeper insight into its backtest statistics is by going to the Report page.

forex strategy report

There you find four main tabs: Stats info, Indicator char, Balance chart, and Journal.

Stats Info

Backtest Output

The Backtest Output panel gives you the values of all the key parameters calculated during the strategy backtest.

  • Net balance – this is the equity of the trading account. In other words, the current amount is shown in the account’s currency.
  • Max drawdown – it shows you what percentage of your trading account has dropped after having a losing streak. Basically, it’s the difference between the peak and the trough.

    For instance, if the balance of your account is $1000, and the amount drops to $900 before going back above $1000, then the drawdown is 10%.
  • Executed orders – the number of executed trades. You need to be aware that there is a separate count for the opened and the closed trades.
  • Profit per day – this is the amount of money that your strategy gains for you.
  • Win/loss ratio – you get this result when you divide the number of the winning trades by the total number of trades.
  • Sharpe ratio – its role is to measure the risk-adjusted return. When its value is high this means that the Expert Advisor is very good.
  • Average HPR – it represents the average return (in percentage) that you get when you hold an asset or a portfolio of assets over a period of time.
  • Profit factor – you get the value of this parameter when you divide the gross profit by the gross loss.
  • System Quality number – this is the Van Tharp’s SQN number. The higher the number, the better the Expert Advisor.

Indicator chart

When you open the Indicator chart, it displays the price bars, the indicators used in the strategy, and the actual positions taken.

forex strategy report indicator chart

In case you set a Trailing Stop Loss for your strategy, it will appear on the Indicator Chart.

Balance Chart

Here the program draws the balance and the equity lines as a result of the backtest.

forex strategy report balance chart


The Journal panel displays all the trades that are part of the strategy’s backtest. You can look at the exact time and price of when the trades were opened or closed.

Then you can compare the information with a backtest of the same Expert Advisor, but this time in MetaTrader. The backtest results between the EA Studio and the Meta Trader platform should be almost equal.

If the two backtests do not match, this can be due to using different historical data, or not using the same time zone for this data. If this is the reason, then you should not use the Expert Advisor in a real account, but perform a proper backtesting.

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