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      Dear traders,

      If you landed on this Forum topic, you’ve most probably started the 21-Day Program. I hope you are enjoying it!

      In this forum, you can ask any questions, share your experience and meet other traders!

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      User AvatarFederico Pinter

      Hello Petko, Thank you for your resourced and time.
      When i downloaded and backtested the portfolio EAs (Day 3 of 21 Day Progam) I noticed that on MT5 the backtest are not great, 2 out of 3 of the portfolio are losing money. I backtested on multiple brokers (IC-Markets, Alpari, FP-Markets, BlackbullMarkets) and multiple strategy method (Open price only, Every tick, Every tick based on real ticks). Can you help me? Is there something im doing wrong?
      Thank you, have a nice day.

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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Try demo account with DukasCopy they have the best historical data for backtesting.  If it doesn’t work there then let us know.


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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Here are the results when backtesting on a DukasCopy Demo account:

        I then backtested each of the 10 GBPUSD strategies:

        strategy 00  -5.51 dollars
        strategy 01   -17.00 dollars
        strategy 02  -1.27 dollars
        strategy 03  -9.02 dollars
        strategy 04  -7.00 dollars
        strategy 05  -7.80 dollars
        strategy 06  -5.39 dollars
        strategy 07  -0.79 dollars
        strategy 08  +9.24 dollars
        strategy 09  -5.24 dollars

        So what I might do is to comment out strategy 01.

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      User AvatarFederico Pinter

      Hello, thank you for your answer

      Unfortunately Dukascopy does not offer MT5. I tested the Portfolio EAs on both Mt4 and Mt5 with the same and different brokers. The backtests are very different between Mt4 and Mt5 (even if i use the same exact broker).

      This way is impossible for me to have a clear idea of this EAs.

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      The EAs are the same. If you see a difference between MT4 and MT5, this is because of the Historical data provided by the brokers.

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