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      Hey traders,

      Many of you have been trading the FTMO robot since I created the very first version. Based on your feedback, emails, replaies in the Forum I greatly improved it! Thank you for that!

      So in this Forum Topic, I would be happy to hear more suggestions and ideas.

      So far, what I have collected from e-mails and replies in the Forum is as follows:

      • Take Profit for the Account (close all trades and stop trading if the challenge target is reached)
      • Use on different currency pairs
      • Set files for the lot size of the different accounts

      Looking forward to your ideas!

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      User AvatarBrian Watson

      is there a way add automatic    Trailing Stop to each trade after the trade is in profit

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        User AvatarNicholas Grobler

        +1 On this, I wanted to ask for this exactly. Some of the trades in V5 was nicely in profit, I was using AUDUSD, they did not hit TP and reversed to close in negative. So a trailing stop would be awesome.

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      That is a good idea! I will check the possibilities and if that will bring better or worse results.

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      User Avatar0xRowie

      Hi Petko,

      I have an idea, instead of using lot sizes, would it be possible to change it so you have the following options:
      — Risk Mode: Percent or Lot Size

      Percent: Based on the account size, automatically calculate the position so it will use X% of the account’s equity (This would allow compounding)
      Lot Size: The setting we have now to manually set the specific lot size.

      Kind regards

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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        EAs usually work best when they are updated once every month or two.    It is easy to adjust the lot size at these times.

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      Also, if you use % and not lots, it’s hard to compare a few EAs in the account. And this is what we do – we trade many EAs and we trade them with the same lot so we can see which ones are the top performers.

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      User AvatarArik Shahar

      I’m about to start a 100K challenge now
      My question is can I use multiple profitable FTMO robots in the same account. I had 3 forex pairs with nice profits and I’m considering whether to trade with the three robots or with one of them each time.



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      User AvatarIlan Vardy

      Hey Eric,


      Yes, you can. You can use as many as you’re comfortable using, based on the criteria who select (profitable trades, profit factor, etc.). Just make sure you adjust the entry lots and risk settings to match the account size and number of EAs, so you don’t risk too much.



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      User AvatarBrian Pelton

      I haven’t purchased the FTMO Bot yet but how about this approach?

      Start off with all 8. Lower the lots accordingly. Divide 1% by 8.

      Then monitor the performance. After you have a pair that has losses after 5 trades remove it.

      Now let’s say you remove 2. Now adjust your lots to accommodate those removals.


      This will let you stay low risk but instead of just using the top performers you slowly remove the losers just like what

      is taught in the courses but on a smaller scale instead. Thoughts? Has anyone tried this?

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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      Hi Brian,

      Good to see you are thinging about risk management. This is a good low risk approach. Good idea!  Keep thinking about ways to manage your account.  Good to see you are thinking individually instead of just following others advise.  This is the way to learn and to become a successful trader.


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      User AvatarLuce

      I have an Deposit of 10k on an demo account and the balance is currently at 10.148,13

      That should be a gain of 1,48%. But MyFxBook shows a gain of 0,41%:

      does somebody now why?

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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Go to Metatrader Account History below the chart and make sure you are showing all history.


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