Top 10
Crypto Robots

10 Robots for Bitcoin that you can trade on MetaTrader!

Lifetime Monthly Updates

The Crypto Robots are updated every month, and you will get 10 new EAs monthly for FREE!

Trade the EAs on MetaTrader

The 10 EAs are usable on MetaTrader. You can’t trade the Crypto Robots on exchanges!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Test the EAs on a Demo account and if you don’t see positive results, get your money back!

You don’t need actual crypto to trade the 10 Crypto Robots!

Trading Bitcoin with Expert Advisors requires an account with a Trading Broker. You can fund an account and trade with the 10 Bitcoin Robots. There is no need to purchase cryptocurrencies.

All 10 Crypto Robots include:

► SL and TP to protect the account
► Different Indicators for Entry and Exit
► Profit Factor higher than 1.2
► Min Count of Trades: 300
► Asset: BTCUSD
► Time Frame: M15
*No martingale or Grid Systems

Demo testing is essential!

The most realistic test is to put the 10 Bitcoin EAs on a Demo account with any broker that offers CFDs on crypto. Trade the EAs for some time and track the performance of the account

Connecting with FxBlue or MyFxBook will help you identify which of the Expert Advisors perform best in current market conditions. You can pick the Top EAs and move them to a live account.

This video will show you how Petko:

► Manges the 10 Trading Robots
► Tests on a Demo account every EA (Vital)
► Tracks the performance of the Crypto Robots
► Selects the best Robots for Live account
► Manages the Portfolio Expert Advisor

We move the Top Bitcoin EAs to a Live account if they cover certain criteria.

And now you will always trade the best EAs on a Live account

5 Executed trades

Profit Factor > 1.2

One Week Trading

You will also get the Portfolio of the 10 BTC Robots:

The Portfolio EAs are also available so you can trade all 10 of the EAs with 1 Portfolio Expert Advisor! This way, we get a more stable balance chart:

top crypto robots

Results from the Bitcoin Portfolio EA

Trading the 10 Bitcoin Strategies in one EA creates better risk diversification. Usually, the result is a smoother equity chart, lower drawdown and steadier profits.
However, past performance does not guarantee future results! That is why you always have to test the EAs on a Demo account!

With the Portfolio EA you can trade all 10 Crypto EAs on 1 chart.

Drag and drop the Bitcoin Portfolio EA onto one chart M15 chart and it will attach the 10 Strategies. You can set the lot size you want to trade and the base Magic number.
The EA will automatically add digits to the base magic number so you can track which of the EAs are the most profitable.

Remove Strategies from the Portfolio Bitcoin EAs

You can still track the results with FXBlue, for example. The magic numbers will show you which of the EAs perform the best!

Those that do not meet your minimum criteria can be easily deactivated from the code of the EA.

Mark the strategies with ‘//’

Once you open the Bitcoin Portfolio in MetaEditor, you can find the code of the strategies by the magic numbers.

If you insert ‘//’ in front of the Entry and Exit conditions you will disable the strategies from the Portfolio EA. Compile it, and the changes will be saved.

Trade the 10 Bitcoin Robots and the Portfolio EA

You can download our Free Expert Advisors Startup Guide before trading with these robots.

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