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Why do my trades not match on Demo and Live accounts with the same EAs?

The reason for that, most probably, is that you have placed the EAs on both platforms at different times. For example, on your Demo 1 account, you have Robot A, Robot B, and Robot C. You select Robot B and Robot C for your live account (simulated Demo 2). When you put Robot B and Robot C on your Demo 2 account, you might still have opened trades on your Demo 1 account. Then the EAs will start opening trades on the live account and they will be different (because you placed the EAs later). Then the EAs in the first account may close the trades, and open new ones while the positions from the same EAs are still open in the live account. That might continue for a while before the 2 accounts are synchronized. From our experience, it can take a month or longer for the trades to synchronize. 

Of course, if your broker provides different quotes for the assets, then the values of the indicators will be different. This will lead to different entries and exits.

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