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Why isn’t my FTMO Robot making any trades?

Let’s work through some common reasons why this might be happening and how we can address it:

1. Market Conditions: The FTMO Robot is designed to trade under specific market conditions. If these conditions are not met, the robot might not execute any trades. This is a normal part of many trading strategies that aim to enter the market at optimal times. Check the below video which explains the system behind the FTMO Robot to verify that all conditions to open a trade have been met.

2. Incorrect Setup or Configuration: Ensure that the robot is correctly installed and configured on your trading platform. This includes checking all settings, parameters, and any required inputs specific to the FTMO Robot.

3. Broker Compatibility: Confirm that your broker’s platform is compatible with expert advisors. Some brokers don’t allow algo trading.

4. Connection Issues: A stable internet connection is crucial for automated trading. Any disruptions or poor connectivity can affect the robot’s ability to execute trades.

5. Trading Hours and Market Sessions: If you are outside trading hours, the robot may not trade. These hours are typically aligned with the major trading markets – such as the London, New York, Tokyo, or Sydney sessions. If you’re operating the robot outside of these specific market hours, it may not execute trades. It’s important to align the robot’s operation with these active trading periods, as they are when the robot is most likely to identify suitable trading opportunities.

6. Platform Settings: Ensure that automated trading is enabled in your trading platform settings. Also, check if the ‘Allow live trading’ option is activated for the FTMO Robot.

7. Account and Margin Requirements: Verify that your trading account meets the minimum balance and margin requirements for the FTMO Robot to operate.

If after checking these factors the robot still isn’t trading after a few days, we recommend reaching out to us with more details, such as the specific settings you’re using and any error messages you might have received. We can provide more tailored support and help resolve the issue at this dedicated support forum topic.

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