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      User AvatarAndi

      Best Expert Advisors in time? This morning I was wondering this question.

      Should we focus on the best Expert Advisors that we find during the current month, put a higher lot and use them for short period of time, or should we focus on the best Expert Advisors that we find in the longer term, even not making such great profits?

      Everyone looks for the best Expert Advisors that will run a long time in the account and will trade with profits, but so far I found only a couple that went profitable over 4-5 months. Of course with the time I will find more and will have a stable portfolio I am looking for.

      The point is that when we are changing monthly the EAs, we use the best Expert Advisors at the moment, as Petko teaches, and that brings me personally more pips.

      Would be happy to know what others think about this.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Andi-I I think that this is a great question. Personally, I like to stick with EAs that work for a longer period of time. As long as it stays profitable and maintains my criteria of acceptable performance, I keep it until it starts to do bad. I kind of rearranged my trading portfolio, so I had to recreate a bunch of EAs for my assets and different timeframes. With this, I am only running EA Studio to produce enough EAs for me to trade live and then have some backups running in demo. I honestly don’t want to keep running the software every single day unless I have to. I haven’t really used the EAs that Petko gives us except for the ones in cryptocurrency and that is because I am having a hard time generating them myself with the criteria that I deem acceptable. I’m thinking that I need to start pulling some of Petko’s EAs into my portfolio…

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      Hey Andi,

      this is a question that every algorithmic trader starts to ask himself at one time, especially after some experience is there. You are there now 🙂

      The best is to combine the two. It is good if you have EAs that perform well for a longer time, and at the same time, you need the EAs that might bring you quick profits in the short term.

      As Jacpin says, as far as it is within your rules, keep trading with it. And during this time look for the EAs that you create or you take from me. You do not know which one of those will remain profitable for a long time, so this is the only way to find those best Expert Advisors.

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