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      I have been exploring the creation of R:R 1:1 EAs with high win rates. The generator has been great at creating some promising ones, with high minimum trade counts and win rates of 60%, and sometimes even 65%+. For example USDCHF, M5, with 1 entry and 1 exit criteria and a 20pip SL and 20 pip TP. However sometimes when I check the journal I see trades which have closed before the SL or TP has been hit and I don’t know whether they would have become wins or losses. Does anyone know why this might be? I thought perhaps it could be because price hits the exit criteria before it hits SL or TP, if that is the case, can i disable the exit criteria so that I just have an EA where a trade is opened at an entry point and then either hits the SL or TP? Or is it an issue in my data? Any advice greatly appreciated, check out positions 9 and 20 in the attached screenshot to see what i mean.

      Thank you!

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      Hey Steve,

      Yes, exactly it is because the exit condition was met (another indicator).

      You can disable it by adding an indicator called Do Not Exit.

      If you wish to generate strategies with it, just add it as a Preset Indicator.



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      User AvatarSteveM2025

      Fantastic, thanks Petko

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