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      User AvatarSimon Chong

      Hi Petko,

      One of the best advantages that paid user to have is a single Expert Advisor for strategy portfolio. However, how do we track the performance if we put single EA (100 EA portfolio) on demo account? And if we still can see the magic number, how do we compile the top 20 in single EA strategy portfolio?

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      Hello Simon,

      I show that in my Portfolio trading courses. Basically there the logic and the method is the opposite.

      We place many strategies in one portfolio EA, and we follow the results of each strategy (yes we can see the magic numbers).

      After that, we remove the strategies that do not perform well from the Portfolio EA, and we leave just the ones that are profitable.



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      Some traders in the Forum shared that they use the Portfolio Experts to save time on the Demo account to place 100s of EAs.

      How does this work? If you want to test 200 EAs on a Demo account, well, first you can not in one account with single Experts, but with the Portfolio Experts you can group them to 10 Portfolio EAs, 20 EAs each, and place them just on 10 charts.

      From there you can follow the stats and see which strategies perform the best, and use them as individual EAs, or group them in one Portfolio EA.


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