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      Hi Traders,

      To introduce myself, I am fulltime travelling trader who has been trading forex as a side hustle seriously using EA studio for a few years now (with a few years of manual trading of crypto and forex prior to this) but transitioned to fulltime trading about 6 months ago using mainly prop firm capital.

      I just spent the last few months in Europe trading and after my next 6 weeks in Oz visiting family and friends I will be heading to Vietnam for a few months, so I will also share this experience and trading as I go by making videos and sharing the journey of travel trading as best I can along with any tips and tricks I discover along the way.

      I trade primarily using strategies developed using EA studio, although I also use FSBPro and code strategies myself also.

      The following portfolio has been trading only strategies developed using EA studio. It did suffer a prolonged period of stagnation but has since recovered, this was partly due to my working a fulltime job alongside trading and being overly busy but also just part of the nature of trading really.

      Predominantly I favour H1 and a slow hands off approach so in terms of management, the same portfolio was trading for about 8 months and then I made some modifications a few months ago to address the stagnation.

      I am sharing my Darwinex Zero account that has been trading since May 2023. I will aim to update the results monthly and answer any questions anyone has.

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