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      User AvatarXiaotian Chen

      For the SL/TP pips, I think it’s not 2 digit:
      I’m using Premium Data BTCUSD, for a strategy the SL is 201936. I thought it means a SL of $2019.36. But in “Report – Journal”, the first trade opens at price $4342.1 and the SL is $24536.7, which is $4342.1+$20194.6

      So I guess if I want to set a SL of $100, the pip I should put would be 1000?

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      User AvatarXiaotian Chen

      Thanks for providing such an awesome platform!

      I’m playing around with EAs on BTCUSD and have some questions:
      1. For Stop Loss and Take Profits, they are in pips. So if I want to set a $100 stop loss, the Stop Loss I should fill out in EA Studio should be 10000, right?

      2. In “Strategy – Report – Balance Chart – Long balance, Short balance, Market”, I want to compare the EA performance with Market. The backtest is from 08/30/2017 to 09/07/2021, during which BTC-USD price raised about 10x ($4565~$46914). My account’s starting balance is $10000, I’m expecting the “Market” curve in the report to hit around $100000 as a reference. But in fact it ends around $13800. I wonder how is that calculated?


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      Hey Chen,

      Glad to hear from you and welcome to the Forum. I see you figured it out by yourself in the right way.

      It depends on the digits after the decimal comma. Yes, for the Premium data you are right, but make sure to compare it with your broker if it has the same number of digits.

      I am not sure if I get your second question. What exactly do you wish to compare? Feel free to attach screenshots.

      Kind regards,

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