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      User AvatarTai

      Hey Guys, hope you are all doing well…I am currently using Dukascopy data which I uploaded myself  in order to generate strategies. Recently I have noticed “Premium Data” on EA Studio can somebody confirm where the data is from and if there is any particular settings that need to be changed (if any).

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      User AvatarAsser

      Hey Tai,
      Premium Data is data from Dukascopy as well.
      Had the same question myself. You can read Petko’s answer by clicking here.
      Have a great weekend.

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      User AvatarTai

      Hey Asser,

      thank you for your reply, that’s great news! do we have to make any changes via settings or are we okay to start generating strategies straight away?


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      User Avatarrichard

      Set the swap rates and commission, if any, from the broker you will be using for trading…

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      User AvatarIlan Vardy

      Hey guys,

      100% correct.

      Tai, it’s always best to check your broker’s asset specs, and adjust in EA Studio as needed. It will give you more accurate results. Don’t forget to check the spread too. Most regulated brokers have floating spreads, so watch the spread in the Market Watch window in MT, and set it at the highest value you see, so if it is lower when your trade executes, you will make a bit more profit if it goes in your favour, or a bit less of a loss if it goes against you.



Viewing 4 reply threads
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