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      Hello Petko & everybody,

      I guess “Dukascopy” with max. 200,000 bars is now replaced by “Premium Data” with max. 50,000 bars. Right? Still not bad!

      Question 1:
      How do I maintain (keep/save) the data (symbols, timeframes & broker) on EA Studio? Or should I save them on my computer only?

      I need two sets of data, one for each broker I have. But when I go to “Symbol settings” and adjust the data to one of my brokers, can I adjust the data to my other broker too before I download both data? Can I give them different names on EA Studio? Or do I have to download them to my computer right away and put them in separate folders, one for each of the brokers?

      Question 2:
      When I drop these 2 sets of data (one at a time) in EA Studio’s “Drop zone”, how can I (or how can EA Studio) distinguish between:
      Data from Premium Data, EURUSD H1 for broker #1
      data from Premium Data, EURUSD H1 for broker #2?


      PS. Your last course “Forex Trading with Expert Advisors + 30 Best Strategies (Every Month)” is fantastic!

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      Hey Asser,

      I am glad to hear from you. Yes, the premium data is the data from Dukascopy. It loads automatically in EA Studio which is pretty cool.

      However, it is not limited to 50,000. You can increase the number of bars if you go to Data – Data Horizon – Maximum Data bars,

      Regarding the symbol settings to use the Premium data for 2 different brokers, I don’t think that would be possible.

      We have two options with the symbol settings – to use the original settings or to set custom settings.

      So if you use the Premium data and you change any of the symbols with custom values, you are changing it for the Premium data in general.

      But what you say is interesting and I will discuss it with Mr. Popov (the developer of EA Studio and the Premium data) and I will let you know if something like that might be done.


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      Hey Petko,

      Glad to hear from you too.
      Thank you for clarifying how to decide the maximum data bars and that they still come from Dukascopy.

      As to the symbol settings’ issue:
      Do you mean that I cannot adjust two sets of data from “Premium Data/Dukascopy” on the same pairs to be used on two different brokers respectively? Even if it’s done one set (on one broker) at a time?

      And yes! It would be nice to ask Mr. Popov if he can do something about it, and I’ll look forward to the outcome.
      But before you trouble him with my request, please check the following example to see if I really have an issue!

      My working process:
      1- I acquire data from the “Data App” (e.g. GBPUSD-H1.json).
      2- I adjust the time zone to the broker-1’s time zone.
      3- I download the data (GBPUSD-H1) to a folder I name “broker-1” on my computer.
      4.1- I drag & drop (GBPUSD-H1) from my computer onto the EA Studio’s Drop zone.
      4.2- The data show up under “My data” as “Premium Data GBPUSD – remove”
      4.3- I select them from:
      Generator > 1. Historical data > Data source = “Premium Data” ; Symbol = GBPUSD ; Period = H1   (+ other settings)
      5- I run the Generator/reactor

      Then I repeat (1-5) with the same pair…
      But in step (2) I adjust the time zone to my 2nd broker’s time zone,
      and in step (3) I download to a folder I name “broker-2” on my computer.
      The trouble comes when I reach step (4.3) where I select the data source…
      It’s still called “Premium Data”  EVEN THOUGH the data is adjusted to my 2nd “broker-2”. That’s what confuses me!
      How can I see the difference when the source “Premium Data” is the same for both brokers?
      I wish I could edit the name (or that Mr. Popov adjusts EA Studio to automatically change the name of the source) to e.g. “Premium Data-borker1” and “Premium Data-broker2”

      Without that feature, I feel that my only choice of comparing two brokers is to use the EA Studio Data Export Script. Right?

      Hope I’m not too much trouble to anybody!

      Thank you.

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      Please add to My working process:
      Between step 2 and 3:
      I go to Tools > Symbol settings and adjust Spread, Swaps and Commission

      (Reason: I edited my above post, but when I submitted the edited post, it turned out that it was not edited)

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      Hey Asser,

      Glad to hear from you again. I understand totally what you want to do and actually after discussing it with Mr Popov, we have come with a solution for you.

      Before you download the data from the App go to Settings. From there you can set the max bars and Server Name. Here you can write the name of your first broker:


      Then drop the data in EA Studio. You can do the same with another broker or even more. There is no limitation.

      As far as you change the name of the Server, EA Studio will recognize it as a different Historical data. And then for each one, you can modify the Symbol settings.

      Let me know if that makes sense and if I succeeded to explain. If not, tomorrow I will find time to record a quick video about it.


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      That’s great – yupiii!
      Very impressed how quickly you solved my problem.
      Thank you Petko.

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      Hey Asser,

      I am glad to hear that I succeeded in helping you quickly.

      I didn’t have the time to record a video but I will do it next week.

      Let me know if there is anything else.


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      The solution you & Mr. Popov gave me (illustrated above) was clear enough to me. A video recording would be nice but I think (not sure) I can manage without it (will hopefully know today). My plan is to prepare for generating strategies (based on your exact solution) and have enough data to run the Generator/Reactor so that I can start demo testing for a whole month starting next week. If I run into problems, I’ll certainly let you know by replying right here. I’m impressed by your concern and follow-up.

      Thank you so much Petko!

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      Hi Petko or anybody with experience,
      How do you find (or calculate) the “Point value” shown in the illustration below?
      It’s not specifically shown under the symbols contract specification.
      Thanks 🙂Symbol settings

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      Hey Asser,

      I am glad to hear from you again. Leave it that way, it is standard for all brokers.

      Let me know if there is anything else.


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      Hey Petko,

      One quick question:

      In your course:
      Forex Trading with Expert Advisors + 30 Best Strategies

      I noticed that you’ve adjusted all the values in Tools > Symbol settings. BUT when it came to “Swap 3 days“, it was “Friday” with your broker, yet you left it as “Wednesday“.

      Was it:
      1) a mistake?
      2) not so important (when you synchronize with your broker) whether you change it or leave it?


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      Please note:
      Same quick question: (see post #64814 above) but…

      It WAS NOT in the course “Forex Trading with  EAs + 30 best strategies“.
      Sorry for the confusion. I’m old…
      but good looking nevertheless 😀
      It was in Petko’s video with the title: “EURUSD Historical Data Explained“. It was at the video timeline: 05:52.

      Please reply:
      Was it an insignificant mistake? Or did Petko leave it to Friday on purpose?


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      Hey Asser,

      I might have missed it in the video…I always make it the same as with the broker.

      It is important because it depends on when the trades were opened.

      So make it the same as with the broker.



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      Got you!
      Thanks Petko

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      Hey Asser,

      the video is recorded and we will publish it on YouTube these days.


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