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      Hello, I’m using trial version and I think it’s amazing tool. My question is about Portfolio function. When I calculate strategy connecting other strategies I receive the best one, diversified. Very good. If I would like to export it to the mt4 file (in paid version) will I receive one file with compiled all strategies? Or there will be lots of files (as much as strategies)?

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Waldemar,

      When you export a portfolio expert advisor there will be a single EA that runs on one chart but trades many strategies.

      Glad you are liking EA studio, you are correct that it is an amazing tool 🙂

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      Thanks, is there a way to test the compilation of many different strategies on different intervals and instruments together?

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Waldemar,

      You cannot do this in EA studio but FSBPro has this ability.

      A recent update allows quick  and easy importing of EA studio EAs into FSBpro so checking it this way would allow you to do this.

      This would require purchasing the optimal pack rather than just the EA studio only pack, which is very worth it in my opinion.

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      User AvatarTaylor

      Hi there,

      I tried the ESA to create portfolio EA including 5 strategies for USDJPY M30 and with a calculated profit of  USD 8,134 for a 6 years period test in ESA. However, when I did the back test in MT5 for the same period and it only shows a profit of USD 784.3 . Did I miss something  in the setting and can you advise how to do it in portfolio set up ? Million thanks.

      Best Regards & Cheers



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      Hey Taylor,

      This is probably because you did not have that much Historical data on MetaTrader.

      EA Studio offers data for 200 000 bars so your backtest there was for a longer period.

      You can check how much data you have on MetaTrader if you press the home key and use the cross-hair to spot the first date.

      So basically, you tested the strategies for a longer period in EA Studio and for a shorter period on MetaTrader.

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      User Avatarnetbizint



      I’ve created some portfolio EAs using Expert Advisor from Express Generator.

      However no trades are opening. The journal says


      order buy 0.03 GOLD opening at market sl: 0.00 tp: 0.00 failed [Not enough money]

      The portfolio settings is using

      Entry Lots: 0.03

      Maximum Spread protection: 0

      Maximum Open positions: 50

      Maximum equity protection (currency): 10000


      Account Equity is at > $ 15,000

      Account Balance is at: $6143


      The question is how does portfolio EAs open potisions and why and getting the above message in journal?


      Thank You


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      It depends on your leverage as well.

      Try lowering the lot size to 0.1 and see if you will still see the same error.

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      User Avatarnetbizint

      Hi Perko,

      I tried to another live trading account with same broker and it works fine. The one with the issue is a MAM trading account. It has other trades, not related to automated trading. The requirement for this MAM with the broker is the issue. Even 0.01 lots won’t open trades. As am not closing these running trades. Will keep automated trading separately.


      Thanks for your suggestion.

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