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      User AvatarEmre Karademir

      i test a ea on 3 different brokers right now : 1. on ftmo trial all good only opens trades in the morning. 2. on blackbull raw it opened like 20 trades one after one and did go on 2.2% loss so it close all in loss. 3. roboforex ecn its fine it opened trades but on completly different time then on ftmo. so on which result should i trust ? and if u do challenges on other prop firms on what broker do u test to get the best results. With these test im not that confident to try a challenge now.


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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      Hi Emre,

      Every prop firm and every broker will give different results because the historical data for each prop firm or broker is slightly different. This causes the Expert Advisors to take trades differently.

      The FTMO Expert Advisors / robots where generated with FTMO historical data. As a result the robots should perform best when used with FTMO prop firm. Now robots can be used with different prop firms but the results will be different. So what do you do to gain confidence. To resolve this difference it is recommended to backtest with the prop firm you plan on using for your challenge and then use the results to make trading decisions.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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