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      User AvatarTanya Jay

      Hello everyone and Sam!

      It’s been a while since I last visited this forum. To be honest, I had a very frustrating moment with the EA studio and almost gave up on it completely. What got me frustrated most is when I moved my best winning EAs which performed really well to a mock live account, it ALWAYS tanked! I followed every single step (literally) Petko taught in Udemy course but NOPE – it still tanked!

      So I decided to just let my demo account run without touching or, hell, even looking at it for almost 2 months. And then I checked the results again and tried to move the winning EAs to a mock live again. This time it works SO MUCH better. Finally, I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

      Here are my notes:

      ** DISCLAIMER: These are my notes from my personal experiences. I could be wrong. I’m just sharing my journey. Your journey will be different because we have different ways to process things. Don’t take my notes and apply blindly. **

      – My best-performing TFs are M15 and H1. I tested M5 with multiple currencies. The results looked amazing on EA studio and when applied in the real world, the results weren’t consistent. One week worked great, but two weeks later tanked. Worked great again in the next 4 days and tanked. It’s like women in that period of time.

      – When choosing the winning EAs, my best lookback timeframe when comparing the results is 1 month and 3 months minimum. I noticed that when I use the lower lookback timeframe than 30 days, the result isn’t consistent. But when I compare the result in the last 30 days with the results of 90 days (or more – the longer the better), that’s when I start seeing the profit. If I have to guess, it’s because I give the EAs more time to perform? — I will need Sam to confirm this hahaha

      – Complicating EA studio reactor doesn’t mean your strategies will be better. I tried WFA, normalizer, or whatever the software has. I keep it simple and run it without any optimization. If it creates too many strategies, I just re-run it again with 90% Monte Carlo

      – My best-performing currencies in the past 4 months are GBPJPY and EURGBP. They both survived every month. I’m running the other 10 currencies alongside but these two are my tough cookies. Don’t ask me why because I don’t really know hahaha. I just speak from my results


      Last but not least, if you read this far, you will go through multiple frustrating moments and want to give up completely. Take a break as long as you need but make sure to come back to it. Don’t give up.






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      Hey Tanya,

      Glad you shared your experience in the Forum. And I am with you, it’s not easy. I never said it was easy.

      And the traders should never stop improving their systems. Because if one thing works now, there is no guarantee it will work tomorrow.

      Taking a break is smart.

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Tanya,

      Well done for your perseverance. I am very happy to hear that your results are improving so much!!

      Believe it or not if you are starting to get consistent results already then you are moving fast 🙂

      I do remember trying to impress that it is best to wait a minimum of two months really before moving your EAs (Id say ideally three minimum even), but we did cover a lot and it is SUPER hard to be patient as a new trader 😉

      Keep doing what you are doing, and remember to set another incubator account running every few months so if you start not having enough EAs passing your selection criteria you have a fresh account as back up with sufficient demo trading history.

      As long as the incubator account has sufficient EAs that have performed well on real market conditions though and your strategy moving system is working (keep it simple!), then keep doing what you are doing.

      Perseverance is absolutely critical for trading! I’ve had many moments of similar dispair in my journey also

      Keep working at it and you will improve and get more consistent and your understanding of what works and what doesn’t and why will deepen.

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      It actually sounds like you are following the Plan really well Tanya 😉

      I am super pleased to hear your deepening understanding and experience, you are doing things right.

      I know we covered it but we of course covered a massive amount of information and I can see you are definitely really getting it now by what you have written! And as I say, this is actually fast comprehension 😉

      Stick with what you are doing and keep things simple. And yes when moving EAs I have found that giving things things time under real trading conditions (I.e. demo account) is important which makes sense for several reasons.

      Also stay diversified but it’s great that you are getting good results with those two pairs.

      Also remember to hold on to those good robots that have stood the test of time on the real markets.

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      For anyone reading this, Tanya has given a really great summary with her notes and understanding btw

      To add to this and also for Tanya especially.

      1. Keep doing what you are doing and keep things simple

      2. Don’t risk real money until you are getting stable results for sufficient time and then start small only (like a 1000 dollar account maximum)

      3. Practice good risk management (hugely important)

      4. Remember that even the best systems and strategies have drawdowns, this is inevitable. Sometimes even for a month or two

      You sound well on your way Tanya but don’t rush (Remember that Patience is key 😉 and persistence. Keep improving, deepening your understanding and slowly scaling up your risk (absolute not %) along with your experience.

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