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      Hi Petko, I have used your EA studio its really great. Actually I created a strategy of MA crossover and I want my EA strategy to open trades immediately when MAs cross each other whether long or short. I do not want it to long/short in next Bar but immediately soon there is crossover.

      2) Another thing is that I want to set one EMA open and other SMA(slow) close. How can we do that. I checked when I clicked on EA advisor in MT4 there are two fields left before MAs . Its written  “Moving Average Crossover” —— . What text I can enter here?  warm Regards.

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      Hello Hussain,

      I am glad to hear that you liked the strategy builder.

      Well, it opens on the next bar because this is when the cross is confirmed. If you want to be at the exact moment, you can build this strategy with FSB Pro as well. But sometimes there will be a cross (and entry) and if the price reverses you will not see the cross anymore. The Moving Averages are repainting indicators.

      You can set the parameters for the Moving Averages when you put them in EA Studio:

      From MA Method, you select Simple, Exponential, etc.

      From Apply to, you can select Open, Close, etc.

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