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      Hey Guys,

      Wondering what everyone else’s experience out there is recently with EA Studio and the current Russia-Ukraine Crisis. My EAs that were pretty consistently winning before this are now losing. Using the usual tracking performance on demo and sending the top performers to the live account is no longer generating profit during this period, and they almost immediately start losing money.

      I think given the current circumstances it is very normal that is is occurring as my strategies were generated on “normal” market conditions and right now everything is very unpredictable.

      Are most people also currently experiencing this? I thought it may be useful to share what techniques people may be using or testing to adapt to these changing market conditions.

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      Absolutely! In times of war or uncertainty, we can expect losses or even storage profits.

      The EAs were generated and tested on ‘normal’ market conditions, so when there are wreckless moves on the market, the SLes and TPs might get hit in no time.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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