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      User AvatarChristian Hagglof

      Hello everyone

      and thanks for paying attention to my question!

      I am newbie who has chosen FSB and Metatrader for systems building and trading but I ran into a problem for which I need a little bit of outside help:

      For the creation of a robust system I need a lot of 1 minute intraday price data to train the system – maybe 10 years of 1 m intraday price history. Since I suspect that no MT4/MT5 broker offers such a long price history I decided to use a 3rd party data feed like DTN Iq feed, eSignal and IB TWS for the training data which I can easily download in the form of a CSV file and train the system on it in FSB. But then the trading system must use the same 3rd party data feed inside MT4/MT5 for the generating of the trading signals because if the system is applied on another data feed (the brokers one) the trading signals will be different and maybe wrong due to the difference between the brokers data feed and the 3rd party data feed.

      So my questions are:

      1. Is there any direct or indirect way (through a bridge application) that makes it possible for MT4/MT5 to accept (to integrate) a 3rd party data feed like the above mentioned for live charting in real time so that a trading system that is trained on that 3rd party feed can also be applied on the very same  feed for the generating of the trading signals in real time ?

      2. In the same regard I want to ask if anyone knows of a MT4/MT5 broker who offers intraday data for forex, index, stocks and futures that goes several years back ?

      3. Also in the same context – Can MT4/MT5 be setup to read a CSV file from disk automatically every 30 seconds or at least every 1 minute and display this price data as a substitute for the brokers data feed ?



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      Hello Christian,

      the best thing you can do is to test and compare the backtest of one strategy using your broker’s data and the 3rd party data that you can.

      When you import them both in FSB Pro, open any strategy and just switch the data source and see if a huge difference will be there on the equity chart. If yes, the data is different and it is not a good idea to use it. If it matches then you are fine.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      The data is a headache. As far as I know, they are preparing now such data feed which will be very detailed and will be updated to EA Studio(not sure for FSB Pro).

      Petko shows in one of his courses how he collects the data for FSB Pro. Let me have a look which one was the course…here it is:

      Forex strategy course – Portfolio trading with 12 Expert Advisors

      I followed that process and it works fine for me. Recently I am more on EA Studio and the Reactor but I run the generator sometimes in FSB Pro.

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