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      User AvatarMaria Docheva

      Hello traders,
      in this topic we can discuss all about Forex Strategy Builder – updates, new versions, questions, ideas etc.

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      User AvatarJade Brown

      May i ask is it expected the Forex Strategy Builder to has an update as the Reactor in EA studio. This way we will be able to create Forex strategies that are robustness with different time frames as filters. Thanks

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      Hello Jade,

      No, as far as we know. As you know EA studio uses indicators from MT4 and Forex Strategy Builder uses custom indicators. That’s why it is so fast and the Reactor is so fast. If it uses custom indicators , that would be very very slow with Forex Strategy Builder and it will not worth the time…

      You know how we combine them = EA studio for smaller and simple EAs and Forex Strategy Builder for heavier EAs with higher time frames and more conditions for entries and exits.

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      User Avataribrahim

      I prefer to use Forex Strategy Builder. I mean prefer to wait a bit longer for optimization and all but to have good EAs

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      User AvatarDesita

      I just have Forex Strategy Builder and i am excited to learn how to use it all 🙂
      i am glad to see that there are no any reported bugs recently and all is working. I was looking for it for a long time, but i see that with the time it is getting more expensive and now took the discount. Hope i will be ably to generate the first experts soon from Forex Strategy Builder

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      Take your time Desita, Forex Strategy Builder is professional software and takes time to get used with it. Take your time also to test the EAs and don’t push it to go on real account

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      User AvatarThe Pope

      I think to do the same. Life is in front of me to learn to use Forex Strategy Builder. I rushed years ago to trade without education on real account manually and you can guess what happened,,,never hurry in trading again

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      You are right Pope! Rushing is a problem and most of the time the reason why people loose on the markets.Forex Strategy Builder helps us to test a strategy at the currency moment, because you can see the performance in the same second you enter the entry, the exit conditions, the SL and the TP. You do not need to test it for months to see if it will make profit or losses.

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      User AvatarThapelo

      Petko, thanks for the advice. I just has the Mega Pack and realised that I have so much to learn and practice for all the softwares. I will take it easy but I think to start with Forex Strategy Builder Pro.

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      Dear Thapelo, you are fine to go first with Forex Strategy Builder, because it is the very professional software and when you get used with it, it will be much easier for you to learn EA Studio, Algo Studio and the others. ALso, in 2018 there will be huge updates in Forex Strategy Builder which we are expecting…

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      User AvatarIan Bibian

      I am a huge fan of Forex Strategy Builder Pro, but EA Studio is just so much faster….and I feel i start to prefer it because of its speed.
      Also, I like that the software company keeps on updating it, and makes it a fantastic tool. I can not imagine now going back to manual trading and trading without the Forex strategy builder Pro or the EA Studio.

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      Hey Ian, i remember the first years in trading. When i found the Forex Strategy Builder Pro, I felt like I was loosing time till that moment.
      However, now it is totally different from what it was in the beginning. So you are lucky 🙂

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      User AvatarKristiano

      Hey Petko,

      Thanks for your courses, I found them so useful. I am very interested in the Forex Strategy Builder.

      Can I use it at home and on work at the same time?

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      Hello Kristiano,

      I am glad to hear that you liked the courses.

      Well the Forex Strategy Builder is with a licence for one machine/computer. If you are interested in using it on two computers you will need additional licence. Or you can have a look at the Mega Pack.

      EA Studio is the software that you can use on multiple computers or browsers. It is web-based.

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      User Avatarkimtang06

      Hi, I am trying out the FSB Pro, and have created an EA from it recently. Appreciate if someone can help me with the following queries:

      1. When I test the EA in my MT4 strategy tester, the testing process was significantly slower as compared with EAs I have created using EA Studio. I ended up aborting the testing. Is the slower testing process normal for FSB Pro?

      2. If FSB Pro uses custom indicators and not the standard MT4 indicators when creating EA, does it mean I need to install the same custom indicators in my MT4 platform in order to use the EA from FSB Pro?

      3. In EA Studio we can set the working minutes to generate an EA. If the working minutes is set higher (says 1 day vs 5 mins), does it mean the program perform more iterations and the the outcome of the EA created with longer working minutes is more liable? It seem to me that FSB Pro has no such provision. Why?


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      Hello Kim,

      Welcome to the forum!

      1. Yes, the EAs from FSB Pro are slower on Meta Trader tester than those from EA Studio. This is because the ones from EA Studio are simpler, with smaller code, and they have only the MetaTrader indicators. If you have some custom indicators or Longer TIme Frames it will make the Meta Trader slower. Now, this does not mean that there is a problem with the EAs, but more that the MetaTrader tester cannot handle them quickly.

      2. No, you do not need to. Whatever indicators you use, they are inside the code of the Expert. You do not need to place them on Meta Trader.

      3. When you have the generator running for a longer time, you will have simply more strategies calculated. The more strategies you have, the more will pass the acceptance criteria that you selected to use. So this will bring you more strategies and you will see the best ones on the top. With FSB Pro we have working minutes too. Go to Generator -> Settings:

      FSB Pro generator

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      User AvatarViolet

      I guess everyone uses the MT trader backtester just at the beginning to check if the journal matches and the strategy results are the same. But that is it. Once you see that the backtest with Forex Strategy Builder and EA Studio is accurate, why would you lose time with the slow MetaTrader backteser.

      More, the MetaTrader backtester has some ridiculous things such as to give you the ambiguous bars with the TP value.  I have been using MT for so many years now, and I do not know why they did not improve it.

    • #10380

      Actually Violet is correct, when you get used with the strategy builders you won’t need the backtester at Meta Trader because it is really slow. With the builders, we do it for a moment.

    • #10517
      User AvatarStephen

      I have never used the Meta Trader backtester. It is so slow that I did not wait to complete even one time. Actually this is how I found Forex Strategy Builder, looking for a better backtester for strategies.

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      User Avatarthyagomendes

      I would like to build strategies that use two symbols at the same time exploring the relative movement. This strategies are known as pair trading and has the property of been market neutral.

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      User Avatarthyagomendes

      I have some sugestions for FBS:


      1- I would like to create in FBS strategies that use the relative movement of two currency pairs or more (pair trading).

      2- I would like to create in FBS strategies whose entries and exities are performed based on a sequence of logical conditions that succeed each other over time. For example, if the indicator I1 == i1 at a given time t1 and subsequently at a unknown time t2 the indicator I2 == i2, then go long.  Classic strategies have this structure, but neither in FBS nor EAS can create this kind of model.




    • #10552
      User AvatarVan

      Hello Thyago,

      You can send your suggestions straight to the Forex Software LTD. They are the only people that can improve or change something in the software.

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      User AvatarBob Smith

      Hello Thyago,

      can you give some more info about the two currency system? What do you mean by market neutral?

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      User AvatarStephen

      Hey guys, if you use FSB pro optimizing a couple of strategies together, does it get slow?

      I optimize 3-4 strategies normally, and I feel like on the 5th it gets really slow.

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      Yes, it might get slower if you optimize many strategies together. It depends on the step(if it is 1 it will take a longer time) and the number of entry and exit conditions. If you have many, and you optimize with step 1, simply, the optimizer will need to calculate more variations.

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      User Avatarstevetheking33

      Hello all!

      I am a huge fan of EA Studio(have been using it for 6 months now) and a few days ago I took FSB Pro.

      I see there is a portfolio there, but we can not export Portfolio Expert, right?

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      User AvatarDesita

      No, you can not export portfolio experts from Forex strategy builder. It is a function available only with EA studio at the moment, but I hope it will be soon in FSB Pro.

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